Marijuana Issue Tops Online Questions For Canada’s PM

WHYPROHIBITION – On Tuesday, Stephen Harper and Google launched “Talk Canada” an online town hall in which users were asked to submit questions to the Prime Minister.

As of 1:30 Friday, March 12, the legalization of marijuana was in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place, and drug policy 6 of the top 10. It was not just the number of marijuana questions, which some estimates place at 30% of all questions posed, but the sheer size of the vote spread. The #1 question has 1350 votes, while the #4 question, the first non-marijuana question, has 451.

Voting ends Sunday, March 14, and the Prime Minister has promised to answer the most popular questions on Tuesday, March 16.

Please, keep spreading the word, and let’s make sure everyone has voted. All it takes is a google/youtube account and you can help push marijuana legalization to the top of the agenda. is a project of the Beyond Prohibition Foundation.



  1. renney b. on

    your spam filter is silencing my voice, so much for that… keep on fighting, never give up the fight…

  2. Kyle on

    YouTube has a channel on which you submit all your questions, are we voting in the right place?

  3. Anonymous on

    Your spam blocker sucks!

  4. Anonymous on

    If Harper starts to giggle as stupidly as Obama did when asked the same question you guys are in for a very very long wait before legal….
    To live in Canada is like living in the US….

  5. Anonymous on

    I plan to do a side by side youtube video comparing the responses between Obama, and Harper on this issue.

  6. Dave on

    Watch pull an Obama. He wants to be like him but doesn’t know what to do, so he’ll copy!