Barry and Candi Raided and Arrested For Busting Kops

Our home was raided by two narcotics units last Tuesday for a misdemeanor warrant of “False Report To a Peace Officer.”

The raid was conducted felony-style and was led by the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department. The raid was a direct consequence of our KopBusters sting last week where we caught a kop in Williamson County stealing drug money.

I spent two days in solitary confinement and Candi is scheduled to turn herself over to authorities Monday. The police took all of our computers, cameras, media and even Candi’s iPod. Lawyers from across the country are calling the raid illegal and state we were targeted as retaliation for our KopStings.

Candi and I need your help because although we are strong, the effects of a raid are horrific. Read all the korrupt facts regarding the raid and arrest here.

Below is a poem my thirteen-year-old daughter, Kenzie, wrote regarding the raid:

“Day of The Raid:

Without delay, the kops take my daddy away. Keep my daddy okay tonight. Daddy is in his jail cell. These feelings don’t feel well with mom under her spell. Angels take away the stress. Keep my daddy okay tonight. I’m worried he’s a mess. What they have done to you is not right. Feels better when my family gets here. I only wish my daddy was here. I hope the angels can hear. Can you hear me? Hear my prayer. Keep my sweet daddy okay tonight. My love is with you. These pigs insult you yet mom keeps her virtue. Lord, help my mom. I see she’s trying to stay strong. And if you could Lord, put my daddy to sleep with a soft song. I promise Daddy, you will be okay tonight.

Daddy Is Released:

Two days later, Daddy is home now. The angels delivered him safe somehow. Prayers were answered and dad was okay through the nights. Now these feelings feel more than right. This time he hugs me without his hands cuffed. Not with his elbows but with his hands so tough. He gave me a letter addressed to me that he wrote in jail. He cried when he wrote it and I cried when I read it and at the end, we maintain our commitment. I thank the Lord for hearing me out and I know without a doubt, you were watching over us that terrible night. I thank you dear Lord with all my might. Long Live KopBusters. –Kenzie Cooper