British Game Show Discusses America’s Prison System

America has 5% of the world’s population but 25% of the worlds prisoners. There are many more astonishing facts in this video.

Take a look and comment.



  1. fay on

    Thanks for sharing this British Game Show Discusses with us. I would appreciate you for collecting this video review and sharing with us.

  2. wanda on

    I’m glad the subject is being talked about.Now I just want to know how the hell we are suppose to stop our goverment.I shouldnt even say our goverment we the people obviously do not have a goverment they have us.

  3. Anonymous on

    Worried about your jobs americans just commit a felony .

  4. SmokeyCharmbes on

    This is the most ridiculous video clip I’ve seen in my 26 years of life. This is literally FUCKING outrageous. Now I’m mad. This is unconstitutional in every definition of that word. FUCK THE US GOVERNMENT. Are you reading this….FUCK YOU!!!

  5. Anonymous on

    As the sheep continue to feed on the bullshit laden grasses believing they are in the land of the free.

    Pay attention fellow canucks, Harper is following suit in a rapid way.

  6. Anonymous on

    Stop blocking my post! This is not spiced ham!

  7. Anonymous on

    damn crazy funny video. thankfully i’m canadian not an american sounds weird what goes on down there.

  8. Reverend B52 on

    It’s all funny till it’s you or some of your family …..

  9. Anonymous on

    A good video! Thanks for sharing it, Barry.

  10. Anonymous on

    No comment besides shock and awe.

    Healthy thing is; The british do have a good sense of humor, no matter how worse it gets.

    I only wonder if at last same principles will be aplied in europe too?

  11. Foam on

    in PA that got caught taking payoffs from private prisons to funnel pot smokers into jail? They should get life and have thier assets seized but I’ll guess they just got away with it?

  12. Indiana Jones on

    I suffered for eight years in a state prison that was privately owned. Those fucking cocksuckers in Washington have capitalized on punishing their own people. When a nation oppresses and enslaves it’s own people, bad thing’s start to happen and those nation’s fall. I have no hate anymore for what happened to me. We all need to just prohibit prohibition. One Love