Marijuana Nonsense

And yet another fabulous medical marijuana letter in today’s Opinion pages round up.

This one is a masterpiece from Don Seibold of Wetumpka and appeared in today’s Anniston Star. Don is 74, a war veteran and suffers from chronic pain. However, he will not break the law in order to see if medical marijuana would alleviate his suffering.

Way to go Don!!

Readers, please read the letter on the Anniston Star website, leave a comment and then write your own letter to the Star at [email protected]

Marijuana nonsense
by our readers
Feb 08, 2010
Re “Drugs lead to more drugs” (Speak Out letter, Jan. 28):

Tonya Curvin wrote in her recent Speak Out letter to The Star, “There are other ways to live a painful life without drugs: Therapists, chiropractors, counselors, pastors and exercises are examples. It’s also sad to say, but some chronic pain sufferers got hurt under the influence of drugs and that’s why they are now in chronic pain.”

Note that she said “live a painful life” instead of “alleviate their pain.”

I’ve tried most of the examples she cited plus prescribed pain relief drugs, and none of them helped me. The only relief I get is from a non-prescribed legal drug called alcohol, which probably does more harm to my body than marijuana ever could, and I imagine it costs more, too.

My chronic pain didn’t come about as a result of being under the influence of drugs. It came about while I was serving in the military protecting Curvin’s freedom and her right to spout her nonsense.

Don Seibold