US Euphoriaphobes Want To Ban Fake Pot

CANNABIS CULTURE – So, there is a legal substance that makes people feel good and is known to be relatively harmless? BAN IT!

That is the mindset of the euphoriaphobic lawmakers in Kansas and Missouri, who want to ban a blend of “herbal incense” called K2, which includes synthetic chemicals that are said to mimic a marijuana high.

Buzz-killers in the Missouri House of Representatives are attempting to add K2’s active ingredient to the list of Schedule I controlled substances after media reports suggested the leafy mix is growing in popularity.

The Kansas House and Senate have already endorsed legislation making the chemical compound in K2 illegal, but it has yet to be signed by Gov. Mark Parkinson and remains perfectly legal.

But that didn’t stop authorities in Kansas from raiding K2 distributor Bouncing Bears Botanicals and a popular head shop called Sacred Journey that sells a lot of the trendy new product.

Bouncing Bears owner Jonathan Sloan was arrested and faces charges including “unlawful manufacturing and distribution of controlled substances”. Federal, state and local authorities seized more than $700,000 in cash from the man’s business and bank accounts.

Sacred Journey’s manager has resigned and the store may be forced to close.

Remember, this product is not yet a controlled substance and is STILL LEGAL!

Several other brands of legal synthetic pot-substitutes like Spice and Blayze II have also gained popularity in the US, but don’t seem currently under the same scrutiny. Several counties in Europe, including Germany and the UK, have made moves to enforced similar bans on ‘fake pot’ products in recent months.



  1. k2 herbs on

    That is such bull. How do you bust someone for something that is legal?? Our government is backwards…

  2. Anonymous on

    Being a resident of kansas who uses medical marijuana (illegally obviously)… I can tell you that this state is a lost cause. Move on.

  3. Anonymous on

    this is tyrany!!!!

    when the law of the land is ignored to suit the political whims and folley of the powers that be you have tyrany!!!!

    the first volley in the freedom for america was flown into the IRS building this weekend.

  4. Anonymous on

    This is ridiculous.the government will probably hit this Guy with money laundering and tax evasion charges.the other charges will probably just be dropped but still make him look bad in court.I wish him and his business good luck

  5. Anonymous on

    i dont think they’re actualy synthetic cannabinoids, but synthetic chemicals similar to cannabinoids, so it should be legal

  6. Anonymous on

    Please help us.
    decriminalization is a mus

  7. Ryan on

    FWIW, all synthetic cannabinoids are already covered under the CDSA so ‘fake pot’ (at least the stuff that actually works) has always been banned in Canada…

  8. Anonymous on

    wow i cant believe this! i dont get the american government !

  9. Anonymous on

    not that long ago in Denmark they were trying to sign a tax for the air that we consume, if we are being penalized for breathing and putting out co2, I would expect anything from scumbag politicians.


    Boy, if it were me in that position, The first call I made would be to my lawyer. Them bastards will get whats comming to them,sooner or later.