If I Were a Doctor…

If I were a doctor, I’d write recommendations for everyone who wanted one as a harm reduction strategy.

The medical reason: harm reduction. Avoiding going to prison or even just facing the criminal justice system are societal diseases for which a recommendation is a cure.

Therefore, the cannabis cups are a legitimate exercise in researching marijuana quality and providing information to patients. As far as the party atmosphere— would it be better if everyone wore a white lab coat or patient garb? Maybe all medical facilities should be more festive. Dennis Peron, the main proponent of California’s Prop 215, said. “All use is medical use.” Marijuana is an enhancer drug, just like Viagra or coffee.

Ed R

Organizers pull plug on Mich. marijuana contest

By Tammy Stables Battaglia, Detroit Free Press

DETROIT — Organizers have canceled a contest to pick the best medicinal marijuana in Michigan after pressure from local authorities on whether the event was legal.

Anthony Freed, executive director of the Michigan Marijuana Chamber of Commerce in Ypsilanti, Mich., said he wanted people to be able to attend this weekend’s Michigan Caregivers Cup without a cloud of controversy.

Classes and exhibits on how to legally grow, disperse and use medicinal marijuana are now the sole focus of the event, scheduled for Friday through Sunday in Ypsilanti.

On Monday, Freed canceled the contest in which card-carrying medical-marijuana patients were to test marijuana from certified caregivers, after Steve Hiller, Washtenaw County deputy chief assistant prosecutor, called the event illegal last week.

Read the rest of the article at USA Today.



  1. Anonymous on

    If you can’t take it, stay home

  2. Anonymous on

    Actually, Mr. Anony-mouse you are the only one here crapping on opinions and people, and its getting more and more pathetic.

  3. Anonymous on

    now that you have crapped on my opinion and my presentation that somehow doesn’t meet your criteria of what’s acceptable.. let me ask you something/

    do you have anything to say
    on the subject we are discussing?
    It doesn;t look like it, not at all

    thank you for your comments
    I bet your dog thinks you’re a wonderful take charge person

  4. Vince on

    Mr. Anonymous,
    For the sake of argument let’s pretend we live in the USA during the 1920’s and you’re a physician, it is within your power as a doctor to prescribe small amounts of alcohol for medicinal purposes. One of your patients mentions that having a beer after dinner helps her relax after a long day, that it helps her digestion and uplifts her spirits. But she can’t have that beer because she’s afraid of getting arrested, that the police in her neighborhood have been bullying people who have an occasional drink. Would you be playing politics if you allowed her and others like her to have that beer, to give her that relief, to avoid her having the additional anxiety of being under the jurisdiction of the courts? Would you be playing superman or playing doctor…would it be a corrupt act? Sounds a little absurd doesn’t it.
    You are the one playing politics here — and it’s a tired old brand of prohibitionist politics which will soon be another relic of history. Oh, and I think it’s fair to add that you’re also being an asshole.
    Vince Randalo

  5. Anonymous on

    Above poster “Submitted by Anonymous () on Mon, 02/01/2010 – 10:03.”, don’t you think that a conversation or discussion or talking or writing, should involve bringing some amount of a constructive creative process to the table?

    You may have gotten your perspective communicated more clearly, had you said something to the effect of “I disagree” and then perhaps explaining what point(s) you diverged on and giving a detailed alternative viewpoint. Simply calling names and overstating your disagreement using name calling as a central pillar to your intellectual argument (I assume it must be an intellectual argument because you make reference to a diverging perspective regarding facts and opinions, by definition your statement is principally centered on intellectual mechanisms, flawed or not).

    All I am trying to say is you did a poor job of explaining which facts you found to be incorrect and clarifying the alternative with some form of evince. It is in principle and practice far more effective to explain one’s own respective view point(s) than to simply use hyperbole to attack another’s if it is hoped to gain interest in an argument regarding contrast.

    It is possible to politely disagree, as well, if that is all that is wanted, but it doesn’t make you look more intelligent to attack your assumption of an other person’s qualifications or any other attribute including but not limited to intelligence, if you yourself to not provide much of the type of desired projections regarding the subject matter. You can not win favorable reviews by being a hypocrite who brings nothing new to the table. But still, you are free to look like a buffoon if you wish, I will not attempt to limit your free expression, but if your aim was to actually communicate something, I thought you might benefit from a few pointers.


    p.s. Not at all a bad medical argument, after all a physician’s mandate is to look out for the best interests of people, although in theory politicians should be looking out for our better interests, this cannot be assumed to be the case with the serious level of financial infection of the political institutions. Who better save possibly public advocacy, though they are not currently as large of a population nor as widely recognized for an advocacy individual rights.

  6. Anonymous on

    Good job he isn;t qualified to handle any drugs,
    because he would be a corrupt doctor- playing politics
    playing superman, playing doctor.
    Stick to what you do know Eddie boy –
    being a full time quirky old stoner