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CANNABIS CULTURE – The Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary is ready for the Olympics, planning for their second location and selling medicine across Canada by mail-order.

Like many local businesses in the Olympic city, Vancouver’s Medicinal Cannabis Dispensary at 880 East Hastings is gearing up for extra volume during the looming influx of tourists.

“With the Olympics coming we expect to be getting more business from tourists with medical cannabis needs,” said Dana Larsen, a director of the non-profit society which operates the Dispensary. “As long as they have a verifiable proof of diagnosis or state-issued medical cannabis card, we can help meet their medicinal needs.”

However, Larsen added that it’s best to prepare in advance. “Sometimes it can take a day or two to get a membership confirmed, especially with non-residents. We encourage people to contact us first if they are interested in using our services during their stay.”

Larsen also recommended faxing documents instead of bringing them across the border. “Sometimes customs agents will harass or even forbid entry to Americans who have a medical cannabis card on them,” he warned.

The Dispensary is now celebrating fifteen months of business and has about 1300 registered members.

“We have never had a single problem with Vancouver Police,” said Larsen. “In all of our dealings with police they have been friendly and professional, and have never threatened us or been anything but co-operative.”

“A few months ago we launched a mail-order service to provide our products across the country,” explained Larsen. “Any Canadian with a valid medicinal need can easily register with us to receive their medicine discreetly in the post.”

The extensive list of products available from the Dispensary is enough to make any cannabis connoisseur drool.

“Our daily menu varies, but we usually have at least 15 strains of cannabis, 10 varieties of hash and kif, plus budder, oils, extracts, tinctures, elixirs and a wide range of edibles. All of these products are available by mail-order and from our retail outlet.”

“We’re hoping to open a second outlet in the summer,” concluded Larsen. “We’re scouting around for a suitable location and we’re all very excited about the potential for growth and expansion in the Canadian medical cannabis scene.

“Cannabis is the medicine of the future, and we are proud to be providing high-quality products to patients in Vancouver, and across the country.”

Visit the Vancouver Cannabis Dispensary website:



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    In light of the recent progress made in medical Cannabis sales in the US, it’s time for the Dispensary to move into a new phase, the phase where all they need is for prospective members to fill in an online form stating that they assume full responsibility for being in compliance with Health Canada regulations because the Dispensary accepts no liability. 18 or older only. Leave this site now if you don’t want to get stoned, er, I mean healthy.

  3. Brian Kerr on

    Not bad for prohibition pricing. I can hardly wait for Cannabis to be legal for everyone. So the price can drop.
    But until that happens, I guess we will have to suffer 🙁

  4. Cannabis Dispensary on

    Any members caught reselling their medicine get immediately banned. Reselling is against the rules!

  5. Anonymous on

    Good menu and reasonable prices. Where can I find a member to “facilitate” my order, for a 10% handling fee? Hey, sick people gotta make a buck too you know. How else are they going to pay for their supply? Disability doesn’t pay much.

  6. Anonymous on

    posted by dawn – View profile
    Indigenous January 28, 2010
    Native Youth Movement Confront Olympic Torch in Secwepemc Nation

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    •Derrick Jensen in Vancouver January 27, 2010

    The Olympic torch was confronted by Secwepemc and their supporters in the
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