NeverGetBusted Tip: What Not To Do

When I was a kop, assessing motorists to decide if I needed to detain them longer for a closer inspection, I always considered the following behaviors red flags.

Do not make any of the following moves and your chances of a
search and arrest will greatly decrease.

1. Never say you are in a hurry. Interdiction officers are trained to be suspicious of this.

2. Never say you are going to the hospital to visit a sick relative or friend unless you can prove it.

3. Avoid any religious talk that focuses on making you appear to be a good guy. i.e. “Of course I don’t have drugs officer, I’m a Christian.”

4. Do not “name drop.” Explaining that your neighbor is a judge or kop causes officers to be suspicious.

5. Never touch you hand to your head. This is one of the FBI’s top three indicators of deception. If your face or head itches, don’t scratch it, especially when answering a question. Do not groom yourself or adjust your cap.

6. Never repeat the question back to the officer as part of your answer. This behavior is interpreted as you stalling for time to think of a lie. i.e. Officer: “Where are you going?” Motorist: “Where am I going?”

7. Never tell an officer you are going somewhere when your passenger explains you are going somewhere else. Make certain your stories match.

8. When explaining anything to a kop, never extend your arms with the palms of your hands facing upward. This is another sign of deception.

9. Never be “sticky sweet.” This makes officers suspicious.

10. Stay as calm as you can. It’s hard to relax when being faced by a kop, but it is well worth it.

UPDATE: 11. Never swear or promise you are telling the truth. One-hundred percent of the time when a motorist said, “I swear on my mother’s grave,” or “I swear on my kids life,” I discovered they were lying. This is another deceptive behavior found in the FBI polygraph manual. Avoid it.



  1. Anonymous on consent to search.
    As an expert said, when asked by an officer, “Mind if I search your car?” Tell him,
    “I know you’re just trying to do your job, Officer, but I do not consent to any searches.”
    When asked “Why, are you hiding drugs?”, say,
    “As long as it’s my option, then no, I do not consent to any searches.”
    Be polite, be courteous, but stick with the
    “…as long as it’s my option…”

  2. Anonymous on

    Just tell the cop he’s an asshole then he’ll know you’re not lying.

  3. James Marshall on

    Hello my name is James Marshall and I am a 24 year Old Black Man from Ghana that now lives in Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I am a total pig the way I live, I’m disrespectful of others, I’m totally lazy, I am rude and I am also arrogant and ignorant.

    I am so lazy that when I plug the toilet with toilet paper, I just walk away and leave the mess for some other person to clean up. As well I am a total slob when I shower as I leave water all over the floor and also I am a pig as I pee on the toilet seat as I am to lazy to lift the toilet seat.

  4. Reegz TheReeferman on

    Fucking with them when you have nothing is all well and good… Until you get the pig who after finding nothing decides to drive to an abandoned gravel pit and pistol whip you to near death.

  5. Anonymous on

    Thanks for the great advice.

  6. ArchbishopDamaskinosWasRight on

    Here in the DC Metro area , there are so many different local, state federal police officers here that it might be one of the heaviest concentrations of law enforcement in the world – and yet the police do nothing while gang stalkers openly poison people?

    How many cops does it take to stop crimes against humanity?

  7. ToxicSludge on

    Never ever trust a pig.Never ever consent to any kind of search.They are taught to lie and deceive,we are not.They are taught to intimidate,we are not.They are well practiced in the art of deception,we are not………nuff said.

  8. Anonymous on

    tell him he can suck your dick

  9. Anonymous on

    ouch. thanks for the advice, ill keep that in mind next time a cop asks to search my vehicle.

  10. Crazycloud on

    Never ever consent to a search of your car, I said yes one time because I was taught to cooperate. I sat crying as I watched them destroy my VW bug. Cut all wiring under dash, tore out head liner, slashed all seats, kicked the driver seat back out of car, cut all tires(didn’t even look inside). tore the hoses and all wires off my engine. I called my lawyer and he said we couldn’t so anything because I did consent. He told me never ever consent.
    The next time a kop asked me if he could search my car, I politely said “no I do not consent to a search of my car”. I kind of feel sorry for him now because at the time when he said” Oh are you hiding something” I went off, no more polite. I yelled “How dare you,The last time I tried to cooperate the police completely destroyed my car, I had to have it towed home it was so bed”. He said “thats ok mam, calm down I’m sorry you can go ahead and go”. He was rather new and I don’t think he knew how to respond.

  11. Chi on

    Yea…if you are clean…fuck w/ the pigs lil mind. Imagine some total stranger (say…a plumber) come to your car window and start asking personal questions. Would you smile and answer them politly? would tell em to fuck off and wonder why they are bugging you. Same goes w/ cops. Name, rank, serial number. Answer questions w/ questions and ask if you are free to go. Trying to weasle out of a ticket is a chump move that makes a cop feel like a big man. Act like its no big deal…cus it isnt. Don’t smoke in the car..and NEVER consent to a search! Police need to realize THEY SERVE US, not the other way around.

  12. Anonymous on

    great advice….and i have fucked with cops many a times about searchs when i know i got nothing…

  13. Brian Kerr on

    That roach from 5 months ago you forgot or a seed or crum that falls out of your bag. Will get you in trouble.

    Then play if you wish.

  14. Dave on

    I’d say, if you’re packing then follow the advice. No bud on you or in your car then have fun and experiment with their egos. I think we are going to have fun with this one.

  15. Worm on

    Cops make up their minds the second they look at you. # 10 is the best advice.

    Peace & Pot

  16. Anonymous on

    if the cop assessing you is female(especially the ugly ones), try to distract her by pretending that u feel attracted by her and start flirting in the most respectful and discrete way possible. has worked wonders for me several times. may not work for ppl who are ugly themselves/not good at flirting tho 🙂