A Very Bad Bill….KILL IT!

Alabama Legislature bill would allow civil damages against convicted drug dealers

Rep. Blaine Galliher (R- Rainbow City) has introduced a bill in the legislature HB358 that would allow for civil action to be taken against convicted drug dealers if a death by overdose is caused from the drugs they sold. However, according to the article Galliher says….

“I’m not trying to cause any harm for doctors who prescribe drugs illegally,” Galliher said. “This is for the persons who have been convicted of selling illegal drugs.”

So, Rep. Blaine Galliher wants the doctors who are ILLEGALLY prescribing drugs that make their way onto the streets and wind up in the hands of people like this young man to not be harmed by this bill??? Perhaps Mr. Galliher has a doctor prescribing drugs for him illegally? Sure wouldn’t want to mess that up.

This is a ridiculous bill. No one made the guy take the pill. He bought it of his own free will, took it of his own free will. Maybe if drugs were legal then we could better educate people who might be considering using them to the real facts and dangers. But, since they are not we will just have more people dying that could have been saved if only they’d had the right information.

Are we going to start suing alcohol producers, too, because somebody got drunk, wrecked their car or maybe died of alcohol poisoning?

This is an issue of personal responsibility. Passing this law (which will be unenforceable because no one will be able to prove who got drugs from whom) won’t stop people from selling, using, manufacturing, or transporting drugs. Not to mention that if the person has already been convicted of dealing drugs the state or feds have already stolen anything of value under the asset forfeiture laws.

I wish this family would realize that the government failed to save their sons life with current prohibitionist laws and adding another prohibitionist law to the mess we already have won’t help others in the least. I am sorry for their loss but this is just silly and unproductive.

Section D of this bill is really interesting…It states

(d) A law enforcement officer who acts in furtherance of an official investigation or a person who acts at the direction or in cooperation with a law enforcement officer in an official investigation is not liable under this section.

Does that mean that a narc or undercover cop who sells drugs in furtherance of an official investigation, and those drugs kill whomever they were sold to, would not be liable for that death because they were breaking the law to enforce the law? BULLSHIT!

There is an excellent discussion of the bill happening here. Join in…



  1. Anonymous on

    What is the bottom line? What is at the root of all human misery? The root of war, of poverty and starvation, of crime, of prohibitions, and so on down the line of societies ills. Money! Profit! We need to move past this outdated, poisoned system of competition and corruption. We need to move past the idea of government as we know it, the idea of country. And realize we are one people on one earth. Visit http://www.thevenusproject.com and watch peter josephs lecture.

  2. Anonymous on

    Here a new idea! something that none ofyou thought of? instead of killing the bill? why not!, kill the asshole who writes theses things better yet kill everyone in your ststehouse and start anew?? but no one down there has ahd any balls since the war between the states!, So i dont see no change there no guts no glory!!

  3. Interested Observer on

    This is a great idea, but only if it is expanded to encompass all things lethal.

    Tobacco kills hundreds of thousands of people every year – tobacco companies would go broke very quickly if the families of anyone who died from using their product sued them for damages.
    Alcohol kills tens of thousands of people every year – liquor companies would go broke very quickly if the families of anyone who died from using their product sued them for damages.
    Pills kill thousands of people every year – pharmaceutical companies would go broke very quickly if the families of anyone who died from using their product sued them for damages.
    This idea could be extended to anything, even food. The families of people who die from obesity-related complications could even manage to put MacDonalds out of business if they were allowed to sue for damages.

    As I said, it’s a great idea, but only if it’s extended.
    But it won’t because the makers of all those legally lethal products would spend bucketloads of money to make sure it never happened. Like bullies everywhere, the framers of this law will only go after people who can’t fight back. Typical.

  4. Anonymous on

    How in the name of Zues, do some of these “dimbulbs”, keep getting elected? Are the citizens that ignorant, or is there somthing being put in the water? And why are the most noisey and spirt filled, prohibitionists, in charge? And of course, they must protect the jobs of the other prohibitionists. Think about all of the ads shown during the super bowl, they cost a lot of bucks, and they don’t want competition. It is the job of the politition, to protect the money men,kinda like they have done with Wall Street. Long live the corporate government of America.

  5. freeballer on

    I think its simply a shot in the dark from policy makers and “do gooders” who just have no REAL idea howto fix the united states, or canada’s, drug problem… Nor do they want to open themselves up to the possibility that the system failed and most consider their methods nothing less than a joke. We need the freedom to do whatever we want, but have real information on its remifications… And help “getting out”.

    Government has gotten to big, and trying to help us on too many aspects of our lives. They’ve shown time and again however they really have no idea how to help besides spending our money and locking us up.