2010 Vansterdam Winter Olympic Mascots Get High

CANNABIS CULTURE – Hilarious parody animations featuring Olympic mascots smoking marijuana have been released on the Internet just in time for the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.

The three short, digitally animated videos depicting the weed-ified mascots (and Olympic logo man) getting high were uploaded last week by Baza, a YouTube user from Auckland, New Zealand.

The animations feature prominently Free Marc Emery posters designed by Cannabis Culture artist Gary Wintle (T-shirts and posters available at the CC Store).

In Olympic Man the 2010 Games logo comes to life to puff a huge joint and show his support for Marc Emery.

In Canadian Olympic Heroes, the one of the cute Olympic Mascots is hurt while skiing and brought some medical marijuana by his fuzzy friend.

In Toy Story 420 the Olympic mascots liberate themselves from their toy boxes to get high.

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