Russia’s Space Agency Helps Drug Police Spot Cannabis Fields

Drug police in Russia’s Far East have joined hands with the Federal Space Agency in spotting cannabis fields in the Primorye Territory, a senior drugs control official said on Thursday.

Roscosmos has sent coordinates of cannabis fields to anti-narcotics officers, who destroy the plants and returning confirmed information to the space agency, which enters it in a database, Lieu. Gen. Alexander Rolik told a news conference in Vladivostok.

“We have been in contact with Roscosmos since late last year,” Rolik said.

He said drug police destroyed 48 hectares of cannabis plants last year. Police also seized 4 metric tons of marijuana in September in two forest caches and a truck, and discovered an illegal hash oil plant in the woods.

Rolik said the discoveries point to a net of organized criminal groups trafficking in cannabis-based drugs in cities in Primorye and nearby regions.

Russia’s Far East registers a higher rate of drug-related crimes than the national average, with drug abuse on the increase, Afghan-produced heroin flooding into the region and trade in narcotics flourishing.

The general said space satellites have also helped other regions, including the neighboring Amur region and the Urals, spot cannabis plants.

– Article from RIA Novosti.



  1. Anonymous on

    Well as long as they got one more youth destroying hash oil plant off the streets all should be well. What did they do catch a guy with an ice machine and a set of bubble bags? That ISO stuff is nasty, hope those boys get right on proper hash making techniques.

  2. Dave on

    Yea makes sense? The US went from a free state to a prison state, I suppose because they lost to peasants in Vietnam and are also tangled up in failed wars against stone throwers in Iraq and Afghanistan. Come to think of it, the only war they ever won was their own civil war?

    What can we expect from them when they finally get their asses whopped? Look how long they’ve held grudges against Cuba. Can you image what they’ll do when they also lose their war on drugs. I suppose they’ll then invade Mexico? War techs falling from the skies!

  3. Anonymous on

    It makes sense…Russia had a failed war in Afghanistan not long ago and I bet that failure still smarts. Afterall a “superpower” being run off by mountain dwelling primitives?! perposterous! So now that they are no longer at war they can at least carry their grudges into the economic warfare area. By hitting opiate exports which are the biggest cash crop coming out of Afghanistan.

  4. I love 420 on

    ahahaha, thats gotta be bullshit, c’mon a bomb coming down on your grow-op…I would love to see it!

  5. afghani on

    What do you think GoogleEarth is?? The whole planet is already on Candid Camera! Lets scare the cannabis enthusiasts that Russia satelites are meant for trackin weed fields!!!!! Oh, but they destroy them , I DON’T THINK SO, they probably steal them and also steal the herion shipments from Afghanistan!
    WHAT ANOTHER WASTE OF MONEY, A $50 Billion Rocket focusing on weed fields, They won’t be able to pay off their rocket fuel costs unless they rip off someone else.

  6. mike a on

    They do what they want, and say fuck our rights.

  7. Dave on

    Commies do what commies do. Our governments wouldn’t intrude like that because we have privacy rights! Right?