The Marijuana Wars: Pro vs. Con

I’ve been covering the controversial debate over medical marijuana laws in California for the past few months. It all came to a head in Los Angeles this past Tuesday though, as the City Council passed an ordinance 2 ½ years in the making. The new law, which could take several weeks to be put into play, would ban consumption at dispensaries, requires them to close at 8 p.m. and outlaws the use of the familiar neon cannabis leaf signs. The ordinance also caps the number of dispensaries at 70. The one exception would be those registered in 2007 and are still in business. This means that L.A. could make the leap down to around 150 dispensaries from its estimated 1000. That’s a big leap that has both sides continuing to fight for and against the cannabis cause.

I recently paid a visit to Oaksterdam, California and spoke to the president and founder of Oaksterdam University, America’s first cannabis college. Richard Lee also happens to be at the forefront of the fight to not only legitimize medical marijuana, but to completely legalize the use of marijuana across the country:

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I also recently sat down with someone on the other side of the coin. Paul Chabot is a Republican candidate for California State Assembly, and he is campaigning against the legalization of cannabis. He is also the founder of the Coalition for a Drug Free California:

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– Article from CBS News.



  1. Anonymous on

    you only need to know he is working toward a drug free state to know he is completely ignorant.

    now spread it, every time they say ” what about the kids”?, tell them “well we all know the kids are using x amount because it gets sold to them on the streets so some other kid can buy some rims. this is how it has been for more than 50 years under your way.

    when we regulate , it wont be sold to them anymore because we could focus on that. these days we focus on spending too much money on those grown up kids.
    not much money actually goes to helping them, most money goes to hurting them.
    SO once they are grown up kids we seem to want to see them hurt with prison, court or loss of job. dont tell us what about the kids again! because this hurts the kids and this hurts the grown up kids and prohibition takes money out of everyones pockets so EVERYONE gets hurt.

    i would pay a hundred bucks to see someone beat someones arse in a debate with that one!

  2. Timmy on

    This guy is keeping the misinformed stocked with bullshit thanx cbs

  3. Anonymous on

    Feed them flouride, inject them with mercury vaccines, poison them with GMO foods and dull them with ADHD meds. Much better.

  4. Anonymous on

    Before they push the “driving impaired” argument shouldn’t it actually be PROVEN that driving sfter smoking pot actually impairs? Most tests I’ve seen result in the driver driving as good or better than before.

    I love how all of these pseudo justifications makes it OK to throw someone in prison for growing a plant or (oh my God) selling seeds.


  5. Xtensity on

    This video is filled with so much bullshit that he uses to try to back his reasons… wtf..

    400 cancer causing carcinogens? No one has ever, in millions of years gotten cancer from marijuana. I’ve never even heard of anyone going to the hospital for lung trauma or anything like that from smoking marijuana. These kinds of people infuriate me. Him saying it would cost 8x more in health care then the amount of revenue the system brings in? Again, there is no reported cases of anyone dying, overdosing, or getting any kind of disease/cancer from marijuana.

    Note how he says, selling to our kids, when he talks about medical marijuana. It would still be illegal to sell to kids, if anything, drugs that are regulated are harder to obtain, such as alcohol, then marijuana. If you’re underage it is much easier to obtain and illegal substance then it is alcohol. This guy has no clue what he is talking about.

    The way he talks about this subject you can tell he is lying.

  6. puppeteer on

    The 2 pills are Brand Name not generic form name so its a sales pitch really, but a bad one because he doesn’t even know how to pronounce the name Sativex… Really bad speaker, total puppet

  7. Anonymous on

    This puppet revealed his strings in the last few words of the video clip. The reason he is motivated to attempt false arguments and bad reasoning is that (for some strange reason…hmmm) he thinks the phamaceutical industry has all the answers. I am someone who has consistently been poisoned by phamaceuticals but found relief in God’s good herbs. This man is selfishly motivated just like everyone else.

  8. Anonymous on

    What a moron this guy is. Did you notice he got the “what about the children” hysteria in there? What a laugh. Want to save the children? Tax and regulate it like booze. For the most part , problem solved. He is simply backing up the status quo. Government never changes society, because it is not in their interests to do so. I could write a book about how blind and stupid the “average man” is. And that’s not an insult to the average person, as our society rarely gives people the opportunity to find out what is going on. Way too many distractions.

  9. jackaroo on

    He said, “who am I to deny the terminally and tell them how they should feel or not feel”. Well, I say who is he that he should tell any of us how we should feel or not feel! He makes it sound like cannabis is just tobacco with THC! Sheesh, he evidently knows very little about the incredible health consequences of both. How many has tobacco killed? How many has Cannabis? Which one is considered medicine by 14 states and counting? It ain’t tobacco. That guy needs to get a clue!!!

  10. Anonymous on

    Holy Cow, doesn’t this evangelist ever look beyond his close-minded community?

  11. Anonymous on

    how would you know if someone was high? They dont have any clue except for the smell.. and testing. hahaha what a joke..

    Didn’t know that there was cancerous corsineginz in somthing that has anti-cancer effects.. helps breathing for asthma..

    Who is right? How will we know? Legalize to do more research!

    If a swig of wiskey can help you get motivated in the moring… its legal! ITs like takin cough suryp..


  12. Jomila on

    Yeah then you put THC in front of that which fights cancer therefore cancelling out that, it’s great isn’t it but that’s to much for you to wrap your head around. I like how you throw in “KIDS” when saying selling it to our community. Who’s is selling it to kids? Drug dealers currently. Nobody wants to sell cannabis to our kids, that’s the point of regulating. That’s the only argument you guys have now and it’s laughable, lol.

    Why do you people think that legalizing cannabis will make people use more, or that there will be more people driving high? I honestly don’t think more people would, your going to do it whether it’s legal of not. Also if you pull someone over and you cant tell if their high or not then what’s the argument? Are they really impaired?

    This is a matter of regulating it. People are already using it so it’s not like we’re intruducing a new subtance, it’s already there just now the gangs and cartels are doing the regulating.

    You’ll win this war someday goverment, just keep up the good work! You fucking IDIOTS!