Messing Up The System

My original career as political activist in London, Ontario, up to 1992 is covered in this 1993 documentary, Marc Emery: Messing Up The System.

Part 1 on YouTube
Part 2 on YouTube
Part 3 on YouTube
Part 4 on YouTube
Part 5 on YouTube
Part 6 on YouTube

Marc Emery
Marc Emery

Marc Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, entrepreneur, and politician. Known to his fans as the Prince of Pot, Emery has been a notable advocate of international cannabis policy reform for decades. Marc is the founding publisher of Cannabis Culture and Pot TV.



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  2. Anonymous on

    maybe you mean the sick eject poop and vomit
    thats the lamest excuse I ever heard of to get stoned

  3. Lygeia on

    Everyone eventually empties out of cannabinoids and then they get sick. It is just a matter of time.

  4. Anonymous on

    I am not ill.
    I am fine’
    I never use weed as medicine because
    i am not in any way broken that requires weed to fix.
    if I do get sick which is rarely
    weed is the last thing I desire
    weed just makes me feel stupid and slow and confused in top of being sick

    Not everybody is a patient requiring medicine.
    marijuana or other medicine
    just thought I would mention that
    some of us, most of us
    almost all of us are just fine, thank you
    hope you feel better soon or eventually

  5. Lygeia on

    We are all basically medical marijuana patients. For some, their eyes go, others lose their muscle coordination; others get arthritis, or any of the other maladies that afflict us when we get low, or start to empty out, of the endogenous cannabinoids that the the human body naturally makes internally. Marijuana is an exogenous (that is, a source outside the body) cannabinoid that can replenish us and re-balance our system.

    No one who posts here is a maggot or an idiot, but with marijuana illegal, we all suffer the effects of being without this medicine. Some people become easily angered and the logic centers of their brain become impaired.

    When marijuana is legal again, many of these problems will be alleviated because people can replenish their cannabinoid balance. I look forward to seeing the discourse improved when this happens.

  6. Anonymous on

    Einstein proposed the atomic bomb to be built and dropped on japan–and behold it was..KA BLAM

    thats not what i would humanitarian. Most scientists by far are law abiding.. they work in transparency to advance humanity – Breeding marijuana for money is not responsible science, its criminal science..done in secret for money.

    No wonder stoners are not taken seriously

  7. Anonymous on

    Oh, I’m an idiot, I see. I could have sworn starvation, disease and war were the results of overpopulation. If only I were a genius like you I would have realized that the 6 billion people on the planet are having no negative effect whatsoever. Go to India and tell them overpopulation isn’t a problem at all. They’ll wonder how they got so fortunate that the world’s greatest genius graced them with their presence. Oh, forgot to mention, you’re a fucking maggot. What’s good for the goose, huh genius?

  8. plink on

    But if all scientists were all so law-fearing, what about your precious Einstien’s humanitarian work in the US?? And would Gallileo have even opened his mouth??

    “Using science methodology bla bla..’ =
    “officer, officer! He’s growing pot and peas at the same time oh officer officer help ! “

  9. Anonymous on

    Using science methodology to produce contraband pot is Criminal Science , thus criminal breeding..

    Thanks for your alcohol theories, they are hilarious

  10. Anonymous on

    What is criminal science breeding? Me thinks Daylight Savings Time is suffering from alcohol-induced brain damage. The good news is, switch to marijuana, and in ten short years, your intellectual faculties will be where they were before you started drinking!

  11. Anonymous on

    No state permits trafficking
    no state yet allows recreational consumption
    no state allows pirate cultivation
    no state allows criminal science breeding
    no state allows money laundering

  12. Anonymous on

    14 states have med pot, 3 are considering outright legalization the AMA has declared that cannabis should be
    rescheduled the feds have stopped med-pot raids in states where legal and recent polls suggest further progress ahead.
    The story is just about over for you pinhead.

    ‘get out of your old road if you can’t lend a hand,oh the times they are a changin’ -Bobby D

  13. Anonymous on

    maybe he’s one of those NOT getting any.

  14. Anonymous on

    “People having too much sex is the cause of the vast majority of the problems of humanity…”

    You’re an idiot.

  15. Anonymous on

    After viewing the first little bit of part 4, where Marc decries petitions as completely worthless, why should anyone sign the petition against Marc’s extradition? That would be going against his own suggestions and principles. Marc said nobody should ever bother to sign a petition because even a million names doesn’t do dick all, in his words. Okay Marc, point taken. To live by your principles we will take the petition and burn it in front of Parliament. To submit the petition would only be validating the state’s control over us and grovelling for them to spare us their wrath. Marc is anti-democracy, he told us himself, therefore, we won’t vote either. We’ll burn our ballots instead, as he suggested.

    Okay, to sum up, no petitions for Marc’s extradition case, or anything else for that matter, and ballot burning instead of voting. Did I miss anything Marc? Should we all move to India too? I sure hope not, because that’s a democracy too and Cannabis is illegal there just like here. Yes, you can buy a cow for 5 cents, but is that really your most important concern? Those Indians did take Marc’s advice to have more sex though. The result is rampant overpopulation. I have different suggestion, people should have less sex. That would solve overpopulation and the spread of AIDS and other diseases. People having too much sex is the cause of the vast majority of the problems of humanity and will eventually lead to the destruction of all life on earth, other than maybe a few cockroaches.

  16. Dan-o on

    Marc Emery is the proverbial monkey wrench thrown into the works. And while the works are currently getting a little fouled up, the wrench isn’t going to escape unharmed. I guess now it is a matter of how much momentum the govt. works have and how tough/smart/lucky the monkey wrenches lawyers are.

  17. Anonymous on

    part 4, you wake up

  18. Anonymous on

    and then for part 3. where Marijuana is legal and everyone negative is gone.

  19. Anonymous on

    Well, like the opening quote says

    it seems you really did wreck the system marc.

    and the system has since completely recovered,

    …..and now for part 2…..

    where they wreck your life