Cheech and Chong: “Get It Legalized”

CANNABIS CULTURE – Legendary Stoners Cheech and Chong appeared on the program Washington Unplugged to discuss marijuana legalization and their new “Get it Legal” tour.

“Get it legal, that’s what we are going to do,” Tommy Chong said. “The truth is, marijuana really is a medicine, and it has been a medicine for 5,000 years. […] Recreational is medical.”

The two have teamed up with the Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), who says the goal of the tour is “bringing attention to the harm caused by marijuana prohibition and the urgent need for different, more sensible marijuana laws”.

Chong again wore a Free Marc T-shirt (given to him by The CCHQ Store during a recent visit to Vansterdam) in support of Prince of Pot Marc Emery. He also mentioned Marc and his extradition to the US for selling marijuana seeds at the MPP’s 15th Anniversary Gala.

Click here to buy a Free Marc T-Shirt.

Click here to find out more about marijuana activist Marc Emery.

Click here to watch the video on YouTube

Cheech & Chong’s “Get It Legal” Tour Dates

Jan 16 Boulder, CO, Macky Auditorium
Jan 22 Indianapolis, IN, Murat Theatre
Jan 23 Baltimore, MD, Meyerhoff Symphony Hall
Jan 30 Saskatoon, SK, TCU Place
Jan 31 Regina, SK, Conexus PAC
Feb 11 Bellingham, WA, Mt. BakerTheatre
Feb 12 Portland, OR, Arlene Schnitzer PAC
Mar 5 Santa Barbara, CA, Arlington Theatre
Mar 12 Tampa, FL, Tampa PAC
Mar 26 Minneapolis, MN, State Theatre
Mar 27 Rockford, IL, Coronado PAC
Apr 3 Ann Arbor, MI, Michigan Theater
Apr 9 Louisville, KY, Palace Theatre
Apr 10 Washington, DC, Warner Theatre
Apr 23 Bakersfield, CA, Fox Theatre
Apr 24 Phoenix, AZ, Dodge Theatre
Apr 30 Ft. Worth, TX, Bass Hall

Visit the Cheech and Chong Tour website for tickets and more information.



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  2. Matthew on

    Interesting. I enjoyed reading this post.

  3. for real? on

    Man, Cheech and Chong have had a lot more successful run in life than you I’m sure.

  4. Louis Vuitton bags on

    Get it legal, that’s what we are going to do,” Tommy Chong said

  5. Dan-o on

    As a child of the 70’s I have to say it is fucking GREAT to see these 2 working together again. They may need to get their facts down a bit better to argue trhe legalization issue but their stardom draws attention to others who argue facts and points of law a bit better. FAR OUT MAN!


    Cheech and Chong, (TOO LATE TO )get it together!

  7. mike on

    I live in Wichita, KS and I know there are thousands of us that would love to see Cheech and Chong. How bout including Wichita on your tour.

  8. Anonymous on

    Ahah at the end, “Can we leave you a joint?”

  9. Unclebob100 on

    Ha! ‘Bet ya they did leave the interviewer a jay… or maybe they hooted with him at the back door of the studio. I would have. Cheech and Chong are the best.