Ask Ed: Grow Tip – Getting Started For The Spring Season

It is now mid-January; time to get started for the Spring season!

People with gardens in the southern tier of the United States and those who have greenhouses, can put their plants outside as early as February as long as the daylight hours have extended. (We will talk more about that in a later tip!)

Now is the time to get the plants started so they can grow to a suitable size before they are transplanted. The very simplest way to do it is to take some cuttings, trim most of the leaves off – leaving leaves only on the top – and then to place the cuttings in a glass of water and remember to change it daily.

In a week to 10 days you will have rooted cuttings. Keep them under 24 hours of light, a dim light bulb will do.

Photos to come!



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    Ed, I have a bonsai style plant that I am finnishing off right now in southern Va. It is only 18 inches tall, and the fan leaves were either nipped off as they yellowed out or fell on their own. I am using 600 watts of flourescent screw in bulbs, and although slow to mature some nice work is happening. What is the best course to reveg this plant to grow out outdoors in the spring??