Prince of Pot Marc Emery Could be Extradited to US Friday

Vancouver marijuana activist Marc Emery is taking his last puff of freedom – as the clock counts down on an extradition order that will send him to a U.S. jail for five years.

Mr. Emery, founder of the B.C. Marijuana Party and publisher of Cannabis Culture magazine, is currently out on bail waiting for Federal Justice Minister and Attorney General Rob Nicholson to sign the extradition order, which can be done any time after Friday.

Mr. Emery says he will not turn fugitive, but will obey the order, when it comes.

Until then, Mr. Emery, often referred to as B.C.’s Prince of Pot, is making the most of his last days of freedom.

“I’ve been enjoying every moment of it out with my wife. We are just living day to day,” he said.

Mr. Emery’s trouble with U.S. authorities stemmed from his online mail-order marijuana seed business, “Marc Emery Direct Seeds,” which he ran from 1994 to 2005.

Trade in seeds is illegal in Canada and the U.S., but the law is seldom enforced here.

By 2005, the U.S. Justice Department got wind of the seeds coming into their country. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency raided Mr. Emery’s business, and the Canadian government was asked to extradite him to America to face charges of conspiracy to produce and traffic marijuana and to launder the proceeds of crime — charges that could have landed him a life sentence in a U.S. prison.

After a failed legal bid to serve his time in Canada, Mr. Emery signed a plea bargain in September 2009 to avoid a U.S. trial. The deal reduced his sentence to five years in a U.S. federal prison.

“It’s clearly a political case against me,” Mr. Emery said. “It’s not because of any harm I have done.”

Mr. Emery was detained in North Fraser Pretrial Centre as his lawyers argued his case in an extradition hearing in B.C. Supreme Court. He was released on bail Nov. 18.

After his hearing concluded, his lawyer was given a reprieve until this week to submit final documents, owing to an illness — which meant the extradition order could not be filed until today at the earliest.

Mr. Emery said he expects to be held at SeaTac Federal Detention Centre outside Seattle for several weeks following his transfer to the U.S. while officials decide where he will serve his sentence.

– Article from The National Post.



  1. Anonymous on

    can someone answer me are we canadian or americans now!! when do we as candians draw the line!! stand up against the amaricains this is our freedom after all or soo im told this since i was a kid

  2. 420yuppie on

    This is absolutely stupid!!!! I can’t believe this spineless conservative gov’t. I was fiscally conservative to some regards, but to send a canadian citizen to the states for 5 years for an offence that’s a mere fiscal fine here is treason and morally wrong. I hope Marc is brought up in the next federal election. This one more albertian no longer voting conservative. I wonder how many other Canadians will the conservative gov’t turn their backs on????

  3. Anonymous on

    Thank you Mark for opening my mind to Cannabis. The first time I picked up a CC it caught me instantly. You’re amazing spirit has led millions if not billions to better lives, and for this work I must thank you.

    But this is not over yet. You’re freedom will come and you will be back in Van soon enough. I believe that we are on the clutch of full scale legalization. The young want the policies to be revoked or at least rethought. Its only a matter of time really and that time is almost here. I give it less than 5 years.

    Well good luck to you my friend and I feel lucky to have had the honor to sit with you in your shop. I think your pot-casts have the ability to really give everyone an inside look at the prison systems, which hopefully you wont have to deal with for long.

    Sending energy.


  4. Anonymous on

    Canada is bending over and the US is ramming it home. Keep up the kissy kissy Canada the US will own you on paper some day!

  5. Anonymous on

    Well, and as the story goes… Government nailed someone at the cross some odd 2000 years ago for his misdemeanor of only beeing compassionate towards others.

    A thing Marc most definatly must have had in common with this overly compassionate individual.

    Please tell me what has changed so much in all those nearly 2000 years so You won’t do it again?

    Is’nt that exactly the thing Most Christians do get their kicks from?

    Now, Marc must be worthy in the eyes of God to enter his kingdom as a prooven man of faith, while all the blatant lawabiding Christians got a new icon to admire after things get out of hand and leaving Marc as the eternal victim.

    A heroe to admire for ages to come?

    (Or is n’t that the way most Christians interpret the story while getting away with having to show true compassion themselves and never having to show any of it outside the confined (censored) lines of “the big book of government propaganda ment to enslave people” and as critical thinking individuals that are worthy mirroring themselves in the eyes of God ? )

    Please High Priests of the Vatican. Yeh exactly you who also burned the wiches at the stakes during medieval history.

    Please, start up running your ceremonies already now in advance.

    The ones that turn martuurs into Saints, and Please preserve Marcs story for the new edition of your biggest book of BS of all times while you are repeating history over and over again.

    Well, we dont need an other Heroe, we just need to know our way home.

    (Tina turner)

    Free Canada, Free Marc Emery!

  6. famousAmosymous on


  7. Anonymous on

    Yo Dave–
    your government didn’t turncoat- this legal policy of extradition for drug crimes was in place long before the prince of pot began vending contraband to the USA. How Emery managed to get away with it for as long as he did is to the credit of the Canadian authorities sense of mercy.Like they knew, he kept telling them- he had a website and color magazine devoted ti his activities- he mailed copies out to members of parliament– sheesh.!!

    If you, Mr Fantasy Cdn millionaire funded US pro pot groups, fine- no problem- its not tax deductable to fund foreign politics, in fact its probably against US law.- No real millionaire would make that sloppy move of throwing money over the cliff.We shall soon see just how little money was actually forwarded to other legalizers, way less than Emery claims. Why? because smart businessman Emery knew what clumsy dumb ass hippy retards dress up radicals/ all just a bunch of bumbly pot fiends with anger issues- and a website – none were and not worth his money. he just said he richly funded them, he didn’t fund them

    No, Dave the Cdn govt would not likely hand you over to the US for giving money to US pro pot hippies.. however- they would nail your sorry rich ass to the floor (in co operation with the Americans ) if you were vending millions of pot seeds to the US and washing the money. Oh yeah, that uncool aspect of this Emery case.. ya, that very very uncool part..

    Emery will soon receive the order of Canada just like you, Mr 420 Richie Rich suggested- the Marching Order of Canada..ya, that other uncool part again. there are so many uncool parts stoner fools edit out ’cause it don’t fit the Martin Luthor King template Emery presented to them.

  8. Anonymous on

    yankee go home and let marc smoke his pot in peace!

  9. owen on


    use his case as a template for your future thoughts

    the government _WILL_ use its infinite power to tell lies

    true for him ,
    true for everyone

    so the next time someone tells you something that has its essence in gov, or gov institutions, use your brain.
    try to use your brain
    i know it is hard – you are raised by the gov and it is difficult to think for yourselves

    just try

    still very happy he is going to jail
    – he is not dead ~ yet
    that’s just how i see it, marc should be happy
    you should all be happy

    now quit whining and lets go after these clowns in gov…
    and now ya’ll can see, you get a tiny glimpse into gov corruption,

    use your head

    i don’t think i am coming back here again – i am tired
    of the delusional pot heads – going “boo hoo”
    put don’t the bong and do something already…..


  10. Unclebob100 on

    If anybody deserves the “Freedom Fighter of The Year” or to be entered in the Cannabis Culture Hall of Fame…its Marc Emery. Keep up the faith brother, yours and our time will come. Jah bless.

  11. Thomas Davie on

    If, as a millionaire Canadian I funded marijuana advocacy and legalization groups in the USA, would my turncoat Canadian government hand me over to the American feds?

    Fuck, Emery should be given the order of Canada rather than being sent to jail.


  12. Anonymous on

    ” Remember Marc Emery ”
    ” Pray For Marc Emery”
    ” What Happened to Marc Emery Could Happen To You ”
    ” 2015- Here We Come”
    ” Free Jodie Emery”
    ” Jail For Weed- Like, how Unkind ”
    ” Bill C-15- so, like uncool”
    ” Marc Emery went to prison for five years
    and all I did about it was buy this lousy T Shirt ”

  13. Anonymous on

    All I can say Marc is thanks for doing your national tour and all that you have done for the movement. Truly inspirational. I wrote on your behalf to my MP and Senators to no avail…Our system of government is flawed forever.

  14. Anonymous on

    I don’t know what to say except it sickens me to know that thay are doing this to Marc. God help us all