Emery’s Fate in Justice Minister’s Hands

The fate of Marc Emery, known worldwide as the Prince of Pot, is in the hands of Canada’s Justice Minister Rob Nicholson.

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The Justice Minister will decide to approve or refuse the extradition of Emery to the United States at any time after January 8, 2010.

Emery is a well-known Canadian businessman, activist, and leader of the BC Marijuana Party, who is facing extradition to the United States to face charges for selling marijuana seeds through the mail to Americans.

In late 2009, Emery signed a plea deal for a 5-year sentence in the US system.

“I was forced to take this plea deal for five years under great duress,” Emery told Cannabis Culture. “If I went to trial in the United States, I would have received a mandatory minimum sentences of 30 years up to life. I shouldn’t be going to prison at all for selling seeds to consenting adults, but five years is preferable to a life sentence.”

Emery, long-time publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and director of Pot-TV, went into Canadian custody in September 2009 after an extradition hearing in the BC Supreme Court, and is currently free on bail awaiting the Justice Minister’s decision.

Marc’s wife, Jodie Emery, believes her husband should be dealt with in Canada and not the USA.

“Most Canadians agree that Marc should be dealt with in Canada’s justice system.” she said. “He operated openly in Vancouver, BC for over a decade, never went to the USA, and paid hundreds of thousands of dollars in income taxes as a legitimate businessman.

“The Justice Minister has received thousands of phone calls, letters, post cards and petitions asking him to refuse the extradition. There is no reason my husband should suffer for five years in a foreign prison system, especially when he operated his seed business in Canada at all times.”

Emery’s lawyer, Kirk Tousaw, made an access to information and privacy (ATIP) request for Justice Department communications related to Emery’s arrest for extradition. After long delays, approximately 60 pages of a 6,000-page document were released with everything blacked out for various “national security” reasons and allegations of privilege.

“I think it’s disappointing that the Harper government, which promised to be accountable to the citizens of Canada, is hiding information,” Tousaw told Cannabis Culture. “The Canadian government was well aware of Mr. Emery’s activities and collected taxes on them, and now it won’t revel whether there was a preexisting agreement with the US to outsource the Canadian criminal justice system to the US DEA.”

Speculation abounds over the exact contents of the heavily redacted “Emery Papers”, but it is evident that a considerable amount of government time and resources were spent on the activist’s case.

“It involves correspondence with probably 30-40 different individuals,” Emery said, “and about 15 departments including the Solicitor General of BC, the Vancouver Police Dept., the Federal Justice Dept., the US Justice Dept., US DEA offices, prosecutors in Seattle, and so many different groups and entities. Millions and millions of dollars have clearly been spent on the case to prosecute me.”

“Unfortunately,” said Tousaw, “what was produced was so limited that we can’t really speculate as to what is hidden. There is literally nothing of any substance out of 6000 pages that has been disclosed to us. I can only imagine that it is material the Canadian government is embarrassed about and wants to hide.”

Libby Davies, Member of Parliament for Vancouver East, made an Order Paper request for similar documents, but was also refused any information.

“I just feel that the whole process was very bad,” Davies told Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. “And the Canadian government has never been clear about its involvement or what its interactions or discussions have been with the U.S. drug-enforcement officials.”

Davies voiced her opposition to Emery’s extradition in an October 2, 2009 letter to the Justice Minister:

Canadian law enforcement officials have for a decade ignored Mr. Emery’s well publicized activities. I have expressed to you on many occasions my vehement opposition to sending Mr. Emery or any Canadian to face harsh punishment in another country when we have agreed as a society that these actions are not worthy of prosecution in Canada. Yet, your government has refused to intervene on Mr. Emery’s behalf and he will now serve a five year prison term in the United States.

“Canadians are rightly concerned that I’m being sent away to be punished for something that hurt no one,” Emery said, “but a much greater political principle is at stake here.”

On the day of Emery’s arrest, the US Drug Enforcement Administration admitted their investigation was politically motivated, and that the activist’s extradition was designed to target the marijuana legalization community that Emery spearheaded for over a decade.

DEA Administrator Karen Tandy’s statement released on July 29, 2005:

Today’s DEA arrest of Marc Scott Emery, publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine, and the founder of a marijuana legalization group — is a significant blow not only to the marijuana trafficking trade in the U.S. and Canada, but also to the marijuana legalization movement.

His marijuana trade and propagandist marijuana magazine have generated nearly $5 million a year in profits that bolstered his trafficking efforts, but those have gone up in smoke today.

Emery and his organization had been designated as one of the Attorney General’s most wanted international drug trafficking organizational targets — one of only 46 in the world and the only one from Canada.

Hundreds of thousands of dollars of Emery’s illicit profits are known to have been channeled to marijuana legalization groups active in the United States and Canda. Drug legalization lobbyists now have one less pot of money to rely on.

“My extradition highlights a growing threat to Canadian sovereignty,” Emery said. “Our country is looking more an more like an arm of the American Empire rather than an independent autonomous state.”



  1. diane on

    The government will never stop people from smoking pot.It is so therapeutic on every level.All the government does is drive people underground.

  2. Anonymous on

    Go Marc Go!!!

  3. Anonymous on

    The Canadian government isn’t going to do anything that will taint the Olympic games. Wait for a few weeks after the games end to hear more about this story.

  4. Anonymous on

    They can and will do whatever they want whenever they want. It’s sad really.

  5. Anonymous on

    Luckily McSame didn’t make it, but this is far from over. We cant realistically expect Obama to solely fix 30 years of Nixon-Reagan-Bush damage in 1 year. Don’t be misled by all the ‘see he didn’t keep up on all his promises’ crap being spewed by these republi-cons. We must not only continue to maintain control of the Presidency but we must continue to fight locally and state by state to eradicate these backwards politicians. Obamas memo is the first step in the right direction for the president to take!

  6. Anonymous on

    Yeah, America would rather have its fat cat/corporate run healthcare because ‘we cant afford non-profit universal affordable “government run“ healthcare.’ Guess Americans enjoy traveling to Mexico or Canada for cheaper meds. We cant afford to help people, but we can sure afford this waste of taxpayer resources? Not to mention Bush’s Iraq war (how much was it costing per month again?), which John McCain stated he would have continued.

  7. David420 on

    Since your government’s on vacation until March 3rd. Does that mean you won’t be extradited until they go back to work, or can Mr. Nicholson still sign the extradition order any day still?

  8. Anonymous on

    it is not pot which is causing harm to marc and his wife its the narrow minded fucks like you and ur government which are doing it its a fuckin plant that has done no harm to anyone! you’re faith meerly keeps you in line

  9. stuart on

    this is such bullshit, canada as a whole should break free of the scummy USA’s strangle hold on us. legalize it!

  10. Anonymous on

    Bend over Canada the brown shirts {DEA} have another big 10″ to shove in.

  11. wintermute on

    Ask Rob Nicholson one question:

    “Are you prepared to allow extradition to the US of every Canadian citizen who has ever violated any US laws?”

    If he is not, then why is he making an exception in Marc Emery’s case?

    If he is, then there are lots of Canadians who should be very worried. Keep in mind that in Florida it is a criminal offense to shower naked…

  12. Jordan on

    How can you say that this man is dangerous? There is nothing wrong with weed, it does nothing else but allow people to enjoy the little things in life and not become arrogant pigs like you. Stop passing FAKE information along and spamming the net with your government propaganda. The DEA is bullying us Canadians and we just let them walk right in as always, and millions of wasted dollars goes out to putting innocent people behind bars all for just a plant. It’s all just about politics and always has been, people have no heart for one another and it’s ‘survival of the fittest’ out in the world. If people like you could only understand that weed makes people MORE FRIENDLY and more respectful towards one another. You have never heard of anybody beating their wife when high, but alcohol abuse which ruins lives and families is okay to people like you. It’s people like you that make this world the shit hole that it can be.

  13. Anonymous on

    Are they never going to put this guy away? I won’t sleep peacefully until I know that Marc Emery is behind bars. My children and my children’s children’s children are going to be safe from these lying theiving pothead maniacs in Canada if I have to fight to my dying day. I’m glad to see that I’m not alone. All you other people posting here watching this story have emboldened me to keep up the good fight against marijuana. Marijuana corrupts. It distorts. And it’s very sad to see a good man like Marc Emery seduced by the false cause of marijuana mayhem (legalization as the hippies and Deadheads like to call it – yeah right!). Just look what it’s doing to Marc Emery and his wife. It’s so sad. It breaks my heart. These are good people and just look what pot did to them. Overgrow cannabis with crab grass and dandelions! We can do it people! STOP REEFER MADNESS NOW!

  14. Brian Kerr on

    Poppy seeds are exempt from the law.

    If you grow a few for yourself you are unlikely to be bothered. Unless it looks like you are farming them and what ever you do, don’t attempt milking them for the latex. Any neighbor who sees you doing that may land you in trouble. Don’t look like a farmer and grow more than one veriety. That makes it look like a nice flower garden.

  15. Anonymous on

    ,, so according to you,
    you are chained up = because you are a dedicated stoner
    prohibition affects you = so you are truly a dedicated stoner
    and your ideal is to have someone feel sorry for you
    + so you are a big crybaby who wasted their life huffing expensive prohibited weed and won’t ever do anything about it except bitch & whine-

    NO wonder this movement has fallen apart
    ‘ look at the pathetic sucks we have to march with

    did any of you dishrag fuckers even buy a Free marc Emery T Shirt?

  16. Anonymous on

    Well, first I have to say, I have never smoked any marijuana (although I would like to try it). I have never ordered any seeds (although I would like to grow it – I’m a gardener and love to grow all kinds of things).

    But the statists and government parasites of the world are out of control. It is time we fought fire with fire. Or firepower.

    Be free, my Canadian friends. Do not roll over for the corrupt American government, which the vast majority of us would jettison in 10 seconds if asked. Stay free, and tell the US DEA (an unconstitutional authority, as if it mattered) to go straight to hell. And not come back.

  17. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery going to jail,, not because of seeds? Hes going to jail because he might make waves during the B.C. Games. Well to have theses games they need one thing?? SNOW!! In the next week you will see ALL THE SNOW OF B.C. MELT!?! The MOTHER SAYS You who hurt my children, WILL NOT HAVE YOUR GAMES! She will take all your snow! Dont think so? watch for the next three weeks?

  18. Anonymous on

    My point was that it’s so easy to get a medical exemption in California, and there are so many dispensaries there that sell seeds or rooted cuttings, that the only people who would have needed to buy his seeds were people who weren’t Californians, or who didn’t know a Californian. With hundreds of such dispensaries, Marc Emery’s seeds were a drop in the bucket. Maybe his buyers just didn’t trust the dispensaries to have quality seeds, because they certainly didn’t need Canada otherwise. I don’t know if the Cali laws were like that when Marc’s charges were laid but they are now and this is when he’s going to court.

  19. Brian Kerr on

    I doesn’t matter what the opponents to the end of prohibition say. They are dieing out.

    80% of north Americans want legal Medicinal Cannabis
    and 50% want Cannabis re-legalized completely in 5 years we will win. We have the facts on our side provided to us by science.

    I just emailed the Justis minister again to not sign the extradition papers.

  20. T.O.Double.D on

    Somthing is deffinately wrong with this country. When a man goes to jail for marijuana. Lets look at some of the benifits of leagilizing marijuana.
    1.The amount of people who must stand in front of a judge for small pot possesion. This alows the corts time to be spent elswhere, dealing with real crime and real issues.
    2.All of the growers in Canada are no longer criminals taking up time in our court system. Now these people are legitimate busness owners who pay tax, purchase supplies (which are taxed), employ people, and provide a product, that is obviousley in demand.
    3.Think about the rise in tourism in this country if it were leagal. People wolud flock from all over the world to Canada to enjoy this great country without the worry of being sent to a federal prison, with real criminals,for smoking a little pot.
    Many will say :but T.O.Double.D, people who smoke weed are dangerous criminals. No weed does not make you dangerous, insane, lazy, or violent. The only thing I ever killed high on marijuana was a bag of chips and a candy bar!!

  21. america's own action on

    if Marc wanted to give the seeds to Californian medical patients why didn’t he just let NORML deal with US cannabis laws, they have been quite successful for medical marijuana in state laws and is encouraging other states

  22. WWIII on

    TIME SERVED. Free Mark from torture. Today on the east coast Karen Tandy in commiting democide in Toronto and Montreal with nuclear and biological oxided weapons in a aerosol can. She is murdering Canadians with international banned substances for money from foreignors, in othe words she has invaded with undeclared war against humanity for revenge on the American government for ousting her for aiding organized criminals around the world, it could have been treason, and now Canada is wanting to help a crminal against humanity for her clients abroad, Tandy is operating the CIA and CSIS with her policies in efeect, “America and Canada do not condone torture”, but torture in America is a capital offense. Karen Tandy is the controllor of the Feminist movement around the world that involves rebellion with radio-acive material oxided in a aerosol can to undermine their victims and the system, like the hospitals and police. Clemency for Emery!!!, Take a hike Tandy and companies.

  23. Anonymous on

    All Marc did was save people the trouble of getting a Californian to go into a dispensary and buy their seeds for them. If the customer was a Californian then Marc saved them the trouble of paying a doctor to give them an exemption, if they didn’t already have theirs like every other pot user in the state.

  24. Anonymous on

    The day you realize there are chains upon your life due to prohibition(and yes prohibition effects everyone, drug user or not) ,When that day comes, no one will feel sorry for you.

  25. Anonymous on

    Thanks Toxic and others here who served and fought for freedom.
    I also am appalled at our governments actions(USA). Its become so intrusive , it seems no country is safe from its madness. Seems everywhere they focus their attention theres a war of one kind or another, whether it be on its own people over a weed, or in other countries over resources or percieved terrorists.

    Sorry Marc and Canadians, it is all wrong. They are all wrong. There are many Americans who are fighting this insanity. We wont give up.

  26. Anonymous on

    Taxes paid and transparent, stooge.

  27. Anonymous on

    If there is one thing I’ve learned from this and many other cases is that it doesn’t pay to be honourable with these bullies.

    On one hand, at my age, I’d rather see the herb legal. On the other, being forced to the underground, for all these years, has exposed me to some really solid people. Certainly more honourable than those who are against us!

    Wouldn’t you admit that looking for good connections is a lot more fun than looking for a good booze vendors?

    Now I find, I just want to be left alone so I can peacefully enjoy my pail of bud next to my rockin’ chair. I suppose that means legal bud? So all my support to you Mr. Emery!

  28. Dave on

    Come on now, don’t you have anything nice to say? I thought we got the nasties out of the way? Your hate can’t go that deep?

  29. Anonymous on

    Don’t feed the troll

  30. Anonymous on

    it’s pretty easy for our militaristic dea to go after one peaceful cannabist. he wont play guns with the overgrown infants. who can say they have done more than marc emery for our worldwide community? not only have Countless people found comfort from the pain and torture of their diseases, but the hundreds of thousands of tax dollars he paid to the government through his legitimate business, if nothing else, Buys him legitimacy to even the most ignorant american capitalist/politician. every time law enforcement looks Toward a cannabis “crime”, it is turning its back on methamphetamine labs. cocaine and heroin get to play while the law-cat’s away chasing peaceful targets that dont shoot back. my country Worships anything with a uniform, and it is humiliating. obviously, the words angels, cocaine, and hells mean NOTHING to law enforcement. no, sir… those patients, and farmers, and responsible users, They are the scourge… i am so ashamed of what my country’s government is doing to the world, and even More ashamed that for all the “Hope”, “Change” is still nowhere in sight. is there a welcoming community somewhere for yankee ex-pat medical ganja farmers?

  31. freebaser on

    Would the most strict action of government controlled cannabis they would freebase it like tobacco (liquid nicotine) but with liquid synthetic THC (Cannibinol) and sell cigarettes or freebased buds of weed? Would this make it dangerous? Canadian government extracts and sprays a certain percentage back onto the weed which is light flaky tree leaves. This would be the worst if they thought making tobacco legal long time ago was good.
    the natives sell un-freebased tobacco and it stinks more and harsh but no chems, so wouldn’t anything controlled by government be suspicious to smoke safely from chemicals? Why is natives tobacco illegal? NO CHEMICALS!!!! Your own stuff is the only way for safe weed unless it’s like vegatables at a market from local fields, etc? They spray the vegetables in the farm areas of food with chemicals sometimes. If the only weed available was controlled this way it would become laced with additives but if the freebase liquid THC was safe – then it would be amazing if sprayed on regular buds, it would be addictive? (not oil or hash)

  32. Anonymous on

    So you don’t grasp funny – OK I see now really, when you need jokes explained to you, maybe give it up and write manifestos for the stoners

  33. immigrants on

    7 Toronto men charged in $1.3M marijuana bust – like the article says, ASIANS trying to take over drug trade, they will try to be like mexican cartels FUCK CANADA IMMIGRATION LAWS, hydro theft from jumper cables usually from immigrants, why don’t they start in USA if they want more money?

  34. The Oracle on

    Pun intended, Marc, like Ed Rosenthal and Tommy Chong, is just another token arrest of someone high profile in the cannabis community that the prohibitionists want to make the legalizers spend all their money on to slow up legalization. That is their method of operation, and has been for decades. It’s sad and a shame for Marc and them, but there is so much money out there for legalization that these guys are just becoming martyrs and adding momentum toward legalization. All the prohibitionists have done is piss off people to speed up legalization, and in the meantime anyone who wants seeds can get them by stealth or wealth, even buy clones in the states where MMJ is legal in the U.S.

    Tandy and all the other prohibitionist assholes needed to be demoted and relegated to shit jobs in the basement somewhere.

    Mamas and the Papas, Creeque Alley

    McGuinn and McGuire just a-gettin’ higher in L.A.,
    You know where that’s at.

    McGuinn and McGuire still a-gettin higher in L.A.,
    You know where that’s at.

    McGuinn and McGuire couldn’t get no higher

  35. Dr. S.W.E.D on

    fuck the american government, as if we havent had enough demonstrations of corrupt american government heres yet another…. and this time its not even incarcerating an AMERICAN citizen. theyve now gone over the border to arrest people for using marijuana. The worst part of it is obviously marks incarseration, but the american DEA is now tryin to mess with our fantastic nieghbors to the north, the canadians, yeah, the peaceful people that havent done shit to us or our government. I think that Americas ability to prosecute just about any individual on the planet, (while not having to have ANY evidence up-front about the charges) is absolute corruption at its very worst demonstration. something only the american government seems to have perfected. What absolute bullshit!!!

  36. Anonymous on

    I still say that as long as US companies can openly sell opium poppy seeds, it seems a little unreasonable to send a person to prison for up to 30 years for openly selling cannabis seeds. The message here is that opium is less dangerous than cannabis, a LOT less dangerous apparently. I think the owner of this seed store, http://www.swallowtailgardenseeds.com/annuals/poppy_breadseed.html , and his receptionist and order packer, should be sent to prison for 30 years. What do you think about that, DEA? Does that sound appropriate to you? 6000 seeds in one package, these guys are huge drug kingpins, by the standards of the DEA.

  37. Dave on

    Well yes, you see that’s one of the manifestations of “Wernicke’s Disease”. Those afflicted think people don’t understand them because they don’t get the riddle, when in fact the person with the syndrome is being incoherent!

    So if you find reasonable people have problems understanding your riddles it’s because they’re not really riddles only incoherent babble!

    Now, I suppose we can go back and forth. But for what? Maybe you can add something positive to my plight and then I can reciprocate? How’s that?

  38. Samson on

    As long as that terrorist tested negative for Cannabis at the airport police station……I think we’ll manage.

  39. Samson on

    First off–I am an American(not proudly at the moment).
    And the DEA spent six months of tax-payer money to investigate an elderly couple in Washington state(I think….) for selling Orchids out of their home. FUCKING ORCHIDS. Apparently the DEA staked them out and kicked their door in and the elderly man was….and probably still is..under charges that will probably land him in Prison. ALL because he and his wife decided to sell Orchids from their house…..a harmless and very pretty flower–WTF!!!!
    So…..YES(sarcastically), it seems reasonable for the DEA to spend–I’m sorry–waste taxpayer/gov’t money to bring down a single seed salesman……
    I do not believe Marc should be bound by laws of a Nation in which he is not a citizen. Might be a different story if he was living in the USA at the time( under a passport visa…) but he was not. MORE importantly, he DID follow the laws of Canada and did not attempt to conceal his business plans from Canadian officials…..

    Color me stupid,but……I have yet to see a criminal that will operate outside the shadows…and then use his/her money to pay taxes.? Not to mention he hasn’t killed or stolen from anybody—-that I know of…..

  40. Anonymous on

    Johnny Appleseed gave the shit away. That’s kind of the whole point. Activist or profiteer. Choose one.

  41. Anonymous on

    How much of this do you think is aimed at “cleaning” the place up for the olympics?

  42. Anonymous on

    I did look it up- it was about vitamin A deficiency, * I rolled a ” Rice polishings” B vitamin joke over on you and an alcoholic joke as well but you missed them..ah well, another stoner misses yet another train of thought

    I guess it’s “Tooltime ” at your house- don’t miss it !

  43. Anonymous on

    Wisely said!

  44. Dave on

    Ok, so now we’ve singled each other out, what’s next? But please checkout “Wernicke’s Disease”, before re-foaming!

  45. Anonymous on

    Thanks for your insight Dave, i couldn’t agree with you more and gag back the reflex to tell you to fuck off at the same time .. was I just kidding there? No, I wish you would fuck off, you could use the vacation.. But hey, thats what drinking too much and thinking too much will get you Dave.. So keep eating them rice polishings, and keep going to the 12 step meetings..

  46. Dave on

    Your not well, are you? Doesn’t seem you have “freedom of belief” when all you’re doing is pushing others agenda without critical analysis!

    You seem to have no difficulty understanding others but you seem to have problems being understood by others. It’s like you’re all emotional and foaming at the mouth?

    You don’t seem like the type to do research but try looking up “Wernicke’s Disease” and “Korsakoff Syndrome”, it should help you understand yourself and why reasonable people don’t like to be around you!

    Furthermore, you are a tool because you let others use you in advancing their agendas. I think you let them because they provide justification to your hateful nature!

    I’m sure we’d get lots of coverage from conservative media if we, as you do, preached fear, death and destruction.

    Anyway, I better shut-up before I start sounding like you!

  47. Anonymous on

    A method to calm divisions down is to not see a division at all. Instead see both perspectives and attempt to boldly & eloquently unite them.

  48. Anonymous on

    if people who disagree with the general theme of pot beautifulness are not allowed to speak here, then fine. Pro pot people will njot be allowed to speak out in the straight world or write letters to editors of conservative newspapers, call in to conservative radio talk shows or post on family values internet addsies such as YouTube

    Sir, with all respect,for understanding
    you call someone else a tool?

    We call you a TOOLSHED– now please, in all respect-
    reflect on being called out about your fear and then come back with clean diapers ready to talk – if we are so right, we will have to provce it the the greater numbers who scorn the herb of wisdom.. thats our task..in these final days of our glorious movement.. we may all fail and be forgotten, but history will read a single sentence that some of us tried top resist before the entire 420 scene gets swept away into a future world of all sobriety

    Marc is in an evil prison defending stoner goofs right to be complete douches all the time, no matter ho damaging it is to the rest of us
    he has obviously, during his career as seed selling superstar has met tens of thousands of them — and we all know way too many ditzy holy smokers who were overcome with themselves and became beasts for weed

  49. pZ on

    …the Machiavelli of pot sending his long range Hashshashins of youth via US postal service like the gravity bonger @420.

  50. Steve on

    Please stay strong Marc and Jodie

    I am so very proud to be witness of your service to humanity. Through honesty and compassion, you are truly a Prince for us all.

    I have over the holidays completed listening to Marc’s podcast series and would suggest you to check it out.

    I’d like to point out that whethor your a cannabis supporter or not, Canadian or American, You should know that Marc Emery is a man who is currently confronting Our systems of hypocrisy and bureaucrasy that are either Intentionally (6000 pages worth) or Unintentionally (burdomesome detention, and onerous prohibition has constantly shown not only to be a highly ineffective expenditure of taxpayer’s resources but also as a weaker overall deturrent than that of LEGALIZED countries!) Abusing our potential as human beings.

    Not unlike Olafur Ragnor Grimsson in standing up against an unjust debt repayment from Icelandic citizens to Britan and Netherland hisk risk speculative funds, Emery stands up against the DEA’s manipulation of freedom and prosperity.

    Get to know Marc, Share Marc’s face and ideas, Act for your better tomorrow.

    Inform correctly, Critisize openly, Resolve objectively and fairly.

  51. Dylan Niall Haddock on

    Om Namah Shivaya
    Love and light to the universal Self

    It is my sincere desire to see Marc Emery stay free in Canada and to see punishment for use of Cannabis Sativa eliminated in all of its forms. Please help in this quest if you can.

    The said plant has been held sacred in many traditions all around the world for millenia and has too many uses to list here. Marc Emery has done much to free this plant and those who hold it sacred for many years and IMHO deserves to continue in this great work in freedom in his home in the Common Wealth country of Canada.


    Dylan Niall Haddock
    Canadian Citizen living abroad

  52. reni on

    on the wings of prayer on the winds of the great spirit , i am praying for you. i am singing in poems these words a single petition in the morning a heart cry in love peace and mercy. lord please forgive in grace set our spirits free today. on my knees prostrate i bow and accept a great title prince of pot i carry the torch and light the city holy flame. 420 in year 2010 i will live in hope, peace and love amazing grace how sweet a song.our father in zion holy city of the great king your tranquil streets lifts the poor a brand new home, so we come boldly before jah face in these times of trials the persicutions releases. sweet holy spirit carry me as i make freedom ring for all cannabis culture see the leaves of the tree heal the nations. promise of a tomorrow filled with lovely gardens to feed ,cloth,heal and light the way ; oh canada lead us through the hour… go on to great glory and glory for in your presence is real joy, teach us respect,wisdom and strength. a final blessing for the journey now a curtain calls across the sound bites, just say amen a prayer a rap…peace and love and fire; from , renney b.

  53. dutchie on

    Just when Canada and USA deals with Marcs case, bad timing for an outlook at positive Holland style drug laws (will deter drug abuse and crime and promote healthier herb), now that the Xmas terror attack happened and sourced to Amsterdam Airport, GOOD LUCK GETTING ANY SUGGESTIVE DRUG LAWS BASED ON HOLLANDS SUCCESS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Anonymous on

    you…hehe…praising the DEA…in the key of G…”Get a Life”

  55. Mark Smith on

    wow..anonymous..what a gutless weasle….

  56. Lygeia on

    This is like extraditing Johnny Appleseed.

  57. Anonymous on

    Yeah, when Marc was selling the seeds your children were constantly under the stress of knowing that weed was only an order away, plus a bunch of setup expenses and several months of effort away. That temptation is hard to resist. It’s almost as hard as resisting the urge to leave a jug of grape juice out for a week or two and then drinking it. Oh wait, that would be a lot easier wouldn’t it? Honey, where’s my jug of grape juice? I just got an idea of how to get rid a few extra brain cells.

  58. PeaceisBetter on

    Anybody who comes on here and says stuff like this is either a nark, a cop or an evil person. The DEA is a terrorist organization. Your “children” are victimized by war, pedos, pharmaceuticals, pollution, and the police, not by marijuana, not by Marc Emery.In fact, the biggest threat to your children is that they have you for a parent. Don’t come into somebody’s house and slag them.

  59. Anonymous on

    Marc Emery is a drug-addled pot-crazed madman. Our children will be safer when he is behind bars. The more his publication becomes devoted to cries for his prison release, the less effective his legalization efforts will become. Three cheers for the DEA!

  60. PeaceisBetter on

    I am sorry, but being in the US military is not a service to any country, nor is it heroic. It is service to the empire and to the military-corporate ghouls. The US invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as the US military presence with more than 700 US bases worldwide, is part of the drug war and the drug war is part of the overall USA love of war as a way of fueling its economy and its arrogant pride. I am sorry that you mistakenly went to war instead of being a conscientious objector or just not joining at all, and that you got injured. Pot is great for getting rid of pain. But when you work for the US war empire, you reap bad karma. Check out Chris Hedges’ “The Empire of Illusion” video which you can find on youtube, etc. He spells it out real well. And now you have an obligation to renounce your military career and work for peace. There is nothing heroic about invading other peoples’ countries and getting injured while doing so. Sorry!!

  61. Anonymous on

    You think maybe thats why pot dealers and medical users get beat by the DEA everytime they speak out on there show? and even if they did, oh he said this so now we beat the shit out of him in his house and take 2 or he shuts up and takes the talk down?

  62. Dave on

    Lets see, Tillman, Mulrooney and Bush are not criminal but Emery is? Wow!

  63. ToxicSludge on

    Thank you Larry for your service to our once great country.I flew two tours in RVN and am 100% service connected for that.I had just less then 4 tears active,so ended my career.

    I too am appalled at what both governments are doing to Marc.Especially since it appears there are other Canadian seed suppliers still going strong,yet seemingly unnoticed by both govts.

    The taking of political prisoners by our country has shown the rapid decline of freedom for which we fought for,and continues to grow unchecked.I fear it’s the beast rearing it’s head.

    To our Canadian bros and sisters,please don’t let this happen to you and your country.You are heading towards being a “gulag” country like ours has turned out to be.The right has gone beyond any reasoning.They are hell bent for leather to enslave us.Try to rally the masses and effect change before it’s too late.

  64. Anonymous on

    The lack of uncensored info you got from your info request makes me wonder what info we could find in the US with a Freedom of Info Act Request. Has anyone here offered to do that ?

  65. Anonymous on

    I don’t think the majority of Canadians would consider Canada’s handling of the Marc Emery case as representing the kind of country they want Canada to be. No reasonable person can look at all the facts of the case and say that everything was done in an honest and fair manner with the citizen’s rights being the first priority. Marc’s rights weren’t a consideration at all. It was simply a matter of how to get the “troublemaker” the longest prison sentence possible even though it meant that he would be free on the streets of Canada for a full five years after the arrest. If they had simply charged him here his sentence would have been over by now. Justice delayed is justice denied. Didn’t someone say that about Donald Marshall?

  66. joe on

    The prohibitionist cannot show any true evidence that marijuana is dangerous that a marijuana smoker can show that legal substance is more dangerous and are for sale legally.
    The prohibitionist only argument is shut up you slaves we are in charge and if you do not listen we will destroy your life ha ha ha

  67. joe on

    The only dangerous harm that we get from marijuana is Prohibition.

  68. Dan-o on

    So much money spent to arrest one seed seller. How many poor could have been fed? Medicine bought for indigent sick? innocent people exhonerated, and dangerous criminals caught? To think that much money,time and resource is being used on Marc Emery is nothing short of absurd. Between Marc’s ordeal and that of Tommy Chong, tens of millions of dollars have netted 2 high profile stoners whose arrests do NOTHING to promote public safety. Shame on both governments for their myopia.