California Ready for Historic Vote on Marijuana Regulation

On Tuesday, January 12, members of the California Assembly will hold a historic vote on statewide marijuana policy.

Members of the Public Safety Committee will decide on Assembly Bill 390, the Marijuana Control, Regulation, and Education Act, which seeks to regulate and control the production, distribution, and personal use of marijuana for adults age 21 and older.

Tuesday’s vote will mark the first time since 1913, when California became one of the first states in the nation to enact cannabis prohibition, that lawmakers have reassessed this failed policy.

If a majority of the Public Safety Committee votes ‘yes’ on AB 390, the bill will immediately face a separate vote in the California State Assembly Committee on Health. (I have been tentatively invited to testify before this committee; you can read my prepared testimony here.) In short, members of both committees will likely be voting on this historic measure next week. That is why we need your support in contacting the members of these legislative committees today!

To date, over 8,000 of you have contacted your California Assemblymembers via NORML’s Capwiz ‘Take Action’ Center. This is a tremendous outpouring of public support, but we need to ramp up our advocacy before next week’s vote.

If you reside in California please click here to find a list of Assembly members who sit on the key committees overseeing AB 390. Constituents in their districts are urged to phone or fax support their for AB 390 today. Lawmakers’ district phone numbers, fax numbers, and e-mail contact information appears here.

If your member of the Assembly does not appear on this list, please take a moment this week to call and leave a polite, concise phone message voicing your support for AB 390 with the Assembly Committees of Public Safety and Health. You can find the direct line for these committees, as well as for their Chair and Vice-Chairs, here and here.

Finally, Californians can also send a letter of support directly to their individual member of the Assembly by using NORML’s pre-written letter service here.

Let’s begin 2010 by letting California’s politicians know that the time to end the state’s nearly 100-year failed experiment with marijuana prohibition is now!

– Article from Opposing Views.



  1. Jay on

    I agree with you 100% about freedom and sovereignty. Canada is a common wealth country, one of 52. We are part of te British Empire. However, so is the United States ever since they slipped the Fed into power in 1913.After the Revolution the Declaration of Independance was written that declared your freedom from the Empire. Sadly, after many failed attempts the British now run the US through the Fed Cartel and they now and for some time serve the interests of Empire. The very fact the US has 700 military bases throughout the world proves it is an Empire. The American people have fallen asleep at the wheel and soon will crash. They were once the great hope of all men and the biggest threat to Empire. There still is a chance it will wake up before it completely crashes but it must follow Lincolns example and perhaps even Ron |Paul has the answers. Good Luck and the Canadian people will back you, guaranteed!

  2. freethehumans on

    I say to hell with convincing those bastards, THEY DONT CARE about you or me. they just care about that cushy desk job they got. sitting round and excepting payments from big companies to vote on things that affect the poor, what kind of shit is that? i think we should just start acting like the governement doesnt exist, stop paying them, start picking up ideas that were thrown into darkness that would benefit our world and start living life without fear.

  3. freethehumans on

    And as long as we provide them with the large percent of income that we voluntarily allow them to take, they will keep doing that they are doing. We should only be working for ourselves and the ones we love, keeping every penny and every gram/ounce/pound/kilo(s) of product we work for. stop relying on these fools to take care of us, because they dont and obviously never will. WE have to take responsibility for ourselves, no one can do that for you.

  4. freethehumans on

    Why should we be forced to wait on people who dont even act in our best interest to sit around and legalize pot along with other laws that would bring our people together? There is a larger percent of the population that acts like they must abide by these invisible laws, voluntarily i might add, and a small percent that make them. You see the way they get this type of idiocracy to work is they must have institutions in place to imprint a certain set of ideals on a large scale percent of the populus, i.e the government, public schools, law enforcement, religion, taxes, department of defense and every other institution used to fool us into believing this is how it is when it is far from the truth. we could change the way things are in an instant in this world of endless possibility and love, if we really wanted to. as long as new generations continue being born and then thrown into their systems, learning what they want you to learn, we will always have a dumbed down society that thinks this is how it is and everything they’ve been told is true.

  5. gunner420 on

    we r coming to a point of re-birth in the world a time were the ideas , perception,the raceism and the veiw of incarseration and prohibition and finaly to sum up the “war on drugs” genicied. will die will those in power now the youth of today r more informed becuz of or resorces then generations befor. i am glad that i am part of this re-birth and to watch these disgusting views go to the grave…

  6. Anonymous on


    im with you

  7. Anonymous on

    Why the make belive country of canada is going backwards is because it is backwards!! Why do the people in this area keep lying to themselfs about what they are and what form of goverment they really live under?? You are proterty of a king and queen, to do with has she and her lords see fit! yea then why is canadian troops overseas right now? who attacked who?? KEEP IT REAL!! Your form of goverment was outdated when it first came into play. Just because the crowns family is close to ruling for 800 years your form of goverment is less than 300years old?? didnt know that ung?YOUR FORM OF GOVERMENT WILL NEVER BE A REPUBLIC!! ….GET IT!! So quit acting like you have the rights of someone from a republic! Dont belive ask MARC Emery now, How does it feel to be a subject, when he thought(wrong!) he was a free man in a republic?? News flash slick!, Your not a free man in a republic, your just a piece of protecty of the queen to do with as her reps. see fit. A failed plan is still that, and no amount of golly gee, is ever going to do change that. I never knew that christians had martydom like islam? islam view i get your bullshit line is that, and with most def. get it, we all had a uncle or two like you, his name was TOM. Enjoy your new home due to your queen, and reps.??Why are you wasting your time yapping about the good work, that is, working when you should be closing your own ranks and GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER IN YOUR OWN HOUSE!!, THAN WORRY WHAT THE NEIBHORS ARE DOING?? How about ya,all worry about your own asses while we get ours kissed by theses so-call leaders in CALI.!! We know what they are, and as soon as our funds roll in from our hard fought fight for CHANGE!!, YES! WE CAN,AND DID!! flollow our lead!! #1 First Get free for reals get rid of the CROWN just like we did its o.k. let go of the TIT!.or the cages? your choice limeys.

  8. Anonymous on

    the problem is that the war on drugs creates an insane amount of money for the gov’t. The only way you’re going to convince them to end the war on drugs is to show them how much money can be made legally from the legalization of drugs. Once those in power realize this and can find a way to ensure they get all of this money, then drugs will be legalized. It’s not simply that the government actually believes drugs are harmful, it is that it is a huge money maker for those in power.

  9. Anonymous on

    they wouldn’t be able to make large amounts of money from smuggling them. they smuggled coak in the iran/contra affair in the 80’s and created the crack epidemic in south central and now they are doing the same in afghanistan except now its heroin. they also would lose a lot from not persecuting people. im 19 years old and grew up not knowing any of this shit, i had to find and research it myself. you fucking older generations need to stop turning round and taking it HARD in the ass. buncha pussies curressing the balls of the governemnt ever so slightly in your mouths.. dont you know sending your kids to public schools brainwashes them and we are eating foods with hardly any nutritional value? did you know we were put on this earth 250,000 years ago geneticly and eveolution does not occur in the human being? bill clinton, the president of much for a great amount of years i was in the minimum security prison i.e the school system, killed two children for seeing a cocaine drop, TRUE FUCKING STORY. you work fucking worthless talentless jobs for the little comforts we get and when young ones ask why you say , “its just the way it is”. fuck that and fuck you. if you accept how things are now you are a blowed up cock sucking peckerwood.

  10. Anonymous on

    The prohibitionist cannot show any true evidence that marijuana is dangerous that a marijuana smoker can show that legal substance is more dangerous and are for sale legally.
    The prohibitionist only argument is shut up you slaves we are in charge and if you do not listen we will destroy your life ha ha ha

  11. joe on

    The only dangerous harm that we get from marijuana is Prohibition.

  12. Anonymous on

    Under Harper Canada is headed in the opposite direction from California. The only reason Harper got elected was because he united the right of center. The fact that the left of center is so divided ensures Harpers dictatorship will continue.

  13. Mari Jane on

    If we had more judges like him, legalizing it wouldn’t be such a problem.