Words I Learned From Bad-Ass Gangsters in Jail Part 3

The third installment of my continuing ‘Words I Learned From Bad-Ass Gangsters In Jail” series: words and phrases I acquired while serving at Fraser Regional Correctional Centre. Click here for Part 1 and Part 2.

Bit: A jail sentence

Duce: Two-year bit

Fin: Five-year bit

Hook: Seven-year bit

Sawbuck: 10-year bit

Doz: 12-year bit

Beef (when heard on the street): or Bert & Ernie: A break and enter

Chonie: A chocolate bar

Hot Chonie: A hot chocolate

Mo: A month

Crack: To talk

Grease: or dork: To cut someone out of a deal

HO: Holding out

Burning me off or gunning me off: To stare

Shaking it rough or hanging off the fence: Not having a good go of it, eager to get out

Kifey or Kife: Bad jail coffee (also means ‘shitty’)

Bozo, boxed, jimmied or cum-drunk: Intoxicated

Bakered: High off weed

Half-snapped or half-cut: Drunk

Cut one or drop a biscuit: To fart

Play duck: Play stupid

I’m a memory: I’m getting out soon

Clown show or goof show: Total fuckhead douce bag

Hammer Hawk: Someone who looks at your penis when you are pissing

Inmate: Prisoner serving less than 2 years (in a jail)

Convict: Serving more than 2 years (in a pen)

Short-timer or Guest: Anyone serving 10 months or less

Shit tickets: Toilet paper

Sandbagged: Holding out from giving you what you want

Stick: A smoke

TM: Tailor made smoke

Keep six: Keep a lookout for the guard

Six-up: A guard is on the way

Chargeable: An offence in jail

Gated: Picked up by the guards as soon as they release you

DO: Dangerous offender

Semi: Semi-secure

Seg: Segregation

PC: Protective custody (for rats, skinners, hounds, and goofs)

Fall down: Someone you can’t rely on

Copper time or good time: Serving your time well and getting out in two thirds

Getting a U: Getting an unsatisfactory mark on your file – you get three Us and you’re back in the maximum, five Us and you start to lose your good time

SHU: Special Handling Unit

38-1: Solitary – doesn’t play well with others

Rubber Neck: Looking into other people’s cells

Cup of coffee or sock change: Here for a short time

Shit show: Chaos

Shank, shiv, or a poker: Improvised jail knife

Check-off: Someone the rest of the prisoners don’t want on the range

Check-in: A person who has been checked-off (removed) by prisoners

Drum: A cell

Tank: Holding cell they put you in when you first get sentenced or when you are moved

Suitcase: Ass, for smuggling (like hoop)

Taking it dry: Hooping something without lubricant

Natural born hooper: Someone who is very good at hiding things in his ass

Stonewalled: No response from the guards when you make a request

Leaf: Rolling paper

Coluck: A cellmate

David Malmo-Levine is a Vancouver marijuana activist incarcerated at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre in Maple Ridge, BC, for his establishment of the Vancouver Herb School. Please click here and here for more information on David’s case.

David Malmo-Levine



  1. jodie on

    He is reading his blogs aloud to Jeremiah over the phone, then Jeremiah transcribes and posts them.

  2. Anonymous on

    There are bad evil inconsiderate people (or badasses)everywhere and just because canada used to be a better place with far fewer of these foks than the states that is not the case anymore. we are flooded with immigrants from every nation and within those groups each has their bad guys. the way it looks now though being canadian doesnt mean much considering how few of the population are even born there or speak english anymore. used to be a great country though far better than the states but we’re catching up with em.

  3. stu on

    Personally, I find the jail slang to be pretty entertaining. But I have to say- What does attacking someone who is incarcerated do for you? And more importantly, what does it say about you? Getting angry over blog posts like this one seems quite petty to me. Just saying.

  4. Anonymous on

    Any man who’s a gangster for a living is not a bad ass Dave. Their pussies who don’t know how to use their words, or fists. Their scared to take an ass whopping, or lose an argument. So they pick up a gun. Do you think your cool because you learned slang from a bunch of low lives? This doesn’t help the movement at all, and your wasting your time writing this crap. Why don’t you do something productive with your time, and work on fighting prohibition.

  5. Old Fogey on

    This same Anonymous dude surfaces periodically on the site and his general schtick is to dump on Canada and all things Canadian. I agree that literacy is not always evicence of worth (I’ve known many highly literate creeps), but this guy is not only illiterate but also a sorry-assed, slack-jawed douche. (Generations of in-breeding and the movie Deliverance come to mind.) I guess he’s amusing himself, but if this is the best that the U.S. has to offer, I’m happy to be living in Canada.

  6. Vegan on

    The assclown is exactly that, but literacy and spelling jabs put you on the same level as him or her. Socrates could not read or write and his influences are immeasurable.
    At least thats how it looks to me.:)

  7. Anonymous on

    I have an idea, make a whole new prison jargon system. Choose any word randomly from a dictionary and match it to a random meaning. A “snitch” could be a “rake”, for instance. A person who keeps a joint to themselves is a “cuff-link” and a bank robber is a “janitor”. See, it works with any words.

  8. Samuel on

    I find it quite interesting that the most idiotic and violent posts here at Cannabis Culture are also the least literate. Let this be a lesson to you, kids; stay in school or you might end up like this assclown.

  9. Anonymous on

    F.Y.I. there slick There are NO BAD ASSES IN CANADA!, unless there from the states!, please quit while your ahead? Your being inpressed by your local want a bes show how much of a puss you are?? damm grow a pair will ya? How the fuck do you get a computer in the can?? sucken up to the bulls to get to use the computer ung?/ What a country full of shit head pussies, DAMM!