How’s That Drug War Working Out for Y’all?

According to a report in today’s Birmingham News Alabama teens use drugs at a rate higher than the national average.

How’s that drug war working out for y’all? How has arresting and imprisoning everyone ever caught with a joint or any other illicit drug kept drugs out of the hands of kids? It hasn’t. That’s what I have been saying for years. What it has done is destroy our criminal justice system, corrupt our police officers, turn non-violent people into violent animals, destroyed families and bloated our prison system with people who do not need to be there to the taxpayer tune of $132 million a year.

Overall, alcohol and tobacco use has de­clined among Alabama teens, but marijuana use appears to be on the rise.

See how we’ve managed to decrease alcohol and tobacco consumption without locking up everyone who uses alcohol and tobacco? We used education to do that. We can do the same with marijuana and other drugs.

And this has to be the most ass backwards thinking I have ever encountered.

Carissa Anthony, coordinator of the Hoo­ver Coalition Promoting a Safe and Healthy Community, said the legalization of mari­juana in some states for medical use may be breaking down psychological barriers and making marijuana appear less harmful than it is.

So, other states making forward progress on marijuana laws is responsible for teenagers in Alabama smoking more pot? I’d like her to explain why marijuana use rates among teens are LOWER in states where it has been legalized for medical purposes, but here in Alabama, where it has not yet been legalized for medical purposes, teen usage rates are HIGHER. That’s funny. In the most PROHIBITIONIST state of them all marijuana use rates are higher among teens than in states where it is legal for medical use and has been decriminalized for non-medical use. The clear solution is to legalize marijuana and use education campaigns to decrease use rates….just like we have been able to do with alcohol and tobacco.

See, if we want to decrease the number of our children who use drugs, the clear solution is to legalize drugs and use education to help kids make safe, healthy choices.



  1. cheebs on

    they wouldn’t be able to make large amounts of money from smuggling them. they smuggled coak in the iran/contra affair in the 80’s and created the crack epidemic in south central and now they are doing the same in afghanistan except now its heroin. they also would lose a lot from not persecuting people. im 19 years old and grew up not knowing any of this shit, i had to find and research it myself. you fucking older generations need to stop turning round and taking it HARD in the ass. buncha pussies curressing the balls of the governemnt ever so slightly in your mouths.. dont you know sending your kids to public schools brainwashes them and we are eating foods with hardly any nutritional value? did you know we were put on this earth 250,000 years ago geneticly and eveolution does not occur in the human being? bill clinton, the president of much for a great amount of years i was in the minimum security prison i.e the school system, killed two children for seeing a cocaine drop, TRUE FUCKING STORY. you work fucking worthless talentless jobs for the little comforts we get and when young ones ask why you say , “its just the way it is”. fuck that and fuck you. if you accept how things are now you are a blowed up cock sucking peckerwood.

  2. phatboyfromla on

    It is ass backwards because these fascists are addicted to the drug war. Everyone knows this “war” against a plant is failed and has failed for over 70 years. It was founded upon lies and continues based on lies. They’ve enacted a prohibition and then bemoan the ill effects of prohibition (death, disease, crime, corruption, gangs, drug sales) as a reason to CONTINUE A FAILED PROHIBITION. GET IT? YOU FUCKING CREATED THIS PROBLEM. HOW MANY MORE DECADES ARE YOU GOING TO DESTROY OUR COUNTRY WITH THIS FAILED PROHIBITION?????

  3. freethehumans on

    The faults are soooo noticable in our system of segregation. Protesting, blogging, and writing your state bimbo never did anything and it never will. How about getting rid of the number your government gives you to pay taxes that pay for, well less human friendly objectives. How about stopping jobs that do nothing but provide an income? Like fast food businesses, department of defense, anything business that has to deal with money manipulation, landlording, political institutions, religious institutions (because soon everyone will have to accept the fact that humans were put on this earth 250,000 years ago genetically and evolution for humans is false, hince the missing 2 chromosomes), tax deductible charity organizations(every dollar spent, i get 75 cent type deal), and last but not least government institutions i.e drug smuggling cia. There are many more talentless institutions that think a pay check covers the amount of harm they cause, but these are the main waste of productivity. Its time to stand up and realize what these institutions are doing. Its all choices, violence is never required.

    ice if the human race took over, you know to better the human race.

  4. Mr.Dargatz420 on

    I left Alabama’s corrupt police system years ago. The police target marijuana users, because they (police) are too stupid to catch real criminals, especially Daleville’s Police Dept., who tried to “kangarooed” me in city’s court with a lying witness. I appealed the court decision……. I was NOT ACQUITTAL, because the lying witness and lying police officers did not show. I complained to the Attorney General in Alabama and they was corrupted too. I use medical marijuana (grown also) in different state. I’m legal to do!

  5. Anonymous on

    Agreed. It’s unlikely that drugs will be made legal by the federal government for just those reasons. There’s just too much money involved. If they legalized drugs (or even just marijuana) it’s true that we would spend less on law enforcement and would be forced to close many of the prisons in the country. This would probably result in many unemployed federal workers, police, prison workers, and councelors. Never mind that it’s destroying America, these people represent a huge voting block and politicians are too afraid to stand up against them. I’m pretty sure that most people in this country agree that prohibition is horrible for society, but the system is just so big now that it’s almost impossible to stop it.
    The best thing we can all do is what’s happening in California: gather signitures for a petition and have the issue brought to the polls for the voters to decide. The federal government barely has the power to enforce prohibition through the commerce clause of the Constitution and even then it may not be entirely legal as the 10th Amendment states that powers not spelled out in the Constitution are left to the states.
    Demand your rights! Call, write, e-mail, or speak to your state Senators and Representitives. I’m not talking about the ones in Washington either as there’s little hope for most of them at this point. Threaten them all the only way we can legally do it: if they don’t vote our way, we vote them out of office. Believe me when I say that your state officials respect your opinion more than your national ones do simply because they have to live in their districts and not just spend 11 months a year in Washington. We can do this, one state at a time if we have to, if we all barrage them with our demands.

  6. greg williams on


    When are you coming back to San Francisco? I’d like to take you out.

  7. john on

    I read endless articles on prohabition and very few even want to discuss the FACT that drug prohabition is not a health issue, or a social issue, its a MONEY issue. law enforcement, politicians, legal system as a whole, dont forget the private prisons, then there is the countless rehab centers. all of these (and many more) have one one thing in common. they all get Billions of tax dollars to fight this war on its own people. The criminal justice system is ADDICTED to money. no cocain or heroin can match its addictive qualities, throw in power as a nice side effect and you have the most dangerous combanation man has ever seen. We have to stop playing the political correctness game and call it what it is.. 21st centery slavery, only now days its ok because the way society sees it the drug user made the decision so its perfectly fair in their eyes! what do you say we call out the system on its money and power addiction and less on the”it doesnt work” arguement! THEY KNOW IT DOESNT WORK! they dont care,its all a battle of freedom vs money and power!

  8. Anonymous on

    Loretta, I live in south Arkansas. In a dry county no less, and here, we still have “bootleggers”. Kids from La. which is as wet as it gets, still drive the 70 mile trip here, because the “bootleggers”, ask for nothing more than the picture of a dead president. The hell with how old you are. Oh yes we also have several drug busts every month, but the availabilty seems to never suffer. We sould have learned from the failure of alcohol prohibition, but alas we have politics. And we know full well that reelection trumps everything no matter that cannabis is a gift from our higher power. And takes nothing more than trimming drying and useing. No chemicals, no prosessing, and the only damage is from “prohibition”.

  9. louis z on

    so true so very true!