Curtain Closes on Canadian ‘Prince of Pot’

Walking along Hastings Street in Vancouver, arm in arm with his wife Jodie, Marc Emery (51) looked like anything but one of the US’ most wanted drug dealers. But he is in fact number 46 on a list of 50 dangerous drugs criminals. His days as a free man are numbered: he is about to be extradited to the United States to be locked up.

The couple entered the building at No. 307, which they refer to as their “international headquarters”. The building was decorated in green and filled with an entourage of followers. The headquarters features a store, an editorial room, a recording studio, political offices and a smoking cafe. Everything related to marijuana is sold here – except marijuana, being illegal. If you want to smoke a joint in the cafe, you have to bring your own. Not that it is hard to come by in Vancouver, a city nicknamed ‘Vansterdam’.

Plea bargain

Emery, a tireless proponent of the liberal cannabis culture on the Canadian west coast, took a seat in the office of his Cannabis Culture magazine. He said he wants to make the best of his last days of freedom, before he begin serving his five year jail sentence for trafficking marijuana. After an extensive legal battle, he has struck a plea bargain with US prosecutors: a guilty plea in exchange for a lighter sentence. He is free on bail until the Canadian justice minister signs his extradition papers in January.

It is a setback, Emery acknowledged. “But if I go to jail for five years, that doesn’t undermine the huge accomplishments we were able to make”, he added, pointing to the growth of millions of cannabis plants in Canada and the US from seeds he has sold. “It’s worth the sacrifice. I expect to continue to campaign to legalise marijuana, even from jail.”

Emery is going to prison for the sale of millions of cannabis seeds to American buyers. Between 1994 and 2005 he openly sold large quantities of seeds by mail order. He sold in packs of ten, for up to 100 US dollars, to customers all over North America and beyond. With the proceeds, he financed campaigns to legalise marijuana in various countries and US states. It earned him international fame, and the nickname ‘Prince of Pot’.

Multimillion dollar business

Trade in cannabis seeds is illegal in Canada and the US, but the law in Canada is rarely enforced. At most, it is punished with a fine. Vancouver police turned a blind eye as Emery’s operation grew into a multimillion dollar business. He paid taxes and courted publicity. By his own estimate, he has given away 4 million dollars in profits to political initiatives, including his own Marijuana Party.

“That was the only reason we were raising the money”, Emery said. “I didn’t keep any of it.” His aim was to “overgrow the government,” he explained. “We’re trying to thwart the American drug war by having people grow lots of marijuana, and support different activities to try to make marijuana legal, by peaceful democratic means.”

Emery was inspired to take this approach by the Dutch hemp pioneer Ben Dronkers. “In 1994, I went to the Cannabis Cup and I was on a panel with Ben Dronkers. He got up and said: ‘we sold millions of seeds that produced tens of millions of plants all over the world.’ I thought that was a brilliant plan. And even though seeds were legal in Holland, I thought it wouldn’t be difficult to sell them in Canada. Even if I got charged, I would probably only get a fine.”

Pressure from the Bush administration

The strategy worked. As ringleader of the cannabis industry in the Canadian province British Columbia (BC), Emery contributed to an explosive growth of weed cultivation on the west coast over the past 15 years. The sought-after marijuana from the area, known as ‘BC Bud’, is widely estimated to be the largest economic product of the region.

The rise of Vancouver as a weed Mecca was not appreciated by the anti-drug warriors of the US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). To their dismay, Emery could spread his seeds and ideas from his base less than 40 kilometres from the US border with impunity. In the words of Seattle-based DEA agent Rodney Benson: “Indoor grow operations that are popping up all over the United States traced right back to Marc Emery.”

The DEA decided to intervene. Under pressure from the Bush administration, Emery was arrested in 2005 by Vancouver police on an extradition warrant. He was charged with marijuana trafficking and money laundering for his funding of political activities – acts that were tolerated in Canada, but that were punishable by 20 years to life in the US. The DEA hailed Emery’s arrest as “a blow to the marijuana legalisation movement”.

Progress for the cause in the US

Emery began a legal struggle against his extradition – an uphill battle, as Canada does not usually refuse US extradition requests. And the current Conservative government was not about to make an exception; it has a bill before parliament to impose tougher sentences on cannabis cultivation. Plans of the previous Liberal cabinet to decriminalise possession of small amounts of weed have been scrapped.

Emery rejects the U-turn in Canadian marijuana policy as the work of “our own Bush administration”. Ironically, he now sees greater progress for the cause in US states such as California, where ‘medical marijuana’ is widely available. “California will supersede the reputation of British Columbia”, he predicted. He chuckled. “I’ll likely end up in a federal penitentiary in California, a jurisdiction where anybody can buy seeds anytime.”

– Article from NRC Handelsblad.



  1. jodie on

    Wow, that’s news to me! I guess I’m rich now, since I — or, my mom — own $3 million in land sales in Ontario…

    Yeah right!

    I don’t own any land! Where are you pulling that bullshit from? My mother certainly doesn’t own land either, not anywhere — and my family has no connection to Ontario whatsoever (that’s Marc’s family). My parents own their own home in my hometown here in BC, because they’ve worked hard all their lives and finally own their own home. That has nothing to do with me or Marc!

    I don’t own anything but my clothes and books and whatever is in my (rented) apartment. You’re so full of it — you hate us so much that you’re willing to lie and make up nonsense to somehow make people despise us for some pretend wealth… Idiot.

    Why are you so obsessed with us? Are you jealous? Envious? Sexually frustrated because you’re turned on by me and/or Marc? What the hell is it that keeps you coming back to our website? You can’t get enough! Might as well donate a lot of money our way so you can keep us here for your sick entertainment.

  2. John Byrne on

    I knew Mark back in the late ’70s in London where he operated City Lights Book store as well voted for him when he was a candidate for the Libertarian Party. He was a stand up guy who cared then and he continues to this present day. Too many bad laws in this land and so few ready willing and sometimes able to challenge them. Our thoughts and best wishes go with you Mark.

  3. Anonymous on

    MArc paid lots of tax to the Canadian government. The US government should seize all of this illegal tax money. Canada should not benefit from criminal activity. That’s America’s job.

  4. Anonymous on

    Marc paid lots of tax to the Canadian government. The US government should seize all of this illegal tax money. Canada should not benefit from criminal activity. That’s America’s job.

  5. Anonymous on

    i really just want to reply to question #4.

    you did your math right in saying that there is 11 million missing that seems to have been collected. what he would do is collect the money pay off his distributers and save the rest for other expenses. this fight between marc and the US government has been going on for 4 and a half years. lots of court fees and lawyer fees. he also did pay himself some too. he does live downtown vancouver. but he is also a business man and he did this so he and his wife could have their life like any other business man would do. he did donate 4 million to pro MJ groups in both the US and Canada but he also funded campaigns of politician who would legalize MJ in both countries and also put some in savings so that when he did get arrested he would have enough saved for his wife to live her life.

    dont worry. marc has thought this all out and even though he seems like he has hoarded 11 million he has thought ahead with what he did with it all. mostly to his fight against extradition.

  6. Anonymous on

    Marc and Barry deserve more respect. Now we gotta suffer another decade of depression and wars. Enough with the hate.

    Why can’t we just get along?

  7. mcnowski on

    the Canadian government is a complete failure. Fuck the Olympics. The people are being plowed over with nonsense.

  8. Anonymous on

    I just don’t care if they are wealthier than the Bush or Vanderbilt family! It isn’t my concern…how is it any of yours? How does it affect you in ANY real way? It doesn’t. You are the typical nosey neighbor butting into things that just are not your concern. Marc had a business model and he made it work. You most likely did NOT. Sucks to be you… Get a job.

  9. Dan-o on

    I miss Cannabis Culture Magazine…the fools and trolls are taking over these boards. (and I could read it on the toilet)

  10. Dan-o on

    It should be pointed out… In a campaign against an avalanche of taxpayer funded bullshit, the truth needed to be let out. It takes money to run a magazine. Are you geniuses forgetting that? Cannabis Culture recently USED to be a magazine. Printing, publishing and distribution, pyaroll… is expensive.

  11. Anonymous on

    But what about all that land bought back in ONT canada thats is Jodie name and her moms name about 3 million in land sales? Does that count?? fucken retards!, and all got played by them!!

  12. WoRd on

    Correct on all points,Terry.

  13. Anonymous on

    The fact that the cannabis debate is still raging(and in some states being won)is a testament to the strength of the anti-prohibition agruement. As you point out Greg, it’s an uphill battle against a seeming endless supply of money and bullshit. Marc Emery may or may not have made alot of money. That issue is moot to me, I am the dreaded capitalist pig. What’s important to me is his ability to help fund and promote the cause. Unfortunately that is what matters to the DEA also. Does the name Tommy Chong ring any bells? USA has the highest incarceration rate of ANY nation in the world…The “Land of the Free” indeed.

  14. freethepeople on

    and another innocent man is locked behind bars for something the human race couldnt understand 63 years ago. we put our friends, our human friends in hell because of a substance the earth creates itself. this is what the world of so caled no nothing experts creates. a human can be knowledgable about a craft, but when it comes to good and bad humans have no fucking clue. we,ve been lost so long we dont know what we are looking for.

  15. Anonymous on

    As I remember the first person to call marc the prince of pot was some journalist who wrote an article about him and he just accepted the title and went about his business of showing people that cannabis shouldnt be illegal. Anyone know If I am correct on this I am pretty sure I am but it would be nice to get confirmation. I am sure Marc’s wife would know for sure so Jodie if you read this comment could you comment on wether I am correct on who gave your husband the name prince of pot?

  16. Anonymous on

    Well other then trying to get pro-legaliztion people everywhere to plant millions of hemp seeds a year the only way for the idea to Overgrow the Govt to work is for every person who likes to smoke pot to grow it openly. In fact if we could convince every Anti prohibitionist across North america To grow 10-20 plants and then arrange to get everyone of us to call the police on ourselves if we could force the Govts of north america to press a few million cultivation charges in a single month I think that would make the statement we need. But unfortunately I doubt we could ever convince that many people to stand up to the politicians who keep our favorite plant illegal. Untill we all stand up in unison and break this unjust law that seeks to legislate the appetites of men and women and Not just break the law but smash it to pieces. But it wont happen I truly doubt that we could ever convince every smoker to do it and untill we unite and make our voices heard we will continue to be unjustly persecuted for doing what makes us happy.

  17. owen on

    i wow –
    i a second post from greg

    i that would be the second time i have seen than in ….
    i long time , thinking – maybe 12+ years, i don’t remember,
    i was really really high for most of that time …
    i lol

    i yeah – he is going away

    i but , as i said before
    i weed is easy to get now
    i can get all i want at any time

    i am moving on
    i don’t smoke much anymore
    i am growing now- but no money to do it properly.
    i just grow for fun – i like growing

    i am moving on to different drugs
    i moby says ” stoners are boring/dull” he is right”

    i have some pills coming from .. kelona
    i have a friend there, and i asked him to

    i “gimme some love”
    i where love=drugs

    i that’s what i call them now

    i love

  18. greg williams on

    feeling the pain others face is not a buzz kill.
    Not caring about the pain others face at the hands of others imo would be a buzz kill.

    I am very happy for you that you have a conscience. Celebrate it, dont apologise for it.


  19. greg williams on

    activism is not free. It cost lots of cash to stand up against an establishment that has a seemingly endless supply of tax payer money to waste on antifreedom propaganda activities.
    open up the books? lets see what the government blacked out. They seem to be the ones closing the books. Marc paid taxes and can show where the money went. It seems like big brother doesnt want people to view this.

    I aint villifying anyone. I’m just tired of being villified.

    leave me alone
    dont stop by univited
    dont telephone
    either hold your tongue or bite it
    i’ve heard all you have to say
    a million times a million ways
    and i aint in the mood today
    i couldnt care less
    i couldnt care less about you
    i couldnt care less
    but i’m trying to

  20. greg williams on

    Industrial hemp to this day grows wild in several USA states.
    The kicker is when the DEA demands more drug war money they will go out to these wild fields of hemp, which have been abandodned for decades, and chop down a few tons and add that number to the number of ” confiscated marijuana plants” to show what they are up against.

    You see folks! we just found and destroyed ten tons of pot. We need more money!
    gad zooks.

    Operator..get me Jesus. Get me Elvis if Jesus aint in.

  21. Anonymous on

    Well I just want to know where would he have gotten the 4mill he donated without selling t-shirts and other products. We live in a day and age where you need to have a ton of plublicity to get noticed with the atrocities going on every day in our world if Marc hadnt sold his T-shirts and other merchanidise including seeds and acting larger then life he would never have gotten any media attention for the anti prohibitionists without it. We just ended a decade that was earmarked by terrorism and war so how could Marc have gotten enough people attention without the way he did things?

    And his overgrow the Govt Idea is perfect but I think instead of growing good pot everywhere we should all spend a $100 bucks on industrial hemp seeds and then take them out into the fields all over north america and plant them and leave them never come back. If every person who was pro legalization did this how much wild hemp do you think the govt would have to Spend all there time cutting down.
    Just consider how much hemp The Govts of USA and Canada would have to get rid of if every single anti-prohibition
    Supporter was to plant $100 worth of industrial hemp. I think there would be enough of it all over north america to bankrupt the USA and Canada if they want to continue the war on cannabis.

  22. Anonymous on

    Where does one start to deconstruct a simplistic philosophy that has been rehearsed and has had time to gel?

    Here is my attempt. I’m not very good at using words to express my thoughts so if I seem long-winded, it’s only my wanting to be polite? So here we go:

    Because we are all different we need reasonable people administering flexible laws. It seems now-a-days laws have been reduced to a number of elements. Violate some or most of these elements and you are automatically guilty. Sure this can be good but it’s simplistic and only benefits the people administering and not the human interactions they were meant for.

    Now that we have established elements to a crime, judges’ discretion is being compromise further by mandatory minimums. I suppose the next step in this evolution would be computer judgements? Rubber stamp justice, I suppose!

    In other words, I don’t think laws should be set in stone. Laws need to be flexible enough to consider the dynamics involved in human journeys. Otherwise, they only become rigid tools of oppression.

    So to say, “Marc knew what he was getting into, therefore deserves what he gets”, again is too simplistic. I’m sure, he knew that in Canada he would get a fine and Canada couldn’t extradite to a more severe penalty jurisdiction? But Canada did anyway. Even they (US) knew 20 years to life was unreasonable so they accepted five. You see the law flexes on their side but not ours. Maybe there is still time to show them that even 5 years is unreasonable. Then maybe they can lower it down to what he expected; a fine!

    I’ve come to call what you are suggesting, “the Jesus syndrome”! Like Jesus did, we are expected to keep quiet and take our lumps!

    The saying, “don’t want to do the time then don’t do the crime” comes from a 70’s tv drama called Barretta. It fits fantasy but not real life. In other words, you’ve taken entertainment for real life. Furthermore, all of us break the law in one way or another but only the brave among us openly break them to make a point. And Marc, as it turns out, is one of them.

    So do you think he openly broke the law because he wanted to get punished? Is that you logic? It seems to me activist openly break laws to provide reasonable citizens with a glimpse of how ridiculous the bullies are acting. We hope that maybe some will speak up against obvious injustices. This helps shine a bright light on the unreasonableness of certain people and how they twist laws to suit their own purposes.

    Suppose Marc was helping American slaves escaping into Canada. An obvious violation of American law! Should the Canadian government extradite him to the US to stand trial? When Trudeau provided a safe harbour to US draft dodgers, should the Canadian government have be extradited to answer for its crimes against America?

    No, of course not! That wouldn’t be reasonable, right.

    You know, “getting what you deserve” reminds of a tasteless joke. It goes something like this, “Why do some men assault their women?”. “Because they just won’t listen”. With your simplistic philosophy she should listen and do what she is told otherwise she deserves what she gets!

    We were born sovereign and of the earth. We are entitled to anything our Mother Earth provides us; it’s our birthright! No man’s laws can take that away from us!

  23. Anonymous on

    I personally wouldnt worry to much about that jerk Mrs. Emery I highly doubt he has anything productive to say and from his attitude I am rather doubtful that he smokes much cannabis at all! From my personal experience I have found most tokers arent that spitefull or hatefull not to mention most are very polite to most people they meet , I mean when I was in my late teens I would hold doors for people help my neighbours with chores and the list goes on but all my friends who where just drinkers were arogant ,Spitefull and usually very rude most would rather joke about how useless older people are. Where A large majority of pot smokers are generally friendly ,polite and intelligent people what makes me laugh is how the people who believe all the bullshit about cannabis think we are psychos likely to go crazy but they dont realize that the majority of young people who they think are so nice and helpful are the pot smokers. So dont let this jerk get ya down I agree with what another Post said about this guy being a cop trying to cause trouble.. I think they cant stand we are getting so organized and that the prohibition of cannabis is winding down and they all realize that once cannabis is legal they will have to spend a lot more time actually doing the job they are paid for protecting the public, If they no longer had pot smokers to chase who usually will go peacefully and accept there punishment. Instead these lazy cops are going to have to chase dangerous criminals and most arent looking forward to it, It is much easier to chase us peaceful smokers then a real criminal.

  24. Anonymous on

    I personally believe Marc has the utmost respect for the law because an unjust law must be broken and any person who lovingly and willingly breaks an unjust law and willingly and happily Accepts his punishment for breaking and unjust law is only showing the utmost respect for the law.
    And just so I am not accused of plagarism I should mention those words were my interprestation of a speech made by Dr. Martin luther King A great man and activist for Freedom equality and justice.

    “Prohibition will work great injury to the cause of temperance. It is a species of intemperance within itself, for it goes beyond the bounds of reason in that it attempts to control a man’s appetite by legislation, and makes a crime out of things that are not crimes. A Prohibition law strikes a blow at the very principles upon which our government was founded.”

    -Abraham Lincoln (1809-65) U.S. President.

    If by the mere force of numbers a majority should deprive a minority of any clearly written constitutional right, it might, in a moral point of view, justify revolution

    To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men

    America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves

    This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their Constitutional right of amending it or their revolutionary right to dismember it or overthrow it

    It has been my experience that folks who have no vices have very few virtues.

    And Finally

    How many legs does a dog have if you call the tail a leg? Four. Calling a tail a leg doesn’t make it a leg.

    Abraham Lincoln

    All the above quotes are Courtesy of Abraham lincoln.

    And an unjust law is still unjust no matter how many people believe otherwise.

  25. Stoner on

    A real activist would have given the seeds away for free, not sold them. I don’t recall Dr. King selling t-shirts or Rosa Parks her seat. Marc’s case would have been a lot better had he done that than to claim he gave it all away. If that is the case, open up the books.
    I don’t see why you guys vilify anyone who asks a question that challenges your world view. It makes you no different than those you claim persecute you, doesn’t it?

  26. Anonymous on

    I feel for the Emery family. No one should have to lose their freedom (or their family) for the “crime” of selling a helpful, and harmless herb. I like the comparison of selling grape-seeds during the prohibition of alcohol – another failed policy. Obviously Marc has a lot of supporters, and undoubtedly his activism – and sales – have helped countless people. In my opinion, the greatest crime in this case is the abuse of power perpetrated by the govt.s & lawmakers/enforcers of both the US (first and foremost) and Canada. I hope to live to see the day when they are tried and convicted for their crimes. That said, I can’t help but wonder if there isn’t a backlash building amongst some of the readers of this site – many of whom are aware of not only the Emery case, but of the plight of hundreds of thousands (over 800K in the US last year) of people caught up in this despicable drug war. I for one have caught myself muttering something along the lines of “he’s an adult, he knew the risks and he got busted – it’s sad, it’s fucked up, but he’s one in a million…” It seems lately that on this site, pretty much all we read about is his trial – and I’m sorry, but the movement is much much bigger than one man. Let’s not forget Jack Herer – a father of the movement – dying in a hospital in Oregon.

    Sorry for the buzz kill.

    PS -I’m psyched to see the site implementing CAPTCHA – I’m sick of all the spam comments.

  27. Anonymous on

    I think he is probably more like Chronic Alcoholic Terry…

  28. Anonymous on

    Stephinator Harpertron

  29. Anonymous on

    I’m sure you do, after what Marc and his lawyers managed to do for you and Michelle Rainey. But I think that was the point from the beginning, either way Marc had to admit a checkmate to keep yourself and especially Michelle out of jail, she needs her medicine badly.

  30. Dan-o on

    “An unjust law is no law at all”- St Augustine

    “An individual who breaks a law that conscience tells him is unjust and who willingly accepts the penalty of imprisonment in order to arouse the conscience of the community over its injustice, is in reality expressing the highest respect for the law” – Dr. M.L. King

    “Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it” -Henry David Thoreau

    “The Law” by Frederick Bastiat – 1850, delineating the normal progression of governments and societies from Independence and Liberty to socialism, thence to tyranny and despotism, usually in less than a century, due to the insidious threat to liberty of the “power of public plunder”

  31. Anonymous on


  32. greg williams on

    a slight chance is still a chance ‘o)

    i found a 4 leaf clover
    out in my yard today
    it had 1 leaf missing off it
    but that was ok
    looking it over i could easily see
    that 4 leafs was really only 1 more than 3
    and thats close enough for me
    it must be my lucky day

    elmo buzz 2012 !

  33. Anonymous on

    So true Jonnybgood, So grow and share more weed,seeds and education for free as long you are still able to pay the bills and get food on the table.

    Only understand that live is just a joke and the joke’s on us!

    Our quest and mission is to SHARE, instead of sell, do things for free only because you like to, make some one else happy with your talents instead of enriching yourselves with bankaccounts that will only enslave you.

    You can do it gradually, minimally and as totally as hypocrite as you like, since no one is perfect anyhows.

    Mainthing is we’ve got toget the damn commerce out of our lives, trade your weed for coockies if have too.

    remember some old and wise but slightly adjusted Native American saying:

    Only after the last rivers have been poisoned,
    Only after the tree has been cut,
    Only after the last fish has been cought,
    Only then will you find that MONEY can NOT be SMOKED!

  34. Jon Rieck on

    what’s with your hate for stoners and the money mark emery made, you should spend your time on things you enjoy, not trying to bash pot user’s, he’s going to jail for what he believed in, that is not something many have to endure, so give the guy a break and fuck off.

  35. greg williams on

    Thankfully we have had people like Rosa Parks who saw an unjust law and disobeyed them, and we still have brave people of the Earth willing to do the same.

    To just say..” they knew the risk” seems rather dismissive of how important it is to have neighbors like Rosa and Marc.

    Our job is to stand with them. When one of us is chained, none of us are free.

    I’m not sure any person here wants to call you names, and having another argue with you isnt that bad.

    I’m not here to change your opinion.
    I’m not sharing mine because i think i’m right.
    I’m not posting because i believe you are wrong
    I share my opinions to ease my own mind.

    My land lady treats me like i dont even pay my rent
    I gave my car to my mechanic and i aint seen it since
    My phone is always ringing when i want to be alone
    They’re trying to sell me everything from heaven to cologne
    Everybodys got an offer that i cant refuse
    Its a circus out here moma and your baby has those sideshow blues

    elmo buzz 2012 !

  36. Anonymous on

    Lots of things are against the law. It is our responsibility to disobey unjust laws. Fuck you if you don’t like it. … I think Rev. King said that…particularly the FUCK YOU part.

    The buyers were paying for the genetics, the breeding that went into the genetics and the overhead incurred while stabilizing the strains. And what’s wrong with profit? Do you know how much money it actually takes to make a computer processor?

    As a capitalist I have no need to know what Marc did with HIS money. I don’t see you posting your W2’s either…

    Yeah he was in tears, leaving a family for prison can’t be easy. I honestly have no idea what a boy-men stoner is but if there were some looking on, I tend to believe they knew exactly what was happening. You seem to have a firm grasp on the man boy relationship angle though…just saying.

  37. Anonymous on

    Vanderstam is like a slightly different dimension in which people are rarely harassed for Cannabis use. In this world Marc can be “the Prince of Pot”, promulgating the benefits of a magical plant which he discovered in the Emerald Forest after following a map given to him by an ogre he had saved from an angry mob. Of course, whenever he ventures beyond the borders of Vansterdam he reverts to ordinary Marc Emery, powerless average Canadian citizen. Out there all magical plants are outlawed and their users persecuted. It is ruled over by the evil wizard, Harpermon.

  38. Anonymous on

    Isnt, Prince/ a title of a MONARCHY?? And those who happen to live in a FREE REPUBLIC, get a shit about a self appointed titled european member of a MONARCHY?/ Didnt the freedom loving people of the world get rid of most of these bullshit reimemes in the last 100 years?? So WHY?? in these day and ages whould anyone follow such a fuck up system and then think they can change any part of a MONARCHY?/ didnt they try that in britian and the rebels heads hung from the gates?? So fuck you, and your bullshit line limey! your not free, never were, SUBJECT!! so take your lumps like a man, opps subject!from a true republic!

  39. Anonymous on

    There may be a slight chance since much of the last American admin was run by fools that Pres Obama and his new admin may see fit to lessen the 5 years, or if it was up to me waive all past infractions. How can we extradite Marc to spend time in jail when we are now at a place in America where you can smoke openly at ski resorts, you can grow in the west coast and beyond and now has 1000’s of medicinal weed facilities, etc. It just does not make sense. No more sense than sending Chong to jail. Both Tommy Chong and Marc will benefit and with any luck by the time Marc does get out things in America concerning pot will change. It is changing dramatically every day here. You see in America it boils down to money, since our economy is so bad and now many states are realizing the potential revenue and taxation all of a sudden like a miracle it is not only being discussed but spreading like wild fire. All this after coming out of an admin that stripped the American people of many of our Bill of Rights and freedoms as Americans. Hang in there Canada, stand firm against right wing oppression and outdated policies that were meant to feed the correction industries and fat cats pockets. We are on to them now, the information age is making it harder to play their games. Don’t let your beautiful and free country turn into a police state like we have in America, where every citizen is looked at as a criminal first and a citizen second, and police instead of working for the people now look at all people as potential perps. 1 out of every 100 people here in jail or been in jail, we F&^%d up immensely here and it will take years for us to recover, don’t let that happen to our greatest and coolest neighbors Canada.

  40. CanadianLiberty on

    I am a pro-pot, anti-drug war, pro-gun libertarian.

    If I acted on my own morals, the way Marc did, you still have one thing standing in your way, the NANNY government.

    I love what Marc does for the legalization of cannabis, and this, after all, is his website. I wouldnt be here posting my opinions if it wasnt for him.

    Call me a nazi pig if you want, but at the end of the day Marc knew he could go to jail for what he was doing.

    Of course the laws are bullshit, thats the NANNY government for ya.

    He is no criminal, but he still broke the law. It isnt right, but a political activist such as Marc was more than well=aware of the possible consequences.

    Thats how it is, end of story.

    Yes pot SHOULD be legal but it STILL IS NOT.

    If youre gonna call me names and all that, then grow up and be civilized. I’m not here to argue, just to lay it out on the table.

  41. T. Wallace on

    This is just wrong regardless to whether it’s 5 years, America’s approach to the war on cannabis is ass backwards; and hopefully the king can appeal this verdict…Keep your head up Marc…

  42. Anonymous on

    What about all the guns that come to Canada after being bought by felons in US gun shows? The US isn’t too worried about Canada’s wellbeing. Anybody can walk into a gun show and buy a gun with no background check at all. I’d say that’s a little more worrying than some guy selling Cannabis seeds in the mail. Speaking of guns, rapper TI didn’t get anywhere near 5 years for buying a bunch of automatic assault rifles with silencers. I gotta figure a lot more harm was likely to result from those assault rifles than Marc’s seeds. Try diverting some of that drug war money to the murder war and maybe the US won’t have their morgues piled quite so high with young bodies. Maybe if they had used 1% of the money and effort they used to attack Marc on attacking shady gun dealers they could actually have prevented a death or two and made a positive impact on society.

  43. Anonymous on

    It’s not strange at all because when you have power you can get anything you want. Barley anyone praised Bush after we learned that Saddam had no weapons of mass destruction. Because of the war, torture, and bad economy. Bush ended his presidency with the worst favorable percentage in the history of america at 22%. In the USA when your famous, and have money you can get away with anything. It’s fucked up, but that’s just the way it is.

  44. Brad in Oz on

    Spot on.

    Indeed I sincerely doubt anyone who’s properly tried, or continues to use, cannabis products could make a statement like “as a few badly aging boy-men stoners look on without a clue”.
    The suggestion that only a few males stoners would be interested in Marc’s predicament is appalling and just as plain stupid as the suggestion that those same stoners don’t have a clue
    – sounds very much to me like a LYING (tokin terry my ass!) and ignorant cannabis prohibitionist; who indeed could be a cop!

    Ah well, Jodie hit it (or terry) on the head when she indirectly thanked him for his support via site-traffic/advert’s – now that’s someone who doesn’t have a clue!!!
    ha ha ha…

  45. ToxicSludge on

    Jodie,your wasting your time on tokin’terry.He is nothing more then a troll.His comments are empty and lack substance.Actually,he sounds like a dumb cop.

  46. jodie on

    You clerly know nothing about business! Just because a business does $15 million in sales over a decade does not mean $15 million in PROFIT. The sales money goes into seed stock, rent, employees, advertising, promotion and events about the seed business. After Marc’s personal income, all the profit that was left was $4 million — and it all went to the movement.

    You’re such a hater, Tokin’ Terry. Why do you like to come around and add to our website and advertiser statistics if you hate Marc so much?

  47. JOHNNYbGOOD on

    Let’s not forget, Briton did not surrender the colonies in the revolutionary war,and we are still British subjects that pay tribrute through our TAX system..I guess the USA considers the UK our very first colony since we own them too…And yes CANADA is the LAPDOG that comes in as OUR SLOPPY SECOND COLONY annexed through the CAPITALIST WAY..MEXICO’S next…,and MY government is so confident that it’s PARTY TIME in South America next…Obama..A work of art..A puppet on a transparent string..All that said,the money to FINANCE WORLD DOMINATION comes from DRUG MONEY.Plain and simple.MJ is right in the thick of it…so let’s STOP THE DRUG WAR,GROW THE WEED HERE IN THE US and take control. Peace and Pot Amen…..

  48. Dave on

    Are you for real? I suppose Marc and Jodie are not hurting enough; you have to stick in a few jabs for good measure? And somehow bullies like you still manage to make us look bad. Like everything is inside out!

    Anyway, seeds belong to us the people; not governments, not churches and certainly not corporations like monsantos. They are provided for us by our Mother Earth. You know when they discover some of our mummified ancestors, they usually find seeds in their pouches.

    We will never give up our seeds! And you know Terry, chances are when the time does come and you have no seeds to feed your family; we’d even help you by sharing them with you. So tell us Terry, how and why can you be so insensitive towards others. Are you going through some kind of hormonal deficiency?

  49. ToxicSludge on

    I don’t know anything about canadian law,so maybe you can answer:Since Marc made no secret about his selling weed seeds,and paid taxes on those profits,and didn’t go to jail for selling seeds,is it in fact a crime in Canada?I know he’s been in the slammer before,but wasn’t that for burning one in public,then passin’ the number around?

    As for what he paid in taxes,where’s the rest?Since he paid his taxes,wouldn’t the remainder be his irregardless what he donates to the cause?Why should he donate all of his money?And regards to expensive seeds,yeah,they are spendy as hell aren’t they.No one is forcing anybody to buy them either.Then there is the YEARS involved in developing all the wonderful different strains we all enjoy.

    Hopefully in the future weed/seeds, etc will be legal and all this moot.I have always thought though,he was too flamboyant in his dealings with the press etc.There were/are better ways to fight the battle rather then salting a wound.JMHO.

  50. Big Baby jesus on

    1- I guess it all depends on what you consider a crime. If you are talking simplistically that anything against the law is a crime, then perhaps Marc is a criminal. However if you are talking about something a little deeper, that are legal system is allegedly supposed to mirror, morality, then Marc is not a criminal at all. If we are going by the simplistic definition of criminality, selling pot seeds is still not a “serious” crime. Killing and raping people are serious crimes, not selling seeds. I mean saying it aloud, “you are guilty of the crime of selling seeds” sounds totally fucking absurd, because it is. I am not sure, but I though C-15 was DOA also?

    2- Apparently you are ignorant about genetics/cannabis seed trade. Pretty much every seed sold is a F-1 cross– a cross of two pure parent plants producing offspring with hybrid vigor. If one were to cross these F-1 seeds, you would end up with F-2 seeds which would vary greatly, undoing much of the work that had been done by the breeder. Considering that good quality cannabis goes for $10-$20 per gram in the U.S., and that most cannabis in the U.S. is grown indoors, where space is extremely limited, paying $100 for guaranteed quality, uniform genetics is worth it.

    3- I cannot say how much money Marc Emery made selling seeds, but I can say this: How many millions of dollars have you contributed to legalization efforts? My guess? Not a single dollar.

    4- If your statement is true: Who gives a fuck? It is/was HIS money to do with as he pleases.

    5- I don’t even know what to say about this one, except hopefully someday you will experience the joys of incarceration, which I hope will teach you a little humility and compassion.

  51. merry jon on

    it’s not over till it’s over; i still think there is hope for a last minute deal. obama is a great actor and liar for the wall street/federal reserve elite and folks are realizing he is no change they can believe in. harper is a shameless lapdog for the anglo amerikan empire and canadians are tired of him.

  52. Tokin' Terry on

    1_ Last time we looked vending cannabis anywhere on planet earth – without a permit is very much a crime and a serious one, with Bill C-15 even more serious than ever before in Canada

    2_ if vending cannabis seed is a non crime as you state, then why did his Majesty, the Prince of Pot sell stoner retards a half cent weed seed for $25…? and even worse, why did 10,000 stoners buy them from him instead of growing cannabis out and sharing freely? One plant can yield 1,000 seeds…

    3_ Marc Emery stated he earned $15 million bucks selling seeds, He also stated he gave $4 million away to pro legalization orgs worldwide.

    4_Where is the other $11,000,000.00 that seems to be missing??

    5_ His majestys’ bail best before date is January 08, 2010..then he has to surrender to police , for the third time since 2005, possibly in tears again as a few badly aging boy-men stoners look on without a clue

  53. greg williams on

    How strange it is that international war criminal torturer and mass murderer gw bush can demand that a man be sent to prison for selling seeds, and get his way.

    Selling one of the most important seeds known to humans and you go to prison.

    Start illegal wars, torture people that you strap to a board, violate international law, habitual liar, and recieve praise.

    We love you Marc and Jodie and we will be here for you as long as you need us to be here for you.

    greg williams
    san francisco usa.

  54. ToxicSludge on

    It’s too bad that Marc has to go to prison for a non-crime.But what is really the tragedy in all of this is the Canadian govt.turning him over to the US.Marc paid Canadian taxes on his seed sales.The Canadian govt should then be held equally responsible and held liable….at least to the citizens of Canada.They accepted his money every year so they should ALL be extradited to the US.