Do Drug-War Killers Hate Us for Our Freedom Too?

I can’t help but wonder how drug-war proponents explain the violence in Mexico that has killed some 6,000 people in the last year and 16,000 after Mexican President Calderon, with the full encouragement of U.S. officials, deployed 50,000 Mexican troops and federal police three years ago to wage war against the drug dealers.

Taking a cue from the war on terrorism, I think some drug-war proponents might argue the following: “The violence in Mexico, including the killing of scores of federal police officers, has nothing to do with the illegality of drugs. It’s all because the drug trade attracts a bad, even evil, type of person, one who hates society and who is willing to do anything, including torture and murder, to satisfy his insatiable thirst for money. We need to crack down even more so that we can kill them before they kill us. ”

Yet, what’s encouraging is that an increasing number of people, including even drug-war proponents, are finally beginning to realize how nonsensical this reasoning is. Yes, it’s true: There are extremely unsavory characters in the drug trade, but people are starting to ask themselves why the same types of unsavory characters are not engaged in the booze or cigarette business. They’re starting to realize that what enables these types of people to prosper is the illegality of drugs.

In other words, it’s the drug war itself — that is, making drugs illegal — that then spawns the opportunity for these types of unsavory characters in society to do their thing. In the absence of such illegality, such characters wouldn’t be involved in the drug trade for the same reason they’re not engaged in the booze or cigarette business: they lack the competence to compete against legitimate sellers in a legal market. Their unsavory skills, including the use of violence, are effective only in an illegal market.

What would happen if the sale, distribution, and possession of alcohol and cigarettes were made illegal today? Tomorrow, you would have the same types of unsavory characters engaged in the booze and cigarette business, with cartels, gangs, shoot-outs, murders, muggings, robberies, and all the other things that characterize the illegality of drugs.

Why is it an encouraging sign that more people seem to be drawing the logical conclusion that the drug war itself spawns the drug-war violence? Because at least then people can make a reasoned judgment as to whether it’s worth it to continue waging the war on drugs.

On the one hand, people might conclude: Okay, we acknowledge that the illegality of drugs is the reason why 16,000 people in Mexico have been killed in the last 3 years and that the drug dealers and drug gangs would not be operating if drugs were legal. Nonetheless, we think that these deaths are worth it — that is, worth our hopes of finally stamping out drugs from society.

On the other hand, however, people might conclude: Thirty years of drug warfare have failed to stamp out drugs and there is no reason to believe that another 30 years will do the job. Indeed, the greater the effort to stamp out drugs from society, the greater the violence. The deaths of thousands of people are just not worth all this failure. It would be best to simply legalize drugs, which would place all those bad guys out of business immediately. Let’s treat drug addiction as a social problem, not a criminal-justice one.

By accepting reality about this government program, there is hope that a sufficient number of people will finally bring enough pressure to bear on their public officials to bring the drug war to an ignominious end.

On the other hand, when people cling to the notion that drug-war violence has nothing to do with the illegality of drugs, the hope for positive change diminishes owing to the failure to focus on the genuine root of the problem.

– Article from MCW News on December 29, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    first off your a fuckin idiot second you need to pull your head out your ass and wipe the shit from out your ears. learn your fuckin facts that your precious government has been hiding from you for years and years. if your tiny brain can fathom this information there might be a hope for humanity after all.

    Fuck you sincerely,

    From the man who is smarter than you

  2. Anonymous on

    It’s AMAZING someone as stupid as you has a computer

  3. Anonymous on


  4. Will Wallace on

    It’s always refreshing to hear from anonymous tough guys/girls like you. You don’t seem to support any issue. You are nothing more than an attack gerbil.

  5. greg williams on

    The war on some drugs has been around much longer that Marc has been around. Using others as a scapegoat for your own failures is pretty typical among those who feel the need to blame everyone for their own shortcomings.

    IMO, ..what Marc did was to help guide people in the right direction when it comes to the ignorance and the dangers of the war on some drugs. His vehicle seems to be built of truth and seeds. Filler up and wash the windshield.

    Happy New Year everybody.

  6. Anonymous on

    I fully agree with you on that whole thought.

  7. Anonymous on

    Moreover ..we belong to the universe. Maybe one day the earth and/or the universe will slap us up side our collective humanity and remind us of that fact.

    Then all these petty squabbles will be irrelevant.

  8. Anonymous on

    So you think your drug prohibition doesnt effect everyone, users or not?

    You better take a hard look around, the very freedoms you say you fight for ARE at risk. The very laws you wish to keep in place are ruining life for all.

    You people who think you must dominate love to create boogymen to “protect” the public from, to use to create laws to help you dominate. People like your self have just fond better ways to “rule the world” than Hitler and the long list of tyrants through out history.

    Tyrants such a you shuold be outlawed. This Idea that there must be “leaders” is out dated. People should be free to live, not fear the next bull that comes along.

    The sad fact is…when drugs are legalized, when the drug war is defeated…people like you will find other “boogymen” to terrorize decent people with. Your already doing it with this war on terror. Oh? Dont think so? Its people like you who created this enviroment that caused “terrorists” to rise, just as you have created the enviroment that allows YOU to terrorize decent people.

    So get the fuck off this site and out of our lives. Thats not a request , it a demand!

    We’re not winning? Pick up a newspaper.

  9. greg williams on

    you point out very well that racism and ignorance isnt limited to one particular race.

    your understanding of the world doesnt seem to be any better than those you target.

    once you and those with like-minds understand that the world is home to all of us, you will have learned.

    the earth does not belong to any of us. we all belong to the earth.

    merry christmakwanzahanakahdemayo

  10. greg williams on

    i am a thc drunk. i have found more joy from the many uses of the cannabis hemp plant than any plant on earth.
    but at least i can still count to ten, recite the alphabet, walk a sraight line, and know who my friends are.

    personally, i have never found a reason good enough or bad enough to make me feel the need or desire to change my ways.

    its norml to use cannabis.
    watching a synthetic world wage war on the natural world is what scares me. that and democrats and republicans

  11. Anonymous on

    Could have been worse. Could have been the Spanish in North America instead of the British and French. The Spanish were real nasty folk. They cut off noses and ears of natives for next to nothing. I’d say the Mexican natives are doing a little worse than the American and Canadian ones. Would you like to trade places with them? Then thank the British for your good fortune that you have such civilized conquerors. We don’t kill bulls for sport here and we don’t let them chase us through the streets. That’s cuz we’re not crazy ass Spanish savages. We let our natives sell cigarettes with no federal taxes. Shop around, you can’t beat that deal.

  12. Jakob on

    Your a classic example of some nerd that got picked on in high school by the normal kids that experimented with Marijuana while you probably never had a girlfriend or any social life and still to this day your frustrated by the fact that some kids using illegal drugs had a better life than you. Your probably a fat cop now with an ugly wife and you needed a gun and uniform to achieve it. I medicate with Cannabis and help run a multimillion dollar family business and am happy with a beautiful wife and son. But Cannabis makes you lazy and insufficient lol that’s funny I cant wait to hear your lame comments when herb is legalized and if you had any life at all you sure as hell wouldn’t be on cannabis culture when you hate cannabis and its users, it truly shows how much of a life you don’t have. Go have a beer and get into a fight like all the mindless retards with your attitude.

  13. Dan-o on

    Not getting anywhere are we? hahaha! Pick up a newspaper.

  14. Bob on

    Very well written and very poignant Mr. Hornberger. How could even the most brain dead nay-sayer not see the logic in this? I forgot, dead brains don’t know from logic.

    Would it be possible for you to write an article like this from a Canadian view point? Gang violence in Vancouver, Toronto et al. Costs to society for enforcement, prosecution and incarceration. The costs in human misery and destroyed families. All for a harmless and wonderful herb.

    You would know better than I how it should be worded to best effect but I would pay to see it.

    My hat is off to you sir. Kudos

  15. Anonymous on

    I don’t hate you.

  16. Sponge Bob marley on

    Marc Emery brought the drug war to canada
    and you are amongst the wounded

    the sooner you are pensioned off
    and then fuck off, the better
    you farty old huff head

  17. Sponge Bob Marley on

    I’m telling Mom

  18. Anonymous on

    like you are the problem with the world today. You’re hardcore against pot and its users, until your son or daughter, brother or sister are arrested for possession. Then it’s only pot, and they just made a mistake. Do the world a great big favor and find yourself a nice cliff to jump off. Sorry to be so hateful, but frankly, people like you suck. Here’s some advice, mind your own fucking business for once in your life and you would see that the cannabis culture does not bother or harm anybody. The governments war on cannabis has caused all of the harm. It is morally wrong to make a naturally occurring plant illegal and persecute its users. It is a war that you cannot win and it shows more and more everyday. Now put that in your pipe and smoke it.

  19. Anonymous on

    Why do you play on old lines of division? We would be better served with putting aside our differences and old beliefs of racial superiority. We can not change what has already happened but we can make a better future. Please put aside your hate and realize that we are all sisters and brothers on planet earth, our home.

  20. Anonymous on


    WE CONTINUE TO FIGHT THE ONGOING EUROPEAN COLONIALISM AND THE GENOCIDE AGAINST OUR PEOPLE. Do not be afraid to resist the ongoing crimes against our people. It is honorable to confront the ongoing colonialism. Here in the poster above are some of our heroes, our warriors, our leaders who fought and resisted European Invasions And Crimes Against Our People. Our leaders in Cemanahuac (The Western Hemisphere, “North and South America”) were: Hatuey in the Caribbean (upper left), Cuauhtemoc in Central Cemanahuac (upper right), Tatanka-Iyotanka (Sitting Bull) in the North (lower left), and Tupac Amaru in the South (lower right). Do not be afraid to resist the ongoing genocide of our people. Arm yourself with knowledge. Learn our people’s history. Join the Mexica Movement. Become a liberator for our people.

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  21. Anonymous on

    you stoner retards have been whining the same crap for years and not getting anywhere. At all.. Think about it– maybe you are backing a losing concept.. your own tax money goes towards paying for cops to hunt you down,and they catch you all fairly easily– ALL THEY HAVE TO DO IS FOLLOW THE STINK OF BURNING POT & PICK YOU UP LIKE THE THC DRUNKS YOU ACTUALLY ARE.
    the high prices you willingly pay for pot is set by your friendly dealer who preys on the fact you are basically angry, consistantly frustrated and chemically impared.

    70 years of prohibition and you childish stoners have got nowhere, and as a group, are in worse shape now than you have ever been.