Facebook Shuts Down Cannabis Culture Page

CANNABIS CULTURE – For reasons unknown, Cannabis Culture Magazine‘s Facebook page has been disabled by the popular social networking site.

The Cannabis Culture Facebook page, which had over 25,000 fans, (and was available at this link) disappeared on December 23, 2009. Shortly afterward, administrators of the page received an email notification:


You created a Page that has violated our Terms of Use. A Facebook Page is a distinct presence used solely for business or promotional purposes. Among other things, Pages that are hateful, threatening, or obscene are not allowed. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group, or that are set up by an unauthorized individual. If your Page was removed for any of the above reasons, it will not be reinstated. Continued misuse of Facebook’s features could result in the permanent loss of your account.

If you have any questions or concerns, you can visit the Terms applicable to Facebook Pages at http://www.facebook.com/terms_pages.php.

The Facebook Team

CC editors have contacted Facebook and we hope to have the page reinstated soon. We are still trying to figure out how our page violated their terms; hopefully they do not consider discussion of cannabis “obscene”.

The removal is a sad reminder of a similar incident with YouTube. In September, the popular video hosting site removed the original Pot-TV Channel, with its thousands of subscribers, over copyrighted music used in the background of some of Pot-TV’s classic episodes (now available on the new Pot-TV YouTube Channel).

In the meantime, if you really need your CC/Facebook fix, sign up to be friends with CC editors Marc Emery, Jodie Emery, and Jeremiah Vandermeer and check their walls for updates.

More info when available…



  1. Anonymous on

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  2. Anonymous on

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  4. Bradleyson on

    You are a moron. most of the people on face book smoke weed. And who the fuck are you to say pot activists aren’t law abiding citizens?? Grow a brain you fucking conservative piece of shit. All humans are equal and should not be treated different no matter how much better you THINK you are than them. For you to sit here and tell me i cant talk about pot and try to legalize is a slap in the face to democracy. You must know Stephen Harper….

  5. Bradleyson on

    if they think the discussion of cannabis is obscene then they should take down all of the pages that talk about pot, but they wont cause that would be most of their site.

  6. Anonymous on

    I’m sensing some animosity toward Marc in your posts. What’s the reason for that? Do you have a legitimate beef or did you just choose him at random as a target for your insulting posts? Why do you care about his money or what he did with it? Are we supposed to be offended because he didn’t give away all of his money? He didn’t have to give one cent away in the first place.

  7. Anonymous on

    if you’re such an anti-pot crusader/nazi, then why are you on this site…you’re probably another frustrated cop or something….and nice spelling abilities too, what are you drunk?????

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  10. Scott on

    Heres the comment I left. I hope everyone can do the same.

    “I am canceling my account because Facebook shut down Cannabis Cultures page. I do not want to be affiliated with a company that does not give its users the simple freedom to think or say what they want. I personally never liked Facebook because it seemed to “mac” and “apple” like you know those kind of clean cut preppy people who think their better than everyone, people like Mark Zuckerberg. I thought people that went to Harvard were suppose to be smart? Seriously Mark fire up a joint and get your head out your ass.”

  11. Scott on

    Since they deleted the page, I’m going to cancel my account and tell them why. I don’t like facebook much anyway. And to all the people bitching and complaining that the movement isn’t going anywhere..well its not going to if you have that attitude. Things seem to be going well here in America, the news networks are talking about legalization more and more. Even fox news at that. If we want this to happen we have to believe it.

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  13. owen on

    yeah too easy

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    lets see they came by my work last year and parked out front
    tried to look like civis, but come on, youre not fooling anyone

    heres a good one – you will like this

    i have lived here one year

    in all that time the only people to come see me have been 2 federal agents. that’s it.
    – they tried to gain access by saying they were from statistics canada –
    i didn’t let them in because i have no furniture – i.e no place for them to sit and ask me questons

    so in the future ….

    if you want to do surveillance on me, don’t tell lies about me and destroy my life to a point where you can’t access my information/devices because i do NOT HAVE THESE DEVICES becuae you tell lies about me a get me fired from my jobs, and i have no money for devices !!!!!

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  14. Anonymous on

    Do you know why “they” can pull the CC facebook group or Ms Shuman’s facebook profile with no warning? Because “they” OWN EVERYTHING we put on there, all our pictures and posts become THEIR PROPERTY as soon as we put it on THEIR website…..

    Remember when google bought youtube? All of a sudden your youtube video-viewing history was displayed in your google account, which also includes the free email gmail….. Now how easy would it be to figure out who you are and what you are doing based on your video viewing and emails? Way too easy, actually. They are making money off our data- that’s why they can offer these services for free. They are saving all of the info and selling it off. Almost all companies do this. Then other companies buy this data from all different places and put it in a “fusion center”. Then the sell this “fused” data to the government, private investigators, debt collectors etc. (This is a fact, look it up if you don’t believe it.)

    The best solution is for us all to make our own websites and host our own videos- use a good host like hostgator or hostmonster (or others), and put up your own page, that way at least YOU WILL OWN all of your own information.

    It doesn’t mean we have to quit using these tools, let’s just remember these things when we’re using it. Think about how words written online today could possibly impact others or yourself in the future. And most of all, USE THE TOOLS like facebook TO CREATE REAL FRIENDS (used to be called community) so we are ready for the hard times that are sure to come in this country.

    Get a real hosting service and pick your own domain and email address…use a template to put up a simple website and invite all your friends to visit… IT’s not that hard…… I encourage EVERYone to do this. Keep your facebook page if you want and put links on there to your own sites, giving your friends an easy way to check out your site. Help them realize that you want to stay connected with them beyond facebook and the internet. Let’s learn more about how to use the computer as a tool, instead of another entertainment box.

    Don’t look to the TV and Media giants to start producing content that is worthwhile, cuz it ain’t gonna happen, period. Let’s make our own videos, take our own pictures, and tell our own stories. Let’s make our own commercials for our own products that are sold by companies that WE own and run!

    We are about to see some real hard times in this country, please use everything at hand to get yourself prepared. Learn how to grow food, store and filter water, and have extra medicine stored away. Think about how to defend yourself and have a family plan so that you can stay in contact with your support system during any type of emergency. Do some research and share the info with everyone you can.

    -many thanks to all those who are working hard and smart to legalize it!

    PS. No, you’re not paranoid Ms Shuman…. you and CC have a right to be very concerned about what happened. Let us all learn from these events so “they” can’t mess with us like that again!

  15. Tiger Woods on

    Turn your pack of drug dogs on Facebook and see how well you manipulate the American non pot smoking public. All you need is more enemies you have topped out starting to feel powerless yet wait

  16. Anonymous on

    I agree . That or has very low I.Q.

  17. Anonymous on

    I think its more the US government/DEA hitting us where we have been really successful at getting the reform message out…..media of all sorts. Think about it, if they influence these media outlets to remove us, tie us up in court battles for the right to use these outlets, waste us finacially, they win we lose.

  18. Anonymous on

    You must be living in a democrasy. In a democrasy.. 51% of the people are always trying to take away right of the other 49%.

  19. Anonymous on

    the majority of Canadians & Americans do _not want pot legalized.. you might be refering to a series of small opinion polls in recent years enquiring about medicinal marijuana.. as administered to terminal cancer cases, others suffering terrible wasting diseases,., sure compassionate support.. but a pot o rama 500 for your basic party animal vape raper ? no way..dream on you bic flicking retards

    But arguing with a blockheaded drug abuser is getting me nowwhere and you even farther away from where you thought you used to want to be.

    Bill C-15- not exactly a social tide turner

  20. Paddy on

    Don’t feed the troll, guys.

  21. Tokin' Bob on

    really? nobody here can grasp why the CC facebook account was cutoff? REALLY?
    drug lovers networking is a drug ring– you live outside the law’ you cannot expect any help from the greater law abiding world
    that’s why CC facebook was deleted–because stonerism is not welcome by the vast majority of your fellow human beings.. confessed criminal Marc Emery had his free ride in the straight world discontinued..as a prelude to going into prison for drugcrimes.. ya and his drugclub \ deletes comments here that don’t shore up drug excess,, now at facebook they get deleted as an entire collective entity.

    Now you know why CC facebook account was deleted, maybe you don’t agree or care, but now you know why

  22. Buddy#4537 on

    It’s obvious this space, this site will be next somehow. I would love to see a mirror back up site somewhere. I guess that costs a lot of dough though. April 20th this year, well, I sure hope it is the day that makes the crucial difference.

  23. ripit on

    has too many friends.who knew? lol!!

  24. EarthMother on

    Excuse me, but you gentlemen are putting a shit stain on stoners by acting so- oh, what’s the word?- PURILE? Maybe you could behave a little teensy bit more INTELLIGENT? What the hell do you smoke for if you can’t raise your consciousness higher than those who strictly DRINK their Buds?

  25. rodney stoneman on

    dude… what the fuck are you talking about?!?
    how in the hell is mark emery selling anything out? as i understand it, he has been extradited from canada to the US on some bullshit charge and is now serving time there because he utilises a natural herb and won’t shut up about it.
    how in the fuck is that “fucking us out of our freedoms”?
    how is that “cashing in”?
    how is that “leading us to the slaughterhouse”?
    forgive me if i misunderstand, i mean no harm…
    but if i read your comment right, you’re a FUCKIN IDIOT!!!
    what the hell do you even mean?

  26. Anonymous on

    fuck, this movement is a sham anyway your leader is a sell out and you are getting sucked down the whirlpool with him,

    look at the bills they are passing just to get mark to shut the fuck up, about his private smoking that should otherwise stay private ,

    but he has a vested interest in increasing his and the policy makers mandate to fuck the rest of us out of our freedoms,

    all while mark cashes in on our retardation of the games or system both mark and the other government puppets are doing is just leading you to the slaughter house.

    are you followers this fuckin retarded too!? were doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. mark is the devel incarnate on

    fuck, this movement is a sham anyway your leader is a sell out and you are getting sucked down the whirlpool with him,

    look at the bills they are passing just to get mark to shut the fuck up, about his private smoking that should otherwise stay private ,

    but he has a vested interest in increasing his and the policy makers mandate to fuck the rest of us out of our freedoms,

    all while mark cashes in on our retardation of the games or system both mark and the other government puppets are doing is just leading you to the slaughter house.

    are you followers this fuckin retarded too!? were doomed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. tony stanley on

    fuck those bastards you have your rights just as much as anyone else so fuck them if you were obscene then why don’t all of the other marijuana pages get taken down? ive seen a good 100 others on there why not theirs?

    pardon the language its just that it seems like the DEA has some part in this and i hate them to death

  29. merry jon on

    nazi amerika will use all means available for total mind kontrol supremacy, uber alles!!! harper is a disgusting lapdog . otta be strung up with hemp and dumped in a tarsand pit.

  30. JP on

    The people that come here and other places on the net like cannabistv are already converted. They have seen the light! Or smoked a smoke… or taken, or toked… whatever.

    It is very important and essential to be present on these social networks.

    I think…


    In this winter of gray
    People dream a HPS beam
    So that a Emery seed may
    blossom,… someday

    An I wait for an winter autumn
    A magic harvest for a pagan solstice.


  31. cx420ns on

    a hell of a lot of paperwork and funding. it’s definitely not cheap. i’d try getting a show on local cable before i went full blown channel, of course a lot of people just watch youtube so it might not even be worth it.

    sorry to hear the page got shut down. i wouldn’t bother fucking with facebook anymore, it’s almost as backwards and idiotic as the drug war itself.

  32. Dave on

    I’m sure there is enough programming (video) of our culture to startup a cable or satellite channel. I’m sure if Playboy can pull-it-off then so can we! Does anyone know what’s involved; can it be done?

  33. Anonymous on

    This is insane and needs to be fixed. However, Facebook won’t be charging, where ever you heard this, it’s simply untrue.

  34. Anonymous on

    Rumor has it that facebook will begin to charge for access in June of 2010 anyway. If that happens Facebook is dead, so having the page taken down may not be nearly as signifigant as one might think.

  35. Anonymous on

    fuckerburg hates pot and has been sensoring it a couple of years I know of. Facebook is a bunch of weirdos anyway- they’ll be a has been like myspace soon enough..