Ask Ed: Questions and Answers – The Tomato Model

Question: I am curious to know: will [legalization efforts in California]open the door for major corporations to take over the industry? Can you please educate me?

Christopher, California

Ed’s Rosenthal: Yes! And you are not going to be able to get any pot except if you are fingerprinted and have your photo taken! I know that is the answer you are expecting to hear…

However, I think that we are going to experience the “Tomato Model” with the legalization of marijuana.

More tomatoes are grown in America by home gardeners than are produced commercially. Yet there is a robust commercial market for tomatoes and tomato products of all types: canned, vine-ripened, organic, sauces, soups, ketchup, etc. At the same time, small-scale specialty cultivators do well swelling their produce at Farmers’ Markets, and home gardeners with extra tomatoes share the bounty with neighbors as gifts, in trade, or through informal sales. Marijuana could be handled in the same way. Commercial growers can thrive side-by-side with home and specialty cultivators.

An appropriate question, as there are only 309 days left until it is legal here!