Medical Marijuana Crusader Gets a Break on Drug Trafficking Conviction

A 2006 photo of Grant Krieger, after the Supreme Court of Canada granted him a new trialA 2006 photo of Grant Krieger, after the Supreme Court of Canada granted him a new trialA Manitoba judge has cut a major break to a medical marijuana crusader found guilty of trafficking pot across Canada.

Grant Krieger received a suspended sentence with nine months of probation Monday — a far cry from the jail sentence he feared he might receive and predicted would kill him.

“Mr. Krieger is not like most of the drug offenders we sentence in this court,” said Queen’s Bench Justice Shawn Greenberg. “While Mr. Krieger’s actions were illegal, many, perhaps most, would say they are not immoral. Indeed he has no real victims.”

Krieger, 54, was convicted last year of possession for the purpose of trafficking following a high-profile trial that made headlines across Canada. The Calgary resident has been battling progressive multiple sclerosis since 1978 and said his only relief comes from smoking and ingesting cannabis.

Krieger said his many customers are in a similar position — they are suffering from chronic pain, disease and even terminal illness and have come to him looking to improve their quality of life. He admits selling pot to dozens of people across Canada, but insisted there is a major difference between him and the garden-variety drug dealer.

He sought to be acquitted on sympathetic grounds, but jurors took only about 30 minutes to reach their unanimous guilty verdict.

Krieger testified in his own defence about how his life was in a rapid downward spiral and even included a suicide attempt prior to discovering the magic of marijuana: “Without it, I wouldn’t be standing here before you today. I’d be in a wheelchair or dead right now.”

Greenberg agreed in her sentencing decision.

“Mr. Krieger provided people with marijuana only where he was satisfied they suffered from a serious illness such as cancer. For example, he once turned down a person who sought his assistance for a broken arm,” the judge said Monday. “While he might be considered reckless by effectively ‘playing doctor,’ there is no evidence that he caused anyone any harm.”

The Crown argued Krieger had clearance to possess pot for his own health reasons, but didn’t have permission from the federal government to sell marijuana for medicinal reasons.

– Article from Winnipeg Free Press.



  1. Anonymous on

    I hereby demand from Canada an exemption for medical Cannabis for the reason that I suffer from anxiety and nothing else works. If California, a major US state, allows exemptions for that then on what grounds does Canada deny it? And no I don’t need to see a specialist. You’ll just have to take my word for it. Here, my hand is your god’s book, now it’s binding.

  2. Anonymous on

    Oh fuck off, he can and should do whatever he wants without hurting anyone. And if he’s doing the opposite, again, fuck off. I doubt your motives for coming here with those feelings.

  3. Anonymous on

    This guy receives a suspended sentence and probation because “he has no real victims” and ” there is no evidence that he caused anyone any harm”. WTF. Good for him and all but didn’t the government of canada find out in the 70’s with the Le dain commission that marijuana didn’t harm anyone. Is this setting a precedent now? if it doesn’t harm anyone or there was no intent to harm anyone can you now fight based on this ruling.

  4. Anonymous on

    He should have just gave them the web address of b*dbuddy and told them to place an order. He had no compelling reason to sell it directly to people. It’s not like he’s the only source in Canada. Lucky the judge let him off, crazy bugger. People keep doing crazy shit and inflicting a bunch of legal trouble on themselves for no good reason. I guess their lives were going too smoothly otherwise so they wanted to spice it up with some court appearances.