Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano on Fox

I appear for an interview on the Fox News show Freedom Watch with Judge Napolitano.

Watch on YouTube.



  1. Anonymous on

    The religion and corporatism that controls the Govt is the evil..Go Barry, Go Judge, and Go Ron Paul!!

  2. Anonymous on

    Hard to imagine an ex DEA arguing the factual points of prohibition calmy and collected.. but whats right is right and when HENRY ANSLINGER made cannabis illegal in 1937, the world experienced a travesty that Barry pointed out, now all the older “CHRISTIANS” are dying and new generations are more aware and think for themselves.

  3. Scott on

    I have never loved fox news more in my life 🙂 Also I agree with the comment above me, we need to start educating people on what type of substance cannabis is. I’m sure a lot of people hear the word “drug” and think crack, heroin, meth or they associate cannabis with those drugs also. Cannabis technically is a drug but so is alcohol and tobacco..and coffee. I think a good start to the lift of prohibition is to reclassify cannabis and take it out of the schedule 1 category. Its not a good message when our government classifies cannabis as schedule 1 and meth is only schedule 2…

  4. Anonymous on

    I live in TX and look forward to the possibility of casting a vote for you Barry. However, I differ on one point. I don’t think of marijuana as a drug any more than a cup of tea. When I hear the word “drug” I think of radical mind/personality altering processed chemicals. It seems that a big part of the battle is getting people to understand that it is not in that category. Maybe thats just me……

  5. freedom forall on

    The perfect storm of marijuana law reform is brewing and it is going to hit all the douche bag prohibitionists like a cat 6 hurricane next year !!KEEP UP THE FIGHT FOR YOUR FREEDOM

  6. Anonymous on

    I LOVE Texas, I LOVE weed, and I sure LOVE Barry Cooper!!!!

  7. Aaron King on

    HECK YEAH. I live in the Washington DC metro area in Virginia, and I feel you man.. I live in THE tobacco Capital of the US and our farmers could REALLY use a better crop like cannabis considering the dangers of tobacco are now being realized by youth in America. Teen Tobacco use is at its lowest since 1975 I believe. This is from education. Plain and simple. People are not as stupid as the govt wants them to be. That being said, educating….. wait back to the previous statement.. YOUNGER generations of people are NOT as Stupid as the Govt wants them to be, with that said this wall of prohibition is falling fast. BTW I believe that marijuana consumption by ages 12+ High school students and in particular Juniors and Seniors is in a constant increase meaning they chose marijuana over cigs and booze. Smart kids!

  8. Eric on

    You are my hero,Barry.

  9. Dan-o on

    It’s remarkable that Judge Napolitano works for Fox news. He’s far better and smarter than that. He and occasionally Geraldo are the few bright spots on Fox! Good job Barry, I hope your run for AG is successful down there in a conservative state like Texas.