Thank You For Smoking (Tobacco)

Wow…I just…wow.

After seeing an increase in stories about the D.A.R.E (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) program in Canada, I decided to check out the D.A.R.E. website. Brace yourself.


A question that was not asked by this radio talk show host but usually makes its way into the agenda is one that brings in the question of tobacco vs. marijuana, i.e., “Tobacco kills hundreds of thousands of individuals every year but nobody’s ever died of smoking pot. But pot is illegal. Doesn’t this seem a bit hypocritical?

Answer: Marijuana is a leading cause of drug-related emergency room episodes and emergency psychiatric episodes. Smoking a few cigarettes, or even a package of cigarettes, has never necessitated emergency room medical or psychiatric attention. Long-term tobacco use leads to the deterioration of the lungs, heart, circulation, etc. There are no recorded deaths from smoking tobacco short term. It is known that marijuana undermines the immune system so it is likely that in another 20 years, if use continues to escalate, the death toll from side effects of long-term marijuana use will equal those of longer-term tobacco use. Additionally, because marijuana is hallucinogenic, smokers often indulge in risky or irresponsible behavior that results in tragic or lethal consequences.”

As a person who was born in the late 1980’s, I cannot help but feel shocked by this. I have never in my life seen an organization, or even a serious individual, extoll the virtues of smoking tobacco. I certainly never expected D.A.R.E to be the ones to do it. They have literally gone as far as they can to promote tobacco, without incurring the wrath of other interest groups. I wonder if the tobacco industry donates to…nah..

A recent letter of mine elicited the following response from a concerned parent:

“Thank you Travis for your thoughtful assessment of the Dare program in North American schools. Our child entered 1st grade this year and my husband and I spent some time looking into the curriculum that she will be exposed to. I was actually looking for the DARE program because I do not want my child exposed to false propaganda in her formative years. Just as we were setting up an appointment with the school priincipal (because it is not that easy to just state that your wishes are not to have your child exposed), we read in the newspaper that the RCMP are cancelling their DARE program in the Okanagan school district. We are still going to have this conversation with our child’s school principal but I was relieved to hear this bit of good news. I know lots of people who were lied to as children and inevitably they are angry about it as adults.

Truth is the most important thing we can offer to our children. Lying to children with the intent of scaring them is similar to hitting them to “teach them a lesson”. The truth about marijuana is starting to emerge as well as the truth of the “cover up”. Marijuana has never cause one death in the entire history of mankind. You can’t say that for very many things. Sugar, salt, caffeine all kill many human beings every year. Obesity is the leading cause of death, followed by tobacco and alcohol. Marijuana is the SAFER choice. If my children must experiment, I would hope that it is with the least harmful substance, which is marijuana.”

Kid, if you ever read this, you are lucky to have such a well-informed and caring mother. Is this what parents want in elementary school, to have armed police officers tell their children that if they must smoke something, it should be tobacco? Our taxes are paying for this crap?

When I think back on it now, D.A.R.E is what made me an activist. I was told that if I smoked cannabis once, I would die a broke, homeless, friendless heroin addict. D.A.R.E destroyed any illusions that I had about the good intentions of the government, or the RCMP. Imagine that: if someone lies to you, they seem less trustworthy!

Government is merely a tool that is used by the ruling class to oppress everybody else. This is a lesson that Marc Emery would teach me over and over again, but the RCMP beat him to it.



  1. From the 70s on

    I found that letter I mentioned above. Note I replaced my name with my From the 70s name I use here: I bet the RCMP hated the fact I got this email, they hate the pot culture and most of them won’t even talk to you in my experiences (there are some honest RCMP but the organization is corrupt and the members get indoctrinated into it and then unfortunately become part of the very big (and criminal in my opinion) culture of LIES, I am sure most of them probably join to help their communities, not LIE to them, the RCMP brass even LIES to their own constables).

    From: Holmes, Kjerstine L SG:EX
    To: Scott Rintoul
    Cc: From the 70s
    Sent: Wednesday, May 16, 2007 4:08 PM
    Subject: RE: Marijuana and Methamphetamine

    Dear Sgt. Rintoul:

    I am writing to follow-up on our telephone conversation this past January with respect to the popular claim that marijuana is being laced with methamphetamine. I appreciate your clarification that this claim is a myth and that Health Canada is not finding evidence to support this notion in their analysis of samples of seized marijuana. I have been informed by From the 70s, however, that at a detachment level, the rumours persist and that there may be members who are still perpetuating this misinformation. I have copied Mr. From the 70s on this email as I had indicated that I would bring this issue to your attention to pass along accordingly.

    I thank you for your assistance in this regard.

    Yours truly,

    Kjerstine Holmes
    Director, Crystal Meth Secretariat
    Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General
    Tel: (250) 387-2170
    Fax: (250) 356-7747

    Email: [email protected]

    This letter was a followup to a phone call in Jan 2007 where the RCMP admitted to the Crystal Meth Secretariat that it was not true.

    As I showed in my previous post, the RCMP just kept on telling the LIE to both our Justice and Health Ministers and put it in their 2006 report the following Dec 2007. I note also that it was in the spring of 2006, just before the BC Solicitor General of BC used it in the BC Legislature that the Director of DAS told me it was not true. No one can tell the RCMP what to do apparently.

    DAS told me they have no control on how the RCMP “interpret” their test results. 14 samples and they tell us evil drug pushers LACING marijuana to addict our children. Why didn’t they tell parents the truth that they found 14 samples and of 194,454 tested samples that contain both meth and marijuana and let the parents decide ?

    Because that wouldn’t spread FEAR would it.

    They LIE to us and they LIE to OUR MINISTERS. They are corrupt. To tell such an insidious and sinister LIE to the public who you work for, think about it, its real bad.

    “Our government has no intention to decriminalize marijuana. … It’s much stronger than it was years ago and, in some cases, marijuana may be laced with more dangerous chemicals. There is also evidence it may lead to experimentation with other drugs. It’s not something we want to encourage.” – Justice Minister Rob Nicholson Maclean’s Magazine, summer 2007.

    Vic Toews MP, the previous Justice Minister: House of Commons Debate (Hansfield, March 8, 2004:)

    “organized crime is treating marijuana with methamphetamine”

    “Does it not put a whole new perspective on the issue of legalizing marijuana when it is being treated with methamphetamine? ”

    This LIE has been used for BILL C-15.

    What can you say ? LIES to make LAWS. We are doomed.

    Political Police = Police State.

    PS Feel free to use anything I post.

  2. Dan-o on

    Why cannabis is illegal is a matter of some debate. Doctors and specialists played almost NO role in it. When and IF time permits, please pick up a copy of Jack Herer’s book ” The Emporer Wears No Clothes”. It is unabashedly pro-hemp/cannabis. However it’s undeniable factual look at the history of cannabis prohibition is documented rather than insinuated. Provable, documented fact trumps fear mongered propaganda.

  3. Samuel on

    More recent info from the CDC:

    Ingestion of Cigarettes Among Children Has Toxic Effects

    In recognition of National Poison Prevention Week, March 15–21, the (name of organization) is alerting the public about ways to prevent childhood poisoning. Cigarettes and cigarette butts may poison children who ingest them.

    In 2006, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) received more than 6,100 reports of potentially toxic exposures to tobacco products among children younger than 6 years of age in the United States. Most cases of nicotine poisoning among children result from their ingestion of cigarettes or chewing tobacco.

  4. From the 70s on

    And how would you know what drug you are addicted to if you used LACED marijuana with meth ? It is an insidious and sinister LIE and it show you there is EVIL in this world.

    But I disagree with you, the target was the parents, it scares the willies out of some them. And if it was the kids they were telling, then this LIE would NOT of been repeated in both the BC Legislature (by the Solicitor General of BC) for a law the RCMP wanted or in the House of Commons.

    This LIE is criminal I believe.

    PS I have one letter to the Head RCMP in BC for Drug Awareness (1 of 12 in Canada) from the Crystal Meth Secretariat of BC Solicitor General’s office where the RCMP admits its not true in early 2007. Yet a few months later, the Justice Minister of Canada used the LIE to promote BILL C-15 (C-26) in Maclean’s magazine in the summer 2007 (i.e. told the LIE to MILLIONS of Canadians) and the Health Minister (DAS, see my post above, is his department so he ignored his own department) also repeated it in Oct 2007 on CBC Politics used it too to promote BILL C-15 (C-26), the RCMP I guess told the LIES to the Ministers (did they wink wink ?). And on Duffy Live in Dec 2007, the RCMP released their 2006 yearly drug report which again claimed it was true (it was in their 2005 drug report stating it was true, 14 samples of 194,454 and they claim evil drug dealer LACING marijuana). This is a big LIE. It wasn’t for the kids, they told it to everyone.

  5. Anonymous on

    Doctors didn’t make marijuana illegal — they have been on the side of de-criminalization since the LeDain Report 35 years ago (make sure you keep this report away from your children – they might learn the truth!)

    It’s the pharmacy companies that produce dangerous, lethal drugs (like aspirin) along with a handful of alcoholic politicians who were and are behind marijuana prohibition. If you want to lie to your children — go ahead. I don’t want no pro-alcohol lobby group (DARE) lying to my child to satisfy their alcohol-induced paranoid delusions.

  6. Anonymous on

    A couple of years back there was an article in the local newspaper in which the RCMP claimed they had confiscated marijuana that was laced with crystal meth. It was clear that the article was intendewd to scare kids away from marijuana. I believe the RCMP would make a vigorous argument that drug pushers are lacing marijuana to get kids addicted.

    Well, if marijuana is so highly addictive, then why would it be necessary for pushers to lace marijuana with an addictive drug? The statements from the RCMP merely confirm that marijuana is not addictive and that the only “danger” in smoking it is if it has been laced with a dangerous drug!

    Yuk yuk yuk.

  7. John F. Kennedy on

    “On the issue of smoking pot I will remain Pro-Choice.”

  8. greg williams on

    I for one applaud you for speaking for yourself. It is probably one of the most important things you’ll ever do in your life. Never allow another to speak for you. Some people you can grow up with and one day find out that you dont know them.

    Marijuana has proven itself over thousands of years to be very useful to humans, and IMO, anything that is useful to humans and doesn’t cause massive enviromental damage is OK. Humans depended on it to help them survive. Many cultures based their beliefs on it. Many used its seemingly endless list of products and life necessities it produces / derived from it.
    It not only seems ok, but it seems to me that its still as important today as it was when our ancestors used it.

    Personally? I do not care what any person puts in their body. I find it to be very inappropriate to tell others how their life should go. Especially people i dont even know. I think its better to stick to what i know, which is nothing you know… nothing for sure.

    I guess what really bothers me the most is i have a nation full of tobacco addicts, alcholics, pill poppers, caffeine addicts..aka, Christian Crank, etc etc, who kill themselves and those around them at the tune of over a half a million people in America per year, telling me as a pot smoker how immoral i am and how i put others at risk.

    Once again, your voice belongs to you. Use it wisely. And when you have nothing to say? In silence lays the keys to how we grow. Let that ol idle gossip turn to chatter.

  9. Mitch W on

    Well, if you wanna see the Conservatives interesting site on the effects of drugs, here you go:

    Enjoy, seriously.
    It’s a little much.

  10. Anonymous on

    Pharmaceutical and cotton companies were behind the prohibition of it and they enforced it mainly on non-white subjects. After all we white dogs are better than they are…………NOT! You have gobbled up all the propoganda bullshit and seem to be digesting it quite nicely.

    Anwer: Real hard long shake of your head!

  11. Anonymous on

    Not only the lies and propaganda out of greed and rascism which is certainly why Cannabis is illegal today, but our education system has pretty much eliminated HEMP from textbooks. I never learned about the decorticator in school but did learn about Eli Whitney’s Cotton Gin!!! All of the very noble history of HEMP has been eliminated from the education of our children! This has also been very much a part of the attempts at eradicating this very beneficial plant!

  12. Anna on

    There are two reasons cannabis was made illegal: 1. Racism and 2. Greed. Harry Anslinger fought to make it illegal and produced one of the largest propaganda campaigns ever created, with perhaps the exception of WWII war propaganda. The propaganda that Anslinger created was riddled with lies, in fact, it was ALL lies. DARE is following in his footsteps. The propaganda is the same, the message has been adjusted to fit the times. It’s all still lies.

    Greed: William Randolf Hearst lobbied the US government to prohibit cannabis – both kinds, medicinal and hemp – because he had huge investments in wood processing for making paper for his newspaper companies. When the hemp decorticator was invented, it solved the problem of mass-producing usable hemp fiber. This threatened Hearst’s financial interests and he found it in his best interest to take advantage of Anslinger’s anti-marijuana campaign for the eradication of cannabis. DuPont had just invented nylon, of which hemp rope was a competitor. Because DuPont procured a patent for nylon, they could sell it at exorbitantly high markup and make a financial killing off of it – but only if hemp production was suppressed.

    THESE are the reasons why cannabis was made illegal. And ever since then the government has had to tweak the message about how “evil” the cannabis plant is when, in fact, the cannabis plant is probably the single best natural substance for mankind (in every way, shape and form) to ever exist.

    Now what we have are Big Pharma lobbying the government to keep cannabis off the market (i.e., illegal) because legal use will certainly impact their bottom line. We have the alcohol industry, especially companies like Anheiser Busch, lobbying the government to keep it illegal because legalization will certainly hurt their profit margins. We have law enforcement organizations lobbying the government to keep it illegal because they make a financial killing from the anti-drug tax dollars they get and they’d be “out of business” if it were legalized. We have the prison system lobbying the government because the millions and millions of people they put in cages would all disappear and their profit margins would drop. We have groups like DARE and The Partnership for a Drug-Free America, which are extensions of the government’s anti-cannabis propaganda machine, that lobby the government to keep cannabis illegal because legalization would put them out of work. The DEA would be impacted greatly by legalization as well and they would lose tax dollars and their power trip would be impacted too much, so they lobby the government to keep it illegal. There are other companies, such as those that destroy forests for wood for paper and other textiles who lobby the government to keep cannabis illegal because hemp production in the US would impact their bottom line. There are companies in China and elsewhere who provide companies in the USA with hemp oils and fibers (because we can’t grow it here) at a tune of billions per year. They lobby the US government to keep hemp production illegal in the US because their profit margins would be seriously damaged by legal hemp production in the USA. And perhaps one of the biggest of them all right now: the tobacco companies. They stand to lose a lot of money from legalization because cigarette and tobacco sales will plummet. Perhaps they’re ready with their decorticators, but I am sure they still lobby to keep hemp and cannabis illegal.

    And the ones who stand to lose the most when it comes to legalization? The Mexican Drug Cartels. Do you think they would sit idly by and let the government legalize marijuana without some kind of fight, either by lobbying or outright corruption? Hell no. They make sickeningly humongous amounts of tax-free cash, they’re fighting tooth-and-nail to keep it illegal because once it’s legal, they’ll lose a massive cash flow source.

    What our governments, both US and Canadian, are doing is sacrificing the lambs (us) for their own greed- and power-driven sickness. The people in office who are responsible for this have deep and profound psychological problems – they’re addicted to money and power – but worst of all they don’t care that their sickness has been ruining the rest of us, literally. They are destroying our families by taking parents and putting them in prisons. They are destroying people’s lives because once a person gets a felony conviction on their record for simply having a bit of cannabis on them, they can no longer get equal access to housing loans, student loans, jobs, and much, much more. They are destroying the public trust between government and the people, and especially between people and the police, because they continue to lie to us even though we are aware of the truth and we are demanding they accept the truth and change the laws. They could not be more hypocritical in their methodology.

    The movement toward legalization is growing and as the government has known all along it will take a massive shift in public opinion and desire to get these laws changed. Thank goodness there are smart people on all sides who are standing up to this charade and speaking out, screaming out, for justice, fairness, and truth.

    Even for those who don’t use cannabis, it is in their best interest to put an end to the lies of the government anti-drug propaganda machines. Our children need to hear the truth from their government. And even if the government truly believes the lies they spew forth about drugs, it is in their best interest to stop that and legalize cannabis, if not all illegal drugs, and to set the truth free – if for nothing more than to gain back the public trust. Then they can at least abuse that trust again in some way, shape, or form, as I’m sure they will.


    Check out:

  13. Travis Erbacher on

    Well said my friend. I thought this crap was being phased out in Canada. Very interesting to note that there isn’t a DARE Canada site. There is an initial welcome page that serves as the Canadian site, but it goes to the American information. Is there a difference in programs between countries?

  14. Travis Erbacher on

    I don’t get what the point of your post was.

    You and your sister going to the hospital means that this claim is true? How so?

    And if you know that you pass out, why would you smoke in the middle of a large concert? Especially when you know that it will be used to demonize others…

  15. From the 70s on

    When you hear about kids popping SEVERAL ecstasy pills and dying, you realize NO ONE is telling the kids the truth.

    Do you think they tell kids the truth in DARE on how not to die from an overdose of ecstasy (or even on the drug alcohol for that matter, on an overdose of alcohol, you actually smother to death because you actually forget to breathe due to its extreme intoxication) ? Kids should know that an ecstasy pill takes more than hour or two to take effect.

    And parents should know that in fact they control the drug alcohol better than the Police control all the illicit drugs and if the kids do get their hands on the drug alcohol, they don’t die from it being contaminated like some chemical street drugs like ecstasy which basically any kid can but right at school (they don’t sell the drug alcohol in the schools).

    DARE is not drug education, its propaganda to sell their sick and pathetic and very very selfish US War on Drugs (so the low self-esteem Police can pat themselves on their backs, saviors of our children,it is delusional).

    It is amazing that this nonsense continues in 2009.

  16. Anonymous on

    If you do believe tobacco is more risky than marijuana, how could you possibly believe that a group of doctors and scientists actually came up with reasons for it to be illegal, yet decided it was okay for tobacco, which kills thousands every year, to still be in circulation? It’s unbelievable… because that isn’t what happened.

    Marijuana is illegal due to racism against Mexicans and Blacks when it started becoming a prolific drug amongst those communities. It’s pretty easy to put a large amount of people from an ethnic community in jail when you scare people into believing that what they’re smoking turns them into enraged killers, which is what they did back then. Enough people smoke marijuana, nowadays, to know better than believe such an extreme lie, so they do what they can and scare you with false notions such as weed laced with meth, which wouldn’t even be a potential problem if it were sold in legal shops.

    The point of this article isn’t to argue Marijuana’s legal status but to show the flaws of government in just about every country, and the flaw exhibited here is that they’re willing to lie to “keep us in line”.

  17. Anonymous on

    i was educated about drugs through the DARE program and every bit of information is presented to steer kids away from drugs. If they had presented real data then it would lead kids to think that many drugs are okay to use, especially responsibly. My biggest problem is that these drug education programs do not give people useful knowledge. For example, if i had have been taught to control my alcohol use, I would not have blacked out so many times when I was younger. The focus should be on harm reduction and not on deterrence.

  18. Samuel on

    The truly ridiculous thing is that while you can consume heroic doses of THC and experience nothing worse that the strong urge to take a nap, nicotine is a deadly poison and will kill!

    Here is from the Center for Disease Control:

    “Ingestion of Cigarettes and Cigarette Butts”
    Ingestion of Cigarettes and Cigarette Butts by Children — Rhode Island, January 1994-July 1996

    During 1995, the American Association of Poison Control Centers (AAPCC) received 7917 reports of potentially toxic exposures to tobacco products among children aged less than or equal to 6 years in the United States (1). Most cases of nicotine poisoning among children result from their ingestion of cigarettes or cigars (2). Acute nicotine poisoning is characterized by rapid onset of symptoms that may be severe when large amounts have been ingested (2). During January 1994-July 1996, the Rhode Island Poison Control Center (RIPCC) received 146 reports of ingestion of products containing nicotine by children aged less than or equal to 6 years. To characterize risk factors for and outcomes associated with ingestion of cigarettes and cigarette butts among children aged less than or equal to 6 years, the Rhode Island Department of Health (RIDH) analyzed data from the RIPCC and the 1996 Rhode Island Health Interview Survey (RIHIS). This report summarizes the findings of the study, which indicate that ingestion of cigarettes and cigarette butts by children aged less than or equal to 6 years resulted in minor toxic effects and occurred more frequently in households where smoking was permitted in the presence of children and where cigarettes and cigarette wastes were accessible to children. ”


  19. From the 70s on

    About a year ago, there was front page headline The Province saying two kids in BC had to go to emergency after smoking pot. Of course there were claims its LACED marijuana since that is a very big LIE, an RCMP LIE, they tell everyone they can. Tests proved the pot was not laced, of course (why would anyone do it unless they are an idiot and they had heard the RCMP LIE that Marijuana is LACED with Meth/Chemicals ?).

    I think the two kids, inexperienced and uneducated by DARE smoked pot on an empty stomach and got major munchies which I think we all know it can make you feel ill, perhaps even very ill. Add in the LASE LIE the RCMP tell everyone they can and you get two kids scared out of their mind.

    LIES only help the LIARS, no one else.

    And why did the kids have pot ? Because its NOT sold in adult only stores. Its sold in ALL our large high schools be fellow students to fellow students (not organized crime or gangs in the schoolyards pushing Marijuana LACED with Meth/Chemical to addict our children as the RCMP tell us all). And its been this way long before the current student drug dealers were students, even BORN for that matter (decades, its the culture now). And following the USA (as we slowly are although BILL C-15 will be a big step, BILL C-15 is also based on this LIE of evil drug pushers selling to youth, its the kids and the kids know the truth) is a fallacy since not only do they have the drugs, THEY DO have the gangs and guns in their schools.

    Its shameful that we continue with such a FAILED system that only helps so few, the LIARS. If the drug are not in adult only stores, they will be in the schools.

    It was parents who ended the prohibition of alcohol is the USA for their kids. Time to get educated parents and listening to OUR police is not getting educated (they only sell us their LIES). This type of LYING also misleads parents on the true nature of addiction, the problem is the people, its not the drugs (i.e the false mantra of the US War on Drugs, “Its the drug” is the biggest cop out going, pun intended), the substance abuse is a symptom (and I wouldn’t wish substance abuse on anyone). These LIES are really a matter of public safety, the LIES destroy lives that could be saved if REAL experts were in charge instead of the Mickey Mouse cops (remember , the cops cannot even fixed themselves, they have a higher rate of addiction than civilians, they are the DRUNKS).

    LIES won’t help your kids if they get addicted but truth will. Addicts are programmed as children, the fact is about 10 to 15% of LET ourselves get addicted (addicts know they are getting addicted but they don’t stop like most of us will, thank our lucky stars) and the rest of us would never let ourselves get addicted (i.e. who needs a problem ?).

  20. Samuel on

    As Mark Twain said here in the States: “There are lies, damned lies and statistics.” This DARE nonsense is a classic example of using a “frame” for statistics: manipulating data and the language used to present it to the public in order to produce a visceral but ultimately meaningless and false piece of propaganda.

    It seems much like the now old canard that “more marijuana users are in treatment than users of any other illegal drug.” Well, yeah, that’s right….until you begin to examine the situation more closely and really analyze how the legal system works; it simply falls apart as nonsense.

    Propagandists “trust” the public to be lazy and ignorant (that is, intentionally uneducated) and so they spread these lies confident that no one will ever question their words.

  21. From the 70s on

    Anyone who knows the blackmarket knows the Marijuana LACED with Meth/Chemicals is a preposterous statement, a LIE and the evidence shows this truth (its an RCMP LIE and they claim to be the experts). And Health Canada DAS (Drug Analysis Services) who test ALL seized marijuana in Canada have the evidence to prove this.

    I received the following information from Health Canada DAS (Drug Analysis Services) on Nov 27, 2007. I note that DAS tests all seized marijuana in Canada.

    “As per previous communications, we have reviewed our records to determine the number of times over the past few years that the Drug Analysis Service identified both Cannabis (marihuana) and methamphetamine in an exhibit submitted to our laboratories. Since April 1, 2003, a total of fourteen exhibits (samples) were found to contain both Cannabis (marijuana) and methamphetamine. Over the same time period, Cannabis (marijuana) was identified in 194,454 exhibits. The number of exhibits that the Drug Analysis Service found to contain both marijuana and methamphetamine therefore represents 0.0072 percent of all the exhibits that contained marijuana, for this time period.”

    That is 14 samples out of 194,454 samples over a 4 1/2 year period that contained both marijuana and meth. Another DAS employee has told me that these are cross-contaminated samples and that they have no control on how the RCMP interpret their test results. The previous director of DAS told me that it was an “urban myth” and not true as well.

    The Marijuana LACED with METH statement is a LIE to scare us. It is against the law to spread “false messages” to “alarm” us. It scares the willies out of a lot of parents and that is the intention in my opinion.

    It is sad when you can’t believe the police or even what you read in the news.

  22. Anonymous on

    Too bad he didn’t compare Cannabis to alcohol instead of tobacco. Tobacco is so weak that of course you’re not going to see many people going to the ER for it, unless they eat it. Actually, that alone makes tobacco worse, the fact that if you ate a cigarette or two it would probably kill you makes tobacco a whole lot more dangerous than Cannabis. If a child ate some cigarettes he’s a goner but if he ate even enough weed to fill his belly he wouldn’t die. End of comparison. Same with alcohol. If you go to the ER for Cannabis you’ll be back to normal before the 8 hour wait to see a doctor is over anyway. Before you got to the front of the line you’d have gone home to get some twinkies.

  23. From the 70s on

    DARE is for the cops, it make them feel good (i.e. they feel external self-esteem as they fool themselves that they help the kids, they ONLY help themselves, its so pathetic to watch the ignorance displayed by our cops on addiction and substance abuse, they hurt us all (especially the kids who are vulnerable to addiction) spreading their ignorance and let’s not forget they tell LIES as well).

    The POLICE ARE NOT THE EXPERTS ON ADDICTION (and they won’t understand what I am saying here, they are TOTALLY CLUED out).

    Also try to find out what they teach in DARE in Canada. Its not online. Why ? Are they hiding something ? Do you think they tell the kids the truth on the drug alcohol that it has the HIGHEST intoxication of ALL drugs or do you think they tell the kids that there are evil drug pushers LACING marijuana with meth/chemical to addict them (the insidious and sinister RCMP LIE, the target audience is really the parents to spread FEAR, its against the law to spread “false messages” to “alarm” us) ?

    How uninformed do you think our kids are (they only know the marijuana LIES, they don’t know that the drug alcohol has the HIGHEST intoxication of all drugs and that makes it and the alcohol addicts the most dangerous to you and me and MOST of our addicts in Canada are alcohol addicts, illicit drug addicts are but a pittance to alcohol addicts accounting for perhaps 2 or 3% of addicts). It seems CLEAR for those who understand intoxication, alcohol having the HIGHEST makes it the most DANGEROUS of ALL drugs especially to YOUTH who don’t use the drug alcohol in moderation. The drug alcohol is so intoxicating, that you actually loose the ability to even decide if you can drive due to its extreme intoxication.

    See for intoxication of alcohol compared to other substances, its the worst. Also see the story at CBC’s website, “Alcohol most dangerous drug for drivers: study”, driving under the influence of marijuana has a 2X chance of death. Driving just over 0.08 on alcohol has a 40X chance of death. At twice over the limit, its 80X in the same report.

    The truth is we don’t tell the kids the truth (and that is why the drug alcohol is the number one killer of kids and the number one reason they are in prison too yet there is NOT one word about the drug ALCOHOL on the new Government’s anti-drug strategy website).

    LIES and IGNORANCE before kids’ lives.

    The Police themselves have a much higher rate of addiction than civilians (and their drug of choice, the drug alcohol, makes them the MOST DANGEROUS addicts since the drug alcohol had the HIGHEST intoxication of ALL drugs).

    Its long past the time for our medical community to step up and take back this issue from our cops.

    Remember, these are the same cops who want a NEW War on Pot. Its a sad joke.

  24. Anonymous on

    But that’s just it! i don’t know if the Dare program has changed over the years but for me and my cousins who have taken it al its done is given us straight out facts about drugs and alcohol. No one every explained to me which drug was worse per-se. They explain what every drug is, it’s consequences, etc.
    What i’ve always understood is that the Dare program is only trying to inform kids, it is than they’re choice if they want to take it or not.
    i speak on my behalf as a teenager who’s never done drugs but has friends who do marijuana. i understand that technically tobacco hurts more but that doesn’t mean that marijuana is OK. it’s a risk nonetheless

  25. greg williams on

    There is nothing ” righteous” about using false misleading information to promote your agenda.

    If your information is so ” righteous” one wouldnt need to distort the facts.

    greg williams

  26. greg williams on

    Well, here we go again.

    The emergency room visit. Lets say i was at work and slipped and broke my arm.

    I go to the hospital. The doctors, like any good doctor would do asks…..” Have you did, or are you on any drugs?”
    I say, ” no, but i do smoke Marijuana”

    The doctor list Marijuana as a drug used by patient, but not necessarily today.

    The government goes into the hospital emergency room to view the statistics and finds.. ” person broke arm and smokes Marijuana”

    Even though Marijuana was not related to accident, the mere mention of marijuana now makes Marijuana part of the emergency room visit.

    My broken arm, which had nothing to do with pot use is now a marijuana related emergecny room visit and is used in the propaganda we see here today.

    Kids? they have no choice in the matter. The worried parent sees their kid stoned and takes them to the emergency room. The kid has a couple of choices.

    Choice # 1. Do what you;re told and say what i want you to say.

    Choice # 2. Do what you’re told and say whay i want you to say.

    Kids have no rights and no say so in the hospital reporting and are usually forced to act scared and ignorant.

    It is very few kids who stand up and say..” i’m ok, i enjoyed it” because of the penatly unl;eashed by parent or some other form of authority.

  27. Anonymous on

    instead of looking for excuses to be against any righteous organization that is atleast trying to help pay attention to yourself. If you don’t want to stop doing drugs (any kind of your choice) than that is your business. But i’m sure that i don’t want anyone telling my future children “well, drugs are bad but if you HAVE to do one…it should be marijuana because even though its illegal its the safest one.”
    nor do i want them telling them to do tobacco.
    Personally, i’ve gone through the DARE program when i was in elementary school and let me say it never encouraged any of us to do any kinds of drugs much less show us how tobacco is the safest.
    Marijuana is illegal. that’s it. if its illegal its for a reason, because doctors or whatever specialists decided that that is the right choice.
    the truth is that whatever drug you choose to do is dangerous and the safest way? is just to abstain.
    i do not criticize the DARE program at all, the are trying atleast to do something right

  28. daynerr on

    What it comes down to, is yes you are right. If it was to be legalized then the strains would be pure and 100% not laced with anything. Yet again who is going to know what kind of pot is being passed around at a concert? It was pretty well a situation where there were just doobies being passed everywhere (The Tragically Hip Concert). So chances are it could of been laced with something even more hardcore.

  29. Harry Pothead on

    From what you are saying if you knew the strain this would not happen.

    So you are a victim of prohibition because if it was leagle and you can buy or grow your own you would know what strain you are enjoying and the effects of that strain.

    My 2kw’s

  30. daynerr on

    technically the emergency room visits portion of this article is true because me and my sister have both been rushed to the hospital by ambulance against our wills from smoking pot. i tend to pass out with certain strains and it just so happened to happen at a large concert. But i refused treatment and went back to the show. and it was only from one joint. so just want to throw that out there. I love marijuana if used responsibly it is generally a good thing.