The H1N1 Scam – A Prisoner’s Perspective

CANNABIS CULTURE – Herbs not vaccines! Imprisoned pot activist David Malmo-Levine says the H1N1 vaccine may be more dangerous than the virus itself.

[Editor’s Note: David Malmo-Levine is currently serving a six-month prison sentence in British Columbia for his unique form of cannabis activism. Click here and here to read more about David’s case. Read more from David on his CC blog.]

This was going to be a more thoroughly researched article but the research material my editor Jeremiah tried to drop off for me at Fraser Regional Correctional Center was turned away. Something about its sheer volume overwhelming them, as if I was going to roll all those bits of paper up and smash my window out.

Maybe they were interested in keeping prisoners ignorant in general…or ignorant about H1N1 in particular.

There was a good article on page C5 of the November 28th Vancouver Sun, written by Christopher Shaw about the H1N1 flu and the vaccine. Apparently the H1N1 flu isn’t nearly as deadly as the average seasonal flu, while there are good reasons to doubt the safety of the vaccine.

Many newspaper articles that report the number of deaths from H1N1 don’t report the comparative number of deaths from the regular flu. Adding to this hype in the media are the full page advertisements: page A17 of the November 6 Province details the chief public officers “Plan for Canadians“, an H1N1 “immunization campaign” the “largest and quickest” in Canadian history. In Fraser Regional Correctional Center there are posters everywhere advising prisoners to get vaccinated. They even dropped off H1N1 preparedness guides encouraging vaccination. Check out the website, at

When I first arrived at North Fraser, they asked me why I didn’t want the shot; I told them I didn’t trust it. They responded with the classic appeal to authority, “So you think you know better then the Center for Disease Control, eh?” I responded with: “I know about the Swine Flu vaccination of 1976 where one person died of the flu and 25 people died of the vaccine, and over 1000 ended up with a horrible vaccine-related diseases.”

The North Fraser doctor had no response to that. When I was moved from North Fraser to Fraser Regional it was at the height of the scare. The nurses were busy taking each prisoner’s temperature. When it came time for my turn, I asked one of them, “Isn’t true that at the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial a precedent was established that medical procedures could not be conducted without the consent of the patient? “I’d agree with that,” responded the nurse, adding, “unless there were extenuating circumstances.” They didn’t elaborate.

I suspected those circumstances had something to do with the various mandatory vaccination programs in Canada and the United States over the years. Funny how both the Nazis and representative democracies used terrorism as a boogieman to justify the removal of the medical autonomy of the individual.

If you are worried about protection from flu bugs, there are several less-dangerous alternatives to the H1N1 vaccination – some you might not have expected.

Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Director and Chief Science Officer of Cannabis Science Inc. says cannabis should be taken seriously as a means of combating H1N1 and other flu viruses.

“The high lethality of some strains of flu can be attributed to the excessive inflammatory response driven by Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF),” Melamede said. “Endocannabinoids are nature’s way of controlling TNF activity. Phytocannabinoids can mimic the natural endocannabinoids to prevent excessive inflammatory immune responses.”

This seems feasible, though I think it needs more research. Unfortunately, getting medical marijuana in jail is simply not an option. Instead, I repeatedly asked Dr. Beckett, the doctor here at Fraser, for permission to get a bottle of grapefruit seed extract. For years I have been using it to keep colds, flus, and sore throats away. Whenever I would feel a scratchy throat or fever coming on, I would just dose myself with GSE and 10 minutes later I would feel better. It worked on all my friends too, at least the ones that could handle the horrible taste.

Dr. Beckett told me he had read studies that proved grapefruit seed extract was unsafe when mixed with some other drugs and was not effective, and that even though I wasn’t taking any other drugs he could not take the chance. I asked him the names of the studies and he declined to provide them. I often hear similar references to nameless unprovided studies when speaking to anti-pot doctors about cannabis. I think it’s a pat answer they all learn in med-school. I’m almost certain grapefruit seed extract comes out safer and more effective than vaccinations when comparing safety, efficacy and cost, just as I’m almost certain that GSE is not studied as much as it should be because it can’t be patented and vaccines are not studied as much as they should be because corporations have invested billions into them and have no desire to learn about the long term side effects.

Speaking about those side effects, I came across an article on page A11 of the November 18 Province entitled, “36 Serious Reactions to Vaccine Among 6.6 Million Shots“.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer David Butler Jones was quoted as saying that the serious adverse effects are rare and that the “benefits of vaccination outweigh any theoretical risks.” Where was this guy during the 1976 swine flu fiasco? And for how long do they monitor shot recipients? Nowhere in any media have I seen statistics on how many flu victims have gone on to get the flu despite getting the vaccine. The Center for Disease Control’s website lists short-term side effects of the vaccine including fever, aches, sore throat, cough and others – all indistinguishable from symptoms of the virus itself.

As it turns out, the only prisoner quarantined in my unit had received a shot before he caught swine flu. I’ve been fighting back a scratchy throat using a combination of orange juice, vitamins, Fisherman’s Friends, and chewing on orange seeds. Interestingly, the only contraband I’ve seen confiscated so far was a prisoner’s stash of oranges.

Another topic that has been missing from the newspapers is the suspicious origin of the H1N1. Apparently it is a mixture of four different flu strains (more here under “Genetics”) from four different parts of the world, nearly impossible to recombine naturally but fairly easy to recombine in a lab. This despite being the topic of many Hollywood films including “Outbreak”, “The Hulk”, and “Aliens”, all of which have been repeatedly playing on the movie channels here – not to mention “V for Vendetta”.

The concept of biological war profiteering is still taboo in the major news media. The Baxter Corporation patented the H1N1 vaccine a year before the outbreak and apparently the same corporation accidentally mixed the H1N1 strain with a more deadly strain. I wonder what affect that would have had on sales had it not been caught just in time. According to research I collected for my magazine PotShot #19, similar conflicts of interest are associated with anthrax, West Nile, small pox and AIDS vaccines. There should be a serious investigation into these conflicts of interest, especially the anthrax attack of 2001, which was blamed on a rogue, crazy scientist when it was Bayer, makers of Cipro and weaponized anthrax, who should have been investigated.

I fear, with good reason, that a future biological terrorist attack could be results of another corporation hoping to make another killing from selling another cure to another disease they have access to.

If you wish to look at the materials that were too dangerous to send to me at Fraser Regional click here.



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  3. G-nonymous on

    Too bad the only corporate news station I would watch and put any confidence in is the corporation for public broadcasting. Anyways, the government does not manufacture vaccines. Also, the only types of people I know of who are actually being forced to get vaccinated are health care workers, and maybe prisoners in some counties.
    Remember when you’re questioning anything that anybody is trying to convince you: it is good to be skeptical of government agencies and the like, really, but also remember to remain skeptical of the man with the tin-foil hat.

  4. Thoth on


    Could you please put down the crack pipe. I dont recall David mentioning he hated jews. There was a Palestine it was founded by Rome, before that it was called Caanan. The Modern Day Zionist movement has no rights to that land. 85% are of the Ashkanazi variety from Khazaristan. Einstien is a notable one.

    Please wake up. I repeat please wake up.

    The vaccine has never been proven to work. Please forward the data demonstrating effacacy. GSE is a good natural solution, Collodial Silver, and numerous others are far better than injecting your body with virus antibodies that were incubated in chicken eggs and who knows what else.

    btw seriously wtf? please elaborate on what you said here, “The vaccine prepares your system for fighting lung infections which other seasonal flu shots ” You seem like a purdy scientific fellow.

    and this little gem, “im sure we can all go back in time, and die after you get the bubonic plague from rats and be happy that you were not exposing yourself to horrible vaccines which might save your life, but cause some other complications. You shouldnt eat food, as it might someday cause you to die of Food poisoning.”

    Seriously Anon, you watch WAAAAAAYYYYYY too much TV. Again please explain how a vaccine might save your life, when we see the cheerleader that was horribly affected by the vaccine. yes the one that runs backwards. How do you know the true extent of bubonic plague? were you there? history is written by those that are in power. and the main stream media are a bunch of Liars. AP and Rueters are both controlled by the Rothschilds and their agents. I strongly suggest you focus your efforts on studying how Rothschild, and Rockefella and all the other greedy P.O.S. are plotting on killing you and your family and all of us with their “population Control Agenda” sanatized term for mass murder. Through starvation (kissinger wrote a paper in 1972 on using food as a weapon) Engineered virii, False Flag Terrorism, and Eugenics.

    Look into what Cecil Rhodes (of the famed Rhodes Scholarship) did in South Africa. DeBeers is founded on the blood of hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention the theft of that countries resources. Bottom line is the rothschild clan has more blood on its hands than any plaque, virus, or whatever(they actaully have their henchmen do it for them while they sit safe in their castles) Ever wonder why Switzerland is a “nuetral” country? That is where they store all their booty they stole from the rest of the world.

    H1N1 is a bioweapon engineered for population control. The New World Order folks must be brought to justice for their crimes against humanity. And yes Isreal used white phosphorous on civilians in their so called war in Gaza a year ago. However I call it more like genocide. i am sure it was like shooting fish in a barrel since theyve blockaded that area for years.

    Please note I did not provide links since I doubt you are even capable of reading and I dont want to burden your mom.

    Thank you come again…

  5. Anonymous on

    I believe in the truth, and the truth is the government (Both Canadian and US) do not have the best interest of it’s citizens at heart. The government believes in power, and sales. The government believes in big buisness, such as oil, pharmecuticals, and law enforcement. So maybe all of us ‘potheads’ are paranoid about the governments ideas, but I don’t think that makes us crazy. The same governments telling us to get vaccinated are the same people trying to incriminate innocent families, pushing alchohol and tobacco (two of the worlds killers) over pot, and wage uneccesary wars in other countries. The ammount of money that has been made for the pharmecutical companies from the h1n1 vaccine is disgusting. We all risk the potential dangers of a vaccine pushed upon us by the same people who’s pockets get lined with cash because they can sell us fear.

    And ask yourself this..
    who’s responsible for what you see and hear in the media?
    The same people who are trying to sell you fear, put our families at risk, making themsleves richer.

    I’d question anything they try and convince us.

  6. G-nonymous on

    This was in the news several month’s ago actually, I believe this was the first article related to Cannabis and H1N1:

    Keep in mind though that the cannabis only provides symptomatic relief, and for these purposes should not be administered by smoking (the article is about lozenges). Using cannabis is not going to prevent you from getting any kind of influenza, nor is it going to cure any kind of influenza.
    Just because the cannabinoids present in cannabis might be good at reducing our bodies inflammatory response to H1N1, among other symptoms, in no way contraindicates actual preventative measures, such as getting vaccinated, or the proper medically-supervised use of antivirals like Tamiflu for those infected individuals who may be benefited by it.
    If you have any underlying illness or condition that puts you at an increased risk of complications should you contract influenza, or even if you just live with or are frequently in the vicinity of such individuals with underlying conditions like asthma or pregnancy, then you should seriously consider getting at least the seasonal flu vaccine to protect yourself and loved ones.

  7. Anonymous on

    even if vaccination is a conspiracy to genetically modify and control humanity,I still want it the flu sucks and if the vaccine gives me even a 1% less change of getting the flu its worth it. there are so many strains of flu its not possible to vaccinate for all of them just the hot popular ones.

    I do agree that its a personal choice and you aren’t hurting anyone if you don’t want a vaccine.

  8. BG on

    Was I the only one that noticed…

    “Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Director and Chief Science Officer of Cannabis Science Inc. says cannabis should be taken seriously as a means of combating H1N1 and other flu viruses.”

    I’m paranoid about the government too. I’m also crazy.
    But I have medicine for that… oh and aparently it’s good for combating H1N1 and other flu viruses…

    Viva La Revolution.

  9. Anonymous on

    Watch out for Global Research, its a bunch of crap imho. Wikipedia is a much better resource.

    H1N1 is not a “weaponized form” of multiple flu viruses. The Flu virus is perfectly capable of reorganizing its own genome, as viruses have been doing for billions of years prior to the arrival of weapons designers. Flu viruses are also capable of crossing the species barrier, hence the common names avian, swine, etc. When a person or animal is simultaneously infected with two flu viruses, as happens occasionally, the components of the virus can mix. This means that two viruses, one that is very infectious but not very deadly, and one that is not very infectious, but very deadly, could recombine to form a virus that is both infectious and deadly, or non infectious and non-deadly.

    Yes, H1N1 will kill less people than the seasonal flu, but its the population spread that is concerning. Young and middle aged persons who normally die less frequently from the flu actually die more frequently when infected than children and elders. How the virus is able to be inversely deadly to the immune capacity of the individual is concerning, because it implies that the virus may be bypassing our immune responses. Its a legitimate fear.

    This H1N1 paranoia damages the credibility cannabis movement.

    The vaccines are fine

    less mercury than half a can of tuna

    the adjuvant is safe

    mind-control-nanobot free!

  10. G-nonymous on

    Uh, right…everybody is totally just dropping dead left and right because they got that damned vaccine!
    I hate it how everybody is so incredibly fucking ridiculous. It’s extremes one way or the other with you people, the entire human race. Either the government is conspiring with the medical industry to kill us all (with both a virus and it’s vaccine, no less), or America is the land of the free and God Bless us, hey look Jesus is in my soup, or all those damned Jews it’s all their fault!
    It is simply inane and I always get this weird feeling that maybe I really am the only sane person in existence.

    Now, AFAIK about your little “swine flu to H1N1” hysteria scandal, the reason this happened ‘allegedly’ was because there was a virus circulating in swine (pigs) and it was speculated to be related to or have brought about this H1N1 strain. When that turned out not to be entirely substantiated they (the meds, not the feds) decided it would be more appropriate to call the strain “H1N1” being that is a Human virus.
    And by the way, if you knew anything at all about how a virus actually works then you might know that they commonly mutate and are transmitted between species. A virus that is transmitted to a human via pig to human transmission could potentially mutate and develop the ability to spread via human to human contact. This happens in nature, not necessarily a laboratory. If you remember much else about the “Avian” flu scare that was just a few years back, in that case there was a virus being transmitted from birds to humans, the fear was that it would mutate and be capable of spreading via casual human to human contact thus causing a major pandemic that could potentially have killed a lot of people. That obviously didn’t happen as there was an effort to limit direct human contact with the livestock.

    I also am under the impression that this article makes Cannabis Culture look bad and further portrays pot heads as a bunch of paranoid tin-foil wearing wackos. Good job.

  11. Anonymous on

    the government is clearly giving people the “H1N1” flu shot so that they can eliminate more people in the population. Many babies have died from the mothers getting the flu shot , many of thethe elderley and the sick have also died. it has also led to paralyzation. So why get the flu shot? you shouldnt. Its just another government scam. It doesnt even make sense to begin with. when this flu came out it was the SWINE FLU! and you got it from PIGS! It was NOT AIRBOURNE and only babies, elderly and the sick had a better chance of catching it. well DUHHH!!!! immunity of those induviduals is clearly not strong against many viruses !!! then ALL OF A SUDDEN they changed the name to the famous “H1N1” and now its AIRBOURNE and ANYONE can catch it! hmmmmm . doesnt make too much sense to me. Lets just mix 4 different tyoes of flu and give it to the majority of the people who are stupid enough to get it!! Then we can eliminate more people! it wasnt bad enough when eating SCHNIDERS meat killed many. hahaha just a big joke!!!! so anyone who reads this, at least dont get teh flu shot. if your not sick , whats the point? everyone gets sick, why try and fight it. Its how our immune system and our body stays healthy and strong!

  12. Anonymous on

    Realistically, if the majority of the population gets vaccinated it’s unlikely that it could become a pandemic now and the few people who didn’t get vaccinated probably won’t catch it unless they are very unlucky. Still, I’d hate to be one of the few who don’t get the vaccine and then actually do manage to catch it. You’d be hanging your head over the toilet and saying why the hell didn’t I get that vaccine when I had the chance.

  13. Anonymous on

    Yeah, that wasn’t swine flu. I had the thing you were talking about too. It’s like a 3 day virus and all you get is a cough, no headache or fever at all. That ain’t what swine flu is like. It lasts a good two-three weeks. If you had it you would definitely know about it.

  14. Anonymous on

    David Malmo-Levine is entitled to his views.

    But let’s make this clear from the outset : PhD’s in “herbology” – or in botany – are not “Doctors”. They are not M.D.s. They are not qualified to give expert evidence in our courts on the subject of medicine and are NOT “doctors” as the public understands the use of that term.

    In other words, David Malmo-Levine is writing deceptively in attributing the opinions of so-called “doctors” to challenge mainstream medical opinion.

    There is a word for the use of that sort of language in the English language. The term for such a deceptive practice is called: a LIE.

    If you can’t make your “scientific” argument legitimately without the deliberate use of deceptive accreditation to the medical opinions expressed by non-physicians, I put it to you that you ought not to be making such arguments at all, David.

    I do not challenge your sincerity to the overall cause David. You are after all, literally, a committed activist. But that does not mean an article which suggests the treatment of the H1N1 virus with cannabis — instead of with viral immunization programs — is not demonstrably deserving of both scorn and intellectual contempt.

    And make no mistake, the premise of this article is deserving of both scorn and contempt. You ought to know better David. The fact that you have read the evidence but choose to reject it, preferring a tin-foil-hat conspiracy to hand wave away the science which demonstrate your argument is WRONG, indicates to me that you are experiencing selective cognitive distortions.

    That’s a polite way of saying that you appear to be a loon. You may be a sincere loon, a nice loon, and a loon who would make a fine dinner companion; indeed, by all accounts, enjoyable person to share a joint with.

    But still a loon, nonetheless.

  15. Anonymous on

    That is only partially true, if you’re referring to the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act which established the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program. According to the Health Resources and Services Administration: “The VICP was established to ensure an adequate supply of vaccines, stabilize vaccine costs, and establish and maintain an accessible and efficient forum for individuals found to be injured by certain vaccines.”
    This makes some sense as even if, despite the best efforts of the manufacturer, people claim to be seriously injured as a result of a vaccine any litigation will cost lots of money-before it even enters a court room. As a result the cost of the vaccines would rise and the manufacturers would potentially be less willing to produce them. However, not all vaccines are covered under the CVI Act, and even if you are injured as a result of a vaccine that is covered it doesn’t mean you’re shit out of luck. Rather, any settlement would be paid by the government and not the manufacturer.
    Now, it is important to point out that the H1N1 vaccine is not covered under the VICP. If you received any vaccine and are experiencing serious side effects you are encouraged to report them. In fact, the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System was established for this exact purpose.
    Covered Vaccines:

    Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System:

  16. Anonymous on

    When official statements and statistics are proven to be false, it kinda hurts credibility to support the official story.

  17. Anonymous on

    Have you been snorting prescription psycho-pharmaceuticals?

  18. merry jon on

    these vaccines have been rushed into production secretly with no long term testing to prove safety and efficacy. moreover manufacturers are exempt from liability whatsoever, suckers.

  19. Anonymous on

    yes but the live virus in the intranasal vaccine is ATTENUATED, its been weakened. I don’t live with anyone who has a weakened immune system and I wasn’t in public or around anyone with a weakened immune system for 72 hours after I got it. so you can believe we never landed on the moon… I mean you can believe that vaccines are conspiracy and evil but that is nonsense. look at polio, a horrible disease that we don’t hear of anymore because of VACCINES. I can’t wait till effective HIV and hepatitis C vaccines come out, I will be first in line. I don’t usually get flu vaccines but I was offered the H1N1 at my last doctors appointment and got it. and I am also glad I got the hepatitis B vaccine shots years ago because that is a REALLY horrible disease I won’t get now thanks to modern medicine. go ahead and don’t get vaccinated, you are the one putting people at risk by potentially getting the virus yourself and being sick as hell and carrying the non-attenuated virus and spreading it to others.

  20. Anonymous on

    Sorry Mr. David, this one is getting just a bit too far out there for me.
    Especially after attempting to follow some of the links you provided and having to deal with ploy message box and false “System messages” that say:
    “Attention! This computer might be attacked by viruses!
    This Computer should be scanned for threats.
    Antivir scan shall do an online virus test for your computer”

    Um, no, thank you.

    In any case, this new H1N1 vaccine, regardless of where the virus originated from, is made in the same manner as the regular seasonal flu vaccine. No one is quite sure the exact details surrounding the 1976 swine flu debacle or how Guillain-Barre syndrome developed as a result of those vaccinations.
    However, that was over 30 years ago and medicine as well as our knowledge of influenza, vaccine development practices and methods for ensuring safety have come a long way since then. This is not to say that everything is perfect, fine and dandy…not necessarily. There could always be idiosyncratic reactions as is the case with virtually any substance, including cannabis. There is always the potential for side effects and there is also always more room for improvement, transparency and awareness. But here you are talking about “hype in the media” and adding to that hype with conspiracy theory.
    I don’t believe big pharma would go through the trouble of fabricating a virus intentionally so they can spend more money to develop a vaccine to sell. While it sounds partially plausible that they’d want to make people sick to sell them cures, they are already doing that many times over with their AD[H]D, anti-depressant, obesity, AIDs and cancer drugs among other things. Might it be easier and more profitable if they’d just make up another condition or another “treatment” as if their bank accounts aren’t exploding enough already?

    There are major differences between now and 1976, in addition to what I previously described. For one thing in 1976 there was no actual outbreak. Very few people actually got that virus but there was a massive preemptive campaign to administer a rushed vaccine and problems arose. Those who developed Guillain-Barre syndrome as a result were paid out millions.
    Consider the consequences the manufacturers of the vaccine would face if similar significant side effects occurred in even a minority of people who were administered it. Imagine those lawsuits and how it could affect their bottom line, then you can be sure.

  21. Anonymous on

    I am upping my dosage of C and D and making sure to wash my hands a lot. Even if you believe these vaccines are great they are not risk-less and I am willing to risk a bout with the flu as opposed to some of the conditions that can occur with these shots. A tetanus shot I would take but I think I am going to skip the yearly flu shots.

  22. Anonymous on

    you didnt get swine flu yet. You probobly just had the common cold. Your son was not blood tested, and even if he was, most people will not get sick with the Swine flu and die. There is no way to tell who will have adverse reactions. IF you did get swine flu, then your gamble has paid off.

    But, what if you didnt? What if the one stupid doctor you took your son,daughetrs too, looked at him and just made it all up? You are so distrusting of our goverment, why would you trust our Doctors? Maybe you should go see a spiritual healer or shaman who will do Witch doctory over you. MAybe he will put you into a Zombie trance and your flesh will fall off?? take pics please…then your outward appearnce will match the demeanor of your soul

    You are the corporate pig, working day in , day out. It doesnt matter weather or not you are a GOOD slave. You will just die quicker is all. Im sure you wanted as much time off from work as possible, and claiming you have swine flu is the perfect discourse.

    and You have not had the Swine flu, until you have test results from a doctor saying that you have had it, otherwise you just got the regular seasonal cold. UYou dont even have flu-like symptoms, I’d go with a cold or just a lack of immune system because you probobly smoke like a chimney..

  23. Anonymous on

    The intranasal vaccine is quite different from the intramuscular injection. For one the intranasal vaccine contains live virus. You could actually be spreading the virus to others in the first week or so after your vaccination. Still glad you got a squirt up each nostril so you wont get the potential infection if it means infecting the baby in line behind you with his/her mom with the infection you were so worried about getting yourself?

  24. Anonymous on

    This is all a believing matter, everyone can lie as much as they wanna as been prooved by the climate gate science beeing exposed as fraud by hackers.

    In the end, I better trust myself and definatly not anyone of science.

    No vaccination to me. (us)

    I’m with Dave and better trust my guts while having a good understanding of the world surrounding us.

    My son got swine flu, so I also wanted to get it.

    I Wanted to figure out how bad this realy gets and since I sensed no fear in becomming contaminated, I licked the spoon that came straight from his mouth on purpose, but nothing much happened.

    At least I’ve been exposed to it now, and although I usually get all the sympthoms others get for regular flue, thisone only gave me a lazy day at worst, but one that I enjoyed with some nice indica in order to add to it a bit and celebrate the token day off.

    It’s just a flue and allthough it took 1.5 days for our doughters to get over it, not at any point in time were we worried to not have token the right discission to refrain from vaccination.

    I am much more worried seeing frightened sheeple acting all out in favour of our Governing Masters.

    That we are beeing farmed like slaves doesnt mean we also have to behave like GOOD slaves!

  25. B on

    Too many healthy people are dying? I’m sorry, but not very many people are dying at all compared to normal flu seasons. About 30,000 deaths per year (in the USA) are attributed to the flu. To be fair, a significant number of these are actually pneumonia, since the CDC doesn’t bother differentiating between the two, but 30,000+ deaths is much more significant than the few hundred, or even thousand or so deaths that may be flu related so far this year. Remember, now that this is a pandemic, people presenting flu like symptoms are not tested, they are just assumed to have the flu. Since other flu-like diseases do not respond to flu vaccines, this is likely to result in more deaths than if we actually tested everybody.

  26. Anonymous on

    actually methylmercury and ethylmercury are both forms of organic mercury. Elemental mercury (inorganic) is just the element mercury. Hence “elemental” mercury.

    Methylmercury is pretty bad for you and bioaccumulates. It can cause neurological effects because it is organic and can cross the blood-brain barrier. Ethylmercury can do this to and can also cause neurological effects but it is cleared significantly faster and so doesn’t build up to more dangerous levels like methylmercury would/could.

  27. Anonymous on

    Aspartame is a methyl ester of Asparagine and phenylalanine. Esters decompose to the parent acid and alcohol. Methyl alcohol is produced and it is oxidized by the body to formaldehyde. If you take a diet pop and analyze it you find that it has in it and over several months of storage more asparatame disappears and more formaldehyde and another toxic substance with a three letter abbreviation which I don’t recall at the moment appears. It’s easy to find that out by doing a search on “aspartame formaldehyde”. Nice to hear that the mercury isn’t the really bad kind though.

  28. Jay Dell on

    This is a hyberboyle properganda operation by WHO as the world population has exceeded produce production by 15 percent.To MANY people and the white rich are affraid.
    As these vaccines are growen in catterpillars,that makes a new cultured virus as well.

    I for one will do as I have done ,which is as soon as you feel that scratchy throat or feeling of not wellness setting in.Just use a natural dose like honey and peppermint tea with some herb.The feeling of un wellness subsides and the balance comes back.

    Ying /Yang

    When the scales are out of balance many undesired and tragic incidents have occured,as is the case with this afair.

    No way No how
    Best not , or else
    test not,who knows
    why not
    Just pot

    ah Crazy Bird

  29. Anonymous on

    actually aspartame metabolizes into phenylalanine which is an essential amino acid, and unless you have phenylketonuria, phenylalanine is actually good for you. the “mercury” in the injection form of the vaccine is not elemental mercury known as methylmercury, thimerosol breaks down into ETHYLmercury which is not absorbed by the body at all. all of it passes through the body and is safe in the amounts that are in vaccines.
    check this out:
    Ethylmercury is not the same thing as its cousin, methylmercury. Cumulative and high doses of methylmercury can produce renal and neurologic damage. It can build up in the brain and stay in the body for a long time. Ethylmercury is more, well, mercurial. It is expelled rapidly from the body and it does not accumulate. Nevertheless, guidelines for the ingestion of ethylmercury were based on those for methylmercury. Around the same time these guidelines were formalized, children were receiving more vaccines that contained thimerosal. For example, in the early 1990s the Haemophilus influenzae b and hepatitis B became staple features of the vaccine schedule for infants, which already included another thimerosal-containing vaccine (diphtheria tetanus and variants). Based on the very conservative guidelines established by the Environmental Protection Agency, it was concluded that by age two some children might be receiving excessive levels of ethylmercury when considered in the context of known risks of methylmercury exposure.3

  30. Anonymous on

    here is my story. I received the H1N1 intranasal vaccine and it immunized me and nothing bad happened. sorry don’t have any horror stories not even any lame side effects. it is VERY safe considering the amount of people that have taken it. people don’t realize this is made the same way the regular seasonal flu vaccine is made. this isn’t based on the 70s swine flu vaccine that was a disaster, completely different, its 2009 not the 70s! cannabis has antiviral and immunomodulatory properties but that is no reason not to get immunized from H1N1 and seasonal flu. if it were dangerous we would know about it by now. I know I’m glad I got a squirt up each nostril instead of possibly being terribly sick for a week.

  31. Anonymous on

    polio was on its way out before they released the vaccine

  32. Anonymous on

    I got the vaccine a week ago and the only noticeable effect was soreness of the injection area for a few days. Nothing serious. It didn’t constantly ache, just if you put pressure on it you would feel it. You just have to sleep on the other shoulder for a few days.

    I was concerned about the safety myself but I read the web page about the vaccine, the one that gives all the information on how to administer the vaccine, what’s in it and what data we currently have on its effects. I guiess it’s what they send to doctors as a product information sheet. After reading everything, I concluded that it was safe enough to be worth the slight risk of a negative reaction. It became readily available so I got it.

    It’s just like any other flu vaccine, just the particular virus happens to be different. They’ve been giving millions of flu vaccines over the years and negative effects are surprising rare. I wouldn’t get a flu vaccine every year or anything, I never got one before. I’d rather avoid H1N1 though. Too many healthy people have died from it not to get the vaccine if it’s available, and it is. I always seem to end up getting whatever flu is around, no matter how hygienic I try to be. If you don’t get the vaccine, that virus is just lurking around out there and it only needs one opportunity to get you. It can bide its time.

    The vaccine just dead virus material mixed with tocopherol (vitamin E) and contains small amounts of mercury and formaldehyde. Some types may also have squalene in it but I think most of it now is the unadjuvanted type because that’s safe for pregnant women to take. The amount of mercury is about the same as you would get from one can of tuna. The formaldehyde is the worst thing. It is carcinogenic but the amount is very small. Aspartame probably gives you more formaldehyde than the vaccine, because that’s one of the things it breaks down to. Getting the vaccine is probably like drinking a diet pop and eating a tuna sandwich.

  33. merry jon on

    the evidence suggests that the feared h1n1 virus in circulation is a weaponized form consisting of avian, swine and Spanish flu genes recombined. the new world order has plans to use a manufactured outbreak to start a pandemic and depopulate an overcrowded planet and put the WHO in control.

    i would rather see a one child per family policy encouraged through family planning and more aid to impoverished countries.

    do not take the vaccines!

    ps sorry they locked you up david, hope you are released soon on good behavior.

  34. JP on

    The polio vaccine inventor gave the vaccine to the world. He could get rich, but he had higher standards.

    Does the same apply to h1n1? Is it true or not that the definition of pandemic was changed, so that any new viral infection can now be called as pandemic, so long as it is new? Is it true or not that there are HUGE conflict of interest between WHO (World Health Organization) and big pharma?

    Be informed.

  35. Anonymous on

    So if it were up to you, the whole world would be dead/dying, and full of cripples? I bet you hate jews too? You believe in Palestine right? THERE NEVER WAS A PALESTINE, THOSE PLACES WERE ALL OWNED BY THE ARABS TRYING TO KILL THE JEWS BY CLAIMING ITS A STATE, WHEN THERE NEVER WAS A STATE OF PALESTINE.

    Get real, Ive followed your work for years since you were kissing Dana larson in an early Cannabis culture magazine, sharing a toke. This is some real bs though. In case you have not noticed, there are much fewer people sick this year. All around every city in the country, less snivelling noses, less coughing, less FLu PERIOD. THIS FLU SCARE HAS IF ANYTHING REDUCED ENTIRELY THE AFFECTS OF THE FLU. Those articles you have posted from around the world, dont even get me started…

    first, that one UK article says what I just described to you, that an ounce of prevention is a cure-all. , 2nd, the Baxter thing? ALL PHARMACIES PATENT DRUGS, and they patent them with thousands and thousands of other patents each year in a hope to strike it rich, just like they have now. Dont ATACK the science David. If anything you should be attacking the CORRUPTION in these companies, and the goverment control and dealings with palm rubbing.

    The more likely reason that there is so little reported deaths is also because of the compete lack of knowledge of weather or not the H1N1 flu killed that person. There is no definitive testing done to determine if someone has died form the flu virus. Only now with the H1N1 were they definitively testing you after you have the symptoms. And of course, this year has been remarkable in the sense that NO ONE is coughing in waiting rooms anymore, that the hospitals are segregating those with cough to a seperate room to wear masks and keep the rest of us healthy.

    “The second fails to recognize that if H1N1 changes significantly due to mutation, the existing vaccine might not be of much use at all.”

    this quote from teh vancouver sun “neuroscientist” is highly sketchy. The vaccine prepares your system for fighting lung infections which other seasonal flu shots do not prepare you for. The respiratory problems is the reason for the young children who die of this flu. It stems to reason that any lung problems will be greatly helped by this vaccine, if you do happen to get a flu which attacks your lungs and respiratory system

    this neuroscientist also goes on to state increasing work for himself will be coming due to the neurological discrepencies in testing, which is like saying that the number of neurological problems will increase because of coffee intake and the number of starbucks on every street corner is equal proportionately to the number of nuerotic freaks in french burret’s .

    The bottom line is dont get a Tetanous shot, as im sure there is some side affect which will cause some disease. Also , david, you have lots of moles on your face, which is cancer, you have cancer.

    , im sure we can all go back in time, and die after you get the bubonic plague from rats and be happy that you were not exposing yourself to horrible vaccines which might save your life, but cause some other complications. You shouldnt eat food, as it might someday cause you to die of Food poisoning. You shouldnt breath air, as it might someday be the cause of your death, maybe you should just die now?? well you probobly will without the h1n1 shot. Maybe you missed all the news reports about Children being on breathers.

    But in the end lets not forget that this is about corruption, that the money used to fight this and setup these clinics across the country and produce this , all this money is being pocketed by corrupt officials, and to create a large paycheck for christmass consumerism, buy buy buy buy consume consume consume