The H1N1 Scam – A Prisoner’s Perspective

CANNABIS CULTURE – Herbs not vaccines! Imprisoned pot activist David Malmo-Levine says the H1N1 vaccine may be more dangerous than the virus itself.

[Editor’s Note: David Malmo-Levine is currently serving a six-month prison sentence in British Columbia for his unique form of cannabis activism. Click here and here to read more about David’s case. Read more from David on his CC blog.]

This was going to be a more thoroughly researched article but the research material my editor Jeremiah tried to drop off for me at Fraser Regional Correctional Center was turned away. Something about its sheer volume overwhelming them, as if I was going to roll all those bits of paper up and smash my window out.

Maybe they were interested in keeping prisoners ignorant in general…or ignorant about H1N1 in particular.

There was a good article on page C5 of the November 28th Vancouver Sun, written by Christopher Shaw about the H1N1 flu and the vaccine. Apparently the H1N1 flu isn’t nearly as deadly as the average seasonal flu, while there are good reasons to doubt the safety of the vaccine.

Many newspaper articles that report the number of deaths from H1N1 don’t report the comparative number of deaths from the regular flu. Adding to this hype in the media are the full page advertisements: page A17 of the November 6 Province details the chief public officers “Plan for Canadians“, an H1N1 “immunization campaign” the “largest and quickest” in Canadian history. In Fraser Regional Correctional Center there are posters everywhere advising prisoners to get vaccinated. They even dropped off H1N1 preparedness guides encouraging vaccination. Check out the website, at

When I first arrived at North Fraser, they asked me why I didn’t want the shot; I told them I didn’t trust it. They responded with the classic appeal to authority, “So you think you know better then the Center for Disease Control, eh?” I responded with: “I know about the Swine Flu vaccination of 1976 where one person died of the flu and 25 people died of the vaccine, and over 1000 ended up with a horrible vaccine-related diseases.”

The North Fraser doctor had no response to that. When I was moved from North Fraser to Fraser Regional it was at the height of the scare. The nurses were busy taking each prisoner’s temperature. When it came time for my turn, I asked one of them, “Isn’t true that at the Nuremberg Doctors’ Trial a precedent was established that medical procedures could not be conducted without the consent of the patient? “I’d agree with that,” responded the nurse, adding, “unless there were extenuating circumstances.” They didn’t elaborate.

I suspected those circumstances had something to do with the various mandatory vaccination programs in Canada and the United States over the years. Funny how both the Nazis and representative democracies used terrorism as a boogieman to justify the removal of the medical autonomy of the individual.

If you are worried about protection from flu bugs, there are several less-dangerous alternatives to the H1N1 vaccination – some you might not have expected.

Dr. Robert J. Melamede, Director and Chief Science Officer of Cannabis Science Inc. says cannabis should be taken seriously as a means of combating H1N1 and other flu viruses.

“The high lethality of some strains of flu can be attributed to the excessive inflammatory response driven by Tumor Necrosis Factor (TNF),” Melamede said. “Endocannabinoids are nature’s way of controlling TNF activity. Phytocannabinoids can mimic the natural endocannabinoids to prevent excessive inflammatory immune responses.”

This seems feasible, though I think it needs more research. Unfortunately, getting medical marijuana in jail is simply not an option. Instead, I repeatedly asked Dr. Beckett, the doctor here at Fraser, for permission to get a bottle of grapefruit seed extract. For years I have been using it to keep colds, flus, and sore throats away. Whenever I would feel a scratchy throat or fever coming on, I would just dose myself with GSE and 10 minutes later I would feel better. It worked on all my friends too, at least the ones that could handle the horrible taste.

Dr. Beckett told me he had read studies that proved grapefruit seed extract was unsafe when mixed with some other drugs and was not effective, and that even though I wasn’t taking any other drugs he could not take the chance. I asked him the names of the studies and he declined to provide them. I often hear similar references to nameless unprovided studies when speaking to anti-pot doctors about cannabis. I think it’s a pat answer they all learn in med-school. I’m almost certain grapefruit seed extract comes out safer and more effective than vaccinations when comparing safety, efficacy and cost, just as I’m almost certain that GSE is not studied as much as it should be because it can’t be patented and vaccines are not studied as much as they should be because corporations have invested billions into them and have no desire to learn about the long term side effects.

Speaking about those side effects, I came across an article on page A11 of the November 18 Province entitled, “36 Serious Reactions to Vaccine Among 6.6 Million Shots“.

Canada’s Chief Public Health Officer David Butler Jones was quoted as saying that the serious adverse effects are rare and that the “benefits of vaccination outweigh any theoretical risks.” Where was this guy during the 1976 swine flu fiasco? And for how long do they monitor shot recipients? Nowhere in any media have I seen statistics on how many flu victims have gone on to get the flu despite getting the vaccine. The Center for Disease Control’s website lists short-term side effects of the vaccine including fever, aches, sore throat, cough and others – all indistinguishable from symptoms of the virus itself.

As it turns out, the only prisoner quarantined in my unit had received a shot before he caught swine flu. I’ve been fighting back a scratchy throat using a combination of orange juice, vitamins, Fisherman’s Friends, and chewing on orange seeds. Interestingly, the only contraband I’ve seen confiscated so far was a prisoner’s stash of oranges.

Another topic that has been missing from the newspapers is the suspicious origin of the H1N1. Apparently it is a mixture of four different flu strains (more here under “Genetics”) from four different parts of the world, nearly impossible to recombine naturally but fairly easy to recombine in a lab. This despite being the topic of many Hollywood films including “Outbreak”, “The Hulk”, and “Aliens”, all of which have been repeatedly playing on the movie channels here – not to mention “V for Vendetta”.

The concept of biological war profiteering is still taboo in the major news media. The Baxter Corporation patented the H1N1 vaccine a year before the outbreak and apparently the same corporation accidentally mixed the H1N1 strain with a more deadly strain. I wonder what affect that would have had on sales had it not been caught just in time. According to research I collected for my magazine PotShot #19, similar conflicts of interest are associated with anthrax, West Nile, small pox and AIDS vaccines. There should be a serious investigation into these conflicts of interest, especially the anthrax attack of 2001, which was blamed on a rogue, crazy scientist when it was Bayer, makers of Cipro and weaponized anthrax, who should have been investigated.

I fear, with good reason, that a future biological terrorist attack could be results of another corporation hoping to make another killing from selling another cure to another disease they have access to.

If you wish to look at the materials that were too dangerous to send to me at Fraser Regional click here.