Canada’s New National Anti-Drug Campaign

The Canadian Government's "Drugs not4me" campaign is aimed at children aged 13 to 15.The Canadian Government’s “Drugs not4me” campaign is aimed at children aged 13 to 15.A federal campaign to warn young people about the dangers of illicit drugs was launched Tuesday.

Studies have shown anti-drug campaigns aimed at teens are only marginally effective, but Health Minister Leona Aglukkaq said this one is different.

“Before, there really was no campaign to focus on young people for young people,” Aglukkaq said. “We went out and looked to the young people for feedback on what kind of message can we develop for the country.”

The “Drugs not4me” campaign is aimed at children aged 13 to 15 —the age group most likely to try illicit drugs for the first time, Aglukkaq said.

The campaign:

– Shows young people how to recognize drugs and describes what makes them dangerous.

– Includes tips on how to avoid peer pressure.

– Lists agencies that help deal with addiction.

The campaign includes a website, and ads on TV, public transit and shopping malls across Canada to help inform children that drugs are dangerous and destructive, and to counter the perception that it is all right to use illicit drugs, she said.

A TV commercial will air Dec. 28 and will also be shown in movie theatres in March.

At Toronto’s Jarvis Collegiate, students rushing back to class took a few curious looks at the anti-drug ads.

“Pretty good,” said Leo Yao. “I think so, because as a teenager we don’t really know [how to]recognize all these drugs and stuff.”

But schoolmate Faisal Nor questioned whether the message will get through to those who have it in their minds to try drugs.

The National Anti-Drug Strategy also includes plans to prevent drug use, treat dependencies and fight the production and distribution of illicit drugs.

– Article from CBC News.



  1. Anonymous on

    So this is to teach them the dangers of illicit drugs? How about just teaching them the dangers about drugs in general and including the licit ones as well. I would fear a child of mine succumbing to alcohol addiction far more then cannabis addiction.

    Any program like this is pointless while we continue to allow advertising for alcohol and cigarettes. Young people hate hypocrisy and this is it.

  2. Anonymous on

    I played the drug puzzle. It was kinda cool, actually it made me want to smoke pot. but it said I would see additional photos, and I got nothing. Maybe CC should put the puzzle on here….with different levels and such.

  3. Anonymous on

    And on top of that.. all day today Radio-Canada radio news
    has been airing the results of a new study concluding that pot makes young people depressive and mentally disturbed or mentally sick.All this anti pot propaganda orchestrated by Stephen Youknowwho a week before christams festivities.
    Hey kids ! dont smoke pot during the holidays…drink booze in your car instead.This alcohol business is very well accepted by our society and mind you you encourage the distillers during the holidays.
    Merry Merry Christmas OH ! OH! OH!

  4. Anna on

    This “not4me” propaganda reeks of alcohol and tobacco company ownership considering neither of those two (most popular and deadly) drugs are listed on their “drug facts” page:

    And on their cannabis “facts” page there are lies: “physically addictive”, “causes cancer”, and “causes hallucinations”. I’ve never known of, read about, seen, or experienced, hallucinations induced by cannabis. The only place I have EVER seen that reference is in anti-cannabis propaganda. Where do they get this crap? Out of their asses? Apparently. And “unpredictable effects”??? BULLSHIT. What a load.

    Yet another prohibitionist crock of shit.

  5. Jackaroo on

    So marijuana = illicit drug. Then why do they also call it medicinal? We are sending confusing messages to our kids!!! Why not educate them about the dangers of all drugs? Show the kid turning down a beer and a cig, or a big mac!!! And then… what are the dangers of cannabis without lying through your teeth??? lmao

  6. kingAmongKings on

    Sweet, there’s a pot puzzle on their website! FUN!