CBC News – British Columbia – RCMP tampered with incriminating videotape: family

Shields added that the Edmonton police department had been asked to re-examine both the tape and the RCMP investigation that followed Willie’s death.

Shields said that any family request for copies of the tape could meet with a legal challenge.

“There is legal advice that has been received that the privacy rights of the deceased extends for 20 years,” he said.

“For that reason, the video tape should not be released. However, the final decision does rest with the Commissioner of the RCMP.”

So are we really supposed to believe that the RCMP wants to mount a legal challenge to block disclosure of a videotape showing the circumstances around a man dying in their custody to protect the privacy rights of the deceased? Especially when its his family that might try to have the tape made public? Tim Shields is earning his money on this one. That he can actually make that claim with a straight face is testament to his skills.