Cannabis Spray Reduces Cancer Pain

Cancer patients who used a cannabis mouthspray had their pain levels reduced by 30%, researchers have said.

The cannabis-based spray, like a mouth freshener, was used on 177 patients by researchers from Edinburgh University.

They found that it reduced pain levels by 30% in a group of cancer patients, all in the Edinburgh area, who had not been helped by morphine or other medicines.

The spray was developed so that it did not affect the mental state of patients in the way that using cannabis would.

The researchers said their findings, reported in the Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, did not justify smoking cannabis as this could increase the risk of cancer.

They said the spray works by activating molecules in the body called cannabinoid receptors which can stop nerve signals being sent to the brain from the site of pain.

Edinburgh University’s Professor Marie Fallon said: “These early results are very promising and demonstrate that cannabis-based medicines may deliver effective treatment for people with severe pain.

“Prescription of these drugs can be very useful in combating debilitating pain, but it is important to understand the difference between their medical and recreational use.”

– Article from UKPA on December 14, 2009.



  1. Anonymousb on

    “…did not justify smoking cannabis as this could increase the risk of cancer”

    Here we have the tactic that is often used to convince the public that extracts are safe and the natural plant isn’t. Notice they say “could”. In real world use, natural cannabis does not cause cancer. Case studies by Tashkin and others over the years have found no increase in cancers or mortality among cannabis users regardless of how much they use. These researchers have conveniently ignored this information.

  2. Skunk Breath on

    I wonder if it makes your breath smell skunky…

  3. Anonymous on

    wow look at the ingrediants
    27 mg/ml thc
    23mg/ml cbd
    now i dont kno if thats super potent or not but it looks like just a little tiny ammount was used to reduce pain what if they doubled their doses would that eliviate more pain?
    by the way how do u rate pain reduction in a % it doesnt make much sence? are they stating that 30% of people felt less pain or a scale of 1-10 having a 10 and was reduced to a 7?????
    lots of questions left unanwsered

  4. Anonymous on

    The Cost of growing a Fuckin plant for medicine, pennies.

    How much for their drug?

  5. Anonymous on

    While it is great to see the use of Cannabis as a derivative in pain medication it still makes me wonder how much money it takes to produce these small doses of concentrate. In other words could this achievement be made with typical pot that is either ingested or vaporized.

    Furthermore, could I higher rate of pain relief be achieved through such typical means. I have personally made concentrates and although they work very well they are not long lasting and tend to lose there kick over long periods of use.

    Why do I feel we are spending glorious amounts of money to create a synthesized form of something that works better cheaper and longer in real life? Because that’s exactly what the pharmaceutical industry has always done, god forbid sick people realize there 3000$ Vile of liquid Pot can be grown for free in their backyard.

    Optimistically it is good to see some progress with regards to getting patients proper medication, in one form or another.

    And our friend who recently fled Canada for creating this sort of synthetic concentrate to treat the identical symptoms as this. But what he was doing was illegal???

    HARPER =

    Bent over for: Privatized Prisons (C54)
    Pharmaceutical Industry ( Bill C-6) Consumer protection my ass.

    AND NOW something that supersedes all other fuck ups, you manage to create a laughing stock out of Canada’s support for climate change reduction.

    Harper is from Calgary no fucking wonder he has a Bias for the oil companies, however this sort of slap in the face commitment to reduction (IN ONLY GROWTH!!!) is so amazingly biased, there is no denying where you get your orders from.

    In conclusion, Harper Fuck you fucking hick cunt fuck.

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