Pothead Needs Support

The time has come to legalize marijuana, tax it, and create a few hundred thousand jobs. Marc Emery is currently waiting to see if we will let the US extradite him, to face a possible life sentence for selling seeds on the internet.

Forty-four per cent of Canadians have admitted to smoking weed, leading to the obvious conclusion that millions of Canadians possess marijuana seeds. If you mailed a couple seeds to your friend in the U.S. in a Christmas card, should you face a possible life sentence in prison?

Marc Emery should get a noble peace prize for his work.

He has helped alleviate much pain and suffering.

He has given people the means to grow their own medical marijuana so they don’t have to interact with drug dealers.

Many “Mom and Pop” grow operations were started with his seeds, reducing the market share of organized crime, and their profits.

Many cancer patients can’t afford medical marijuana in the U.S. but can afford seeds, the same as in Canada.

People have used his seeds to grow marijuana for compassion clubs, some of which gave it away freely to chemotherapy patients.

Marc’s seeds have helped many family farms.

When pork and beef prices crashed, some farmers were loosing money, trying to keep food on our tables. Some turned to growing marijuana as a means of survival.

For his contribution in taxes, and the huge amount he has given to charities, the pain and suffering that has been eased, are we will really going let the U.S. government extradite him? One of our legendary heroes?

Sadly I doubt he will get the Peace Prize, it isn’t like he sent thousands of troops off to war.

The 6797 Proposal (6797.com) recommends making labour intensive services tax deductible, small market media tax credit, legalizing and taxing marijuana and not letting the U.S. extradite Marc Emery for a possible life sentence.

To help get our message out, we have created an activist portal, where Canadians can make their voices heard (more features coming soon), available at 6797.com/portal.php

We would all like the power to deny certain businesses/industries the right to exist based on our own personal morals/beliefs, banks come to mind.

The reality is marijuana has been around for thousands of years and won’t go away any time soon.

Do we really want to keep spending millions of dollars on marijuana prohibition, or would society be better served by regulating the industry, taxing it, keeping people safe and creating jobs?

Support Marc Emery at www.NoExtradition.net

– Letter to the editor from the Wetaskiwin Times Advertiser on December 9, 2009.



  1. American Refugee on

    Wonder if Israel will extradite that ugly lady for war crimes? Wonder if the USA will extradite Rumsfeld for war crimes?

  2. Anonymous on

    When Marc goes to the US court he must demand to see the THC analysis on the seeds the DEA bought from him. I’m very skeptical that there would be even enough THC present to show up in an analysis. The only THC in a Cannabis seed is the slight residue on the outer surface. I can’t see that taking very long to oxidize to inactive cannabinol. Besides, it would be interesting to see just what the percentage in seeds is. There is no source anywhere on google for that information. I don’t believe seeds have ever been tested for THC and I don’t believe any will show up in the analysis of Marc’s seeds. That’s the only thing that makes something “marihuana” in US law, that it contains identifiable levels of THC. If there is any at all it would have to be truly minuscule, probably microgram amounts.

  3. Dave on

    I’m not sure I would support the link to the Centre For Addiction and Mental Health site. Seems to be a lot of disproved prohibitionist propaganda on there?

  4. Anonymous on

    Nobel peace prize, not “noble”…