Yolanda Madden Update

The Madden family reacts to vacated sentence and possible release of Yolanda.

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  1. Anonymous on

    Perfect example;

    Yolanda should NOT be in jail.

    You know it, I know it , everyone knows it, yet, their she still sits in a prison.

    A bird in a cage.

  2. Anonymous on

    Barry if you want to make change open people eyes to Direct Democracy.

    Is it not time for we as people to hold all the cards?

    I’m tired of reading how we the people say NO and the elected few say YES!
    They do as they feel, to hell with the people.

    Direct Democracy where the People hold all the POWER!!

    Isn’t time we have the technological ability to make it a reality.

    It’s time for the People to have more Power over our own Destinies.

    Either we share the power with the elected few or We HOLD ALL THE POWER and CHOOSE OUR OWN LAWS.

    Corruption through commerce would be a uphill battle.