Senate Accepts Bill C-15 Amendments

Senate Votes to Remove Mandatory Minimum Sentences from Tory Pot Law

The Senate has voted in favour of changing a Conservative crime bill that would have imposed a mandatory six-month minimum sentence on people convicted of growing as few as five pot plants.

[Editors Note: Though Canada’s Senate made amendments to Bill C-15, mandatory minimums for under 200 are STILL included in the bill for many aggravating factors. Don’t be fooled by overly positive media reports! Click here for more info.]

By a vote of 49-44, the Liberal-dominated upper chamber agreed to amend Bill C-15 to give judges greater discretion in sentencing convictions for growing between five and 200 plants.

The amendments also provide aboriginal convicts with an exemption from the minimum sentences, require judges to explain why they are not imposing the suggested minimums, and add in a cost-benefit review of how the legislation is working after five years.

However, mandatory minimum sentences of nine months still remain in place if there are aggravating factors to the marijuana grow-op, such as endangering the health of a child or creating a public safety hazard.

The Conservative government has sharply criticized the Senate for tinkering with legislation that has already been passed by the elected House of Commons.

It is not clear what will become of the changes when the amended bill is sent back to the Commons, where it must again be ratified before it can become law.

– Article from The Toronto Star.

Senate Accept C-15 Amendments

by Jacob Hunter,

The Senate has accepted the proposed amendments 49-43.

The bill will now go to Third Reading in the Senate, and then will be forwarded to the House of Commons.

We have just gained a potential for a few more months of delay.

History of Senate amendment/rejection of major legislation:

i) In 1875, the upper chamber rejected a bill for the construction of a railway from Esquimalt to Nanaimo in British Columbia on the ground it was an unwarranted public expenditure.

ii) In 1879, the Senate turned down a bill to provide for two additional judges in British Columbia on the ground that the provincial government was in the midst of an election and had, under the circumstances, no right to ask for the increase.

iii) In 1899 and 1900, the Senate rejected a bill to re-adjust representation in Ontario on the alleged ground that it was inexpedient to proceed with the bill until after the 1901 census, when re-adjustment of representation would be required under the British North America Act.

iv) In 1909, a bill which allowed appeals in claims from the Exchequer Court to provincial Supreme Courts in certain cases was rejected on the ground that it would lead to unnecessary litigation and confusion.

v) In 1913, the Senate defeated the Naval Assistance Bill and adopted the following resolution: “This House is not justified in giving its assent to the bill until it is submitted to the judgement of the country”.

vi) In 1919, a bill bringing the Biological Board of Canada under the jurisdiction of the Minister of Marine and Fisheries was thrown out on the ground that the Board should be independent and protected from political interference.

vii) In 1924, the Senate rejected seven bills sent from the Commons and drastically amended three others relating to the construction of the branch lines for the newly organized Canadian National Railway.

viii) In 1926, the Senate rejected the Old Age Pension Bill on the grounds that there was no general public demand, that the provinces had not indicated approval, and on the ground of social undesirability.

ix) From 1930 to 1940, thirteen bills from the Commons failed to pass the Senate, including one private bill relating to patents, two private members’ public bills, a bill relating to pensions for Judges, and a bill which provided for the extension of Farmers’ Creditors Arrangement Act.

x) In 1961, the Senate Banking Committee recommended that a Bill declaring vacant the post of Governor of the Bank of Canada be dropped after the former Governor, Mr. James E. Coyne, resigned.

xi) In 1961, the Senate insisted on an amendment it made to a Government Bill to amend the Customs Act.

During the 1970’s, Senate impact on Commons legislation was principally to be found in recommendations emanating from pre-study committee reports made to bills in advance of their coming before the Senate. Such pre-study of the 1975 Bankruptcy Bill led to almost 140 amendments being proposed.

During the latter 1980’s and the 1990’s, the Senate became more active in formally opposing and amending Commons legislation. Among the more controversial bills which led to confrontation between the Senate and House of Commons were the following: (i) in 1985, Bill C-11, the Borrowing Authority Bill; (ii) in 1986, Bill C-67, the “gating” amendments proposed to the Penitentiary Act; (iii) in 1987, Bill C-22, the Drug Patent Bill and Bill C-84, the Immigration Bill; (iv) in 1988, Bill C-60, the Copyright Bill, Bill C-103, the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency Bill and Bill C-130, the Free Trade Bill; (v) in 1989, Bill C-21, the Unemployment Insurance Act amendments; (vi) in 1990, Bill C-28, the “clawback” Income Tax Bill and Bill C-62, the Goods and Services Tax; (vii) in 1991, Bill C-43, the Abortion Bill, which was defeated at third reading; (viii) in 1996, Bill C-28, the Lester B. Pearson International Airport Bill, which was also defeated at third reading; and, (ix) in 1998, Bill C-220, the profit from authorship respecting a crime Bill, which was defeated at report stage.



  1. Fubard on

    You’re suggesting that “They will FUCK YOU UP. Another good reason to give them leniency in court.” does not mean that they should be given leniency in court because otherwise they’ll use violence? That’s a bit of a stretch…

    If he mis-stated what he was trying to say then that’s understandable – we all say things we don’t mean when emotions run high – but I can’t respond to what he MEANT to say, only what he actually typed. And what he typed suggests very strongly that he’s arguing the threat of violence should result in special legal privilages, which is BS.

    That said, I agree with the point he was *trying* to make. If I were native I’d have an AK in my hands too. Hell, if the natives want to throw out our corrupt bastard government I say go for it! There’s nothing there worth saving.

    **Side note** What on earth is going on elsewhere in these comments? What’s with all the crazy incoherent antisemitic stuff upthread? Have illiterate nazis taken over the discussion? Note to CC staff – perhaps it’s time to move to a proper comments system where utter lunatics won’t find it as easy to derail discussion with crap like is posted on this story. It’s not the first time either. If you want this site to be a forum for intelligent discussion of cannabis issues (and you should!) then some basic moderation is going to have to happen here.

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  3. Anonymous on

    This is the same retard asshole who has been posting this bullshit non stop over at high times website for the past year now. Everyday it’s the same bullshit racist/homophobic/antisemetic comments.

    If the mods here were smart, they would trace this animal’s IP address and send it to the proper authorites. I’m pretty sure his constant death threats towards world leaders could get this retard locked up for a long time.

    Do your website a favor and block this clown before he ruins your site like has other sites. We are sick of reading this asshole’s bullshit.

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  19. 1286 on

    When Health Canada and Justin Trudeau say…”It’s not your fathers’ marijuana.” Are they saying that the pot back then was ok but they lied about it? Or are they saying you should smoke a thinner joint? Or are they saying people should grow weak pot and then it would be ok? Or are they saying ten bucks an ounce is a good price?

    If they. know so little about pot it’s hard to believe any of their advice about getting vaccine shots or anything else. It really undermines their credibility.

  20. Anonymous on

    When I was in grade 2,our teacher took us, the pupils, to a visit to Ottawa to visit the Parliament.Intrigued by a building which happens to be the house of senate our teacher told us that sometimes this place was useful to the parliamentary system.
    Is it me whos wrong ? but I have a sense,despite mind you being somewhat thankful to the senate for the amendments,but I think it is just too much of the same bullshit that the conservative government is trying to make us swallow.It is hard to imagine how far we are at the present time from the era not so long ago,of the commission LeDain or the senate committe in the year 2000.Legalisation was at hand and Canada could have been a leader when it comes to cannabis.I have lost all faith in the Canadian parliamentary system.It is just a place where fascist extreme righist make a quick buck.And that also includes you Senator Jacques Demers !

  21. Anonymous on

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  22. Anonymous on

    December 2, 2009
    No Olympics on Stolen Land

    A call to Indigenous People and Supporters: Send Olympic Torch back to Europe!

    Confront Invasion: Protest 2010 Olympic Torch Relay

    106 Days of Action!

    Native Youth Movement Warrior Society:

    “We have this in common. We have a common oppressor, a common exploiter and a common discriminator. But once we realize that we have a common enemy, then we can unite–on the basis of what we have in common… “- Malcolm X, 1954

    Indigenous Sisters band Brothers of the North, what the invaders call KKKanada, for the next 106 days the Olympic Torch will run our Great Lands. The Olympic torch, a flamed staff that represents white supremacy, is running through Indigenous Nations and Territories, symbolizing their theft and dominance of our Lands and Ways. For 106 days every Indigenous Nation in these Lands has the opportunity to talk to the world about your issues and show Unity between all Nations here who have a common oppressor, and common Invader, KKKlanada (“Canada”). Let us Unite voices and show the World we are a Proud and Independent People who will never Surrender our Lands.

    Not only is the Torch running our Lands, they are also going to get Native people to participate in their evil ceremonies, KKKanada wants the world to think Native people are compliant and even eager to be assimilated into the white way of life.

    We call on all Native Nations of the North to show the World we are Strong and Dignified People, the Survivors of a 500-year old Holocaust that has taken 250 million Indigenous lives, whose Lands are illegally occupied and destroyed, who are a People who will never accept defeat.

    Ever since their Invasion we have resisted, as this is written Indigenous People are Blockading roads to prevent destruction, Original People are still living on the Land not dependent on the Invading governments for survival, only needing clean Land, Air and Water for Sustenance. The goal of the Invaders is to make us fully dependent on them to survive, giving us no choice but to live white, when we refuse we are arrested or murdered.

    This is a unification call to the Proud and Strong Nations of the North, the Songhees, Kwakwaka’wakw, Nuu-chah-nulth, Halkomelem, Cowichen, Tuchone Tlinget, Inuit, Innu, Mohawk, Six Nation Conferderacy, Annishinabe, Cree, Algonquin, MikM’aq, Maliseet, Wabanaki, Siskita, Dakota, Nakota, Stoney, Dene, Gwich’in, Tahltan, Gitsan, Wetsuitan, Haisla, Nisga, Sekani, Dakelh, Tsimshian, Nuxalk, Heiltsuk,Tsilcotin, Secwepemc, Nlaka’pamux, Okanagan, Ktnuxa, St’at’imc, Stolo and all unmentioned Nations .

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    (Photos: Native Youth Movement set up anti-torch message on the Trans-Canada
    highway, Secwepemc Territory.)

    Native Youth Movement Warrior Society

    Your time is up I.L.A. is coming! Time for you to leave our house. And really who in the world give a rat ass over europeans anyway? Not the world anymore.

  23. Fubard on

    Good grief. You’re not actually suggesting that if a group of people are willing to use violence they should be treated more leniently by the courts, are you?

    Care to explain how your argument applies to, say, the Hell’s Angels? They’ll “fuck you up” too, so should we let them off easy?

  24. Fubard on

    It is indeed true that aboriginals are disproportionally represented in the prison system, and that’s horrible. We should do everything we can to find out where and how racism is causing this to occur, and put a stop to it.

    However, writing laws that punish aboriginals less than everyone else is an intellectually bankrupt attempt to force two wrongs to make a right.

    If anyone’s sentencing is, by law, dependant on the color of their skin, this is racism, plain and simple.

    The solution to racism against aboriginals is not to balance it out with racism against everyone else. That just means there’s twice as much racism, and that’s going in the wrong direction.

  25. From the 70s on

    If BILL C-15 makes it back to the House of Commons, would the Liberals vote it down ?

    Maybe the Liberals should listen to the testimony at both the House and Senate Committees on Bill C-15 or just look at the USA.

    If they vote again for this Bill, they will be a write off.

    The Conservatives (and their political police hacks) could never stand up to an honest debate on this issue.

    I note this week that not only did the VPD promote their propaganda, but the Abbotsford Police did too and according to the article, used the famous BC Bud is being traded POUND for POUND with cocaine from the USA LIE (the article even had RCMP mentioned in it, do you thing they will correct the Abbotsford Police and how is the Abbotsford Police don’t know the truth here ? ).

    Its weird, these Political Police tell us all their LIES on issues that IS THEIR EXPERTISE (i.e. they could testify in a court of law as an expert) which they control the evidence if they had any, they don’t, they make it up) while promoting mandatory minimum sentences that IS NOT THEIR EXPERTISE (i.e. they could NOT testify in a court of law as an expert on sentences or criminal justice systems, they have no right (they STEAL ALL OUR RIGHTS doing this), no LEGAL right to be out in OUR media promoting issues that they are NOT the EXPERTS on).

    Unfortunately, people believe what our authorities (like the Police) say even when they talk outside their expertise with their easy access to our media (media should know, its a fallacy too allow this). That is why political police are such a violation of a democracy (not to mention how them just being political itself, intimidates CITIZENS from participating in the debate futhur subverting it). It subverts public debate and NOW is subverting the laws we make.

    Canada belongs to ALL of US, not this small very selfish corrupt and political group of police (yet they are winning or perhaps have already won, its going to be a bad time to be a young Canadian, better learn to kiss cop butt fast when they become the JUDGE with mandatory minimum sentences).

    LIES (by the very political police lobby) to make LAWS, we are doomed.

    Political Police = Police State.

  26. Anonymous on

    I am a little disappointed in the reactions of some people, with regards to what they think is a race issue. Maybe before venting out, these people should have a few lessons in history, do some reading or (to the said people “god forbid”) speak to the first nation people and find out where they’re coming from.

    “Its unfair”, “Its racist”, “just because we took their shit”. I mean wtf are you about eh! I’m sorry but for the suffering of many peoples families no matter how long ago, repercussions are still felt, a whole culture nearly destroyed. I say give every first nation person free reign to piss on the shoes of people like those that comment on here about being hard done by.

    And yeah go ahead comment back and reaffirm that there is a nasty undertone of racism in Canada, especially toward natives.

    Quit your whining, or I might just have to come over there take your kids off you and put YOU to work in pig farm. BEEEAATTTCH!

    Sorry for WHOHA, but shit, get educated before running ya mouth.

  27. Anonymous on

    I think all the close minded, just-let-me-die fossils are voting for stephen harper because they can’t fucking remember anything. The neo-cons would do anything to keep the population old. The swine flu doesn’t seem to affect them. Why did the MSM drop the stories about how it has spliced genes from humans in it?

  28. Anonymous on

    Set As Desktop Background…

  29. Anonymous on

    Perfectly explainable if you reach to the stars for a bigoted, myopic explanation, sure.

    Have you forgotten how the ruling elite work?
    They are probably classifying every TRIBE who sells the cigarettes (they invented tobacco smoking and had a free market first – and ever since – so don’t go there today, sir) as a “gang.”

    It’s about collecting a ~60% (lost track in 2007) tax on cigarettes and filling them with eugenic poison. I doubt the native Kanatians do any of that.

  30. joseph on

    It looks like Canada is going in the USA direction of bankruptcy. Remember that Canada has no more surpluses $$$$ we are now in deficit so Canada only has 34 million people in population.
    This new bill will have to bower money to fund it. And as soon as they start to build prisons and ware house a lot of none violent people the Deficit will balloon in no time. And as the population ages and puts a demand on nurses and we have more prison guards on government tax payers pay rolls It will not take as long as the USA to realize that a change in policy will come about and that if a MP supports Prohibition they will have no more seat in the offices they now enjoy. It will be the younger people of Canada that will bring a change and the realization of this change this will take only about 3 years from now even sooner. You have to take into account that in about in less than 7 years half of the Canadians people that is 16 million out of the 34 Million Canadians will retire and be able to draw their government pension. And now add the baby boomers parents which mean out of the 16 million people 7 million of them will need a health care bed. Some temporally and some long term care like nursing homes. The physic is there will be no denying it because the Government will have to bower the money to fund all this and the Tax payers will shrink there will be a great awakening in the next few years.
    Prove me wrong but I know that trillion dollars deficits will be the awakening.

  31. Anonymous on

    Um. The First Nations are allowed things like these because we *fucked up their shit*. We came in, took their land, destroyed it, stuck them in shitty little reserves, and abused them in our schools. When you have nothing else to do you *will* steal and commit other crimes to protect yourself and your family. Please read the Constitution before you go referencing it, you sound like an American. DERP DERP EQAL TRETEMENTS MAAN ITS IN DA CONSTUSHUN.

    Do you remember the Oka standoff? Let me refresh your memory:

    See the guys in bandanas? MOHAWK FUCKING WARRIORS. They will FUCK YOU UP. Another good reason to give them leniency in court.

  32. Anonymous on

    This is appalling. There hasn’t even been a mailout to doctors telling them how much weed to prescribe. Docs are only schooled in treating diseases with chemicals, with standardized pill strengths. When they have to work with something as advanced as herbals, they’re completely lost.

    What you need to do is mix some weed oil with some vegetable oil and take whatever amount of it you find necessary, starting small. If you don’t want to make your own oil then buy some Budder. I can’t tell you where to buy it but just ask around. Once you know how much of the mixture is required, you can tell your doctor the formula and what a good prescription would be.

    Smoking it isn’t going to be as good for pain relief. Take a nice blob of oil on the end of a knife and mix it with a spoon of veg oil (heat the spoon a little) and down it straight. Don’t eat or drink anything for about half an hour. Soon you will be in a very sedated state, quite different from smoked weed. I haven’t tried it for pain but it was sure good for getting through a month long job layoff. It was exactly what Rick Simpson did to cure people of cancer. I didn’t know about him at the time. He gives people as much oil as they can tolerate 3 or 4 times a day until they’ve used up 60 grams, which is usually a few months. I did exactly that, only I wasn’t trying to cure cancer.

    I would just do a blob and zone right out for a few hours. Then when I regained normal consciousness I would hit another blob. So I did that for about a month. I may have had cancer and not known about it but then I cured myself with the oil megadose treatments. Before that I had lost a lot of weight over a few months. I think I might have had cancer. I felt like crap too. I had something, I know that. Then after I completed the treatments my weight got back up to normal and I still feel great to this day. Everyone should undergo the oil treatments just in case they have something and don’t know it yet. It will clean all disease out of your system by saturating it with lifegiving THC. Ahhhh, that’s the stuff. You have to have a month off work to do it though. I wouldn’t recommend operating machinery during treatment.

  33. Anonymous on

    Although this has nothing to do with c-15 directly I fell thernot to d be some kind of amendmant of policy provided by the govt to allow Dr;s to create clinic specifically to provide those in our society who believe cannabis is a preferable treatment to other forms of pain management and other therapies a much easier way to access Dr’s who are knowledgeable of the use of cnnabis Presently there are lesse then 400 Dr’s in ontario who have or do prescribe medicinal cannabis but for a population of 8mill this makes finding a competent DR near impossible my own dr who supports me in my decision to use cannabis for my pain relief as i will not take opiate pain killers is trying to find a DR to refer me to for determining what my does will need to be and has said she will then take over renewals but her problem is her lack of knowledge and when she prescribes other medications she is used to them coming in mg not prescribed by the gram and when taken into account that marijuana doesnt have a standard potency she is just unsure of how much is to much (she understands that it doesnt have a toxic limit ) she just doesnt want to prescribe an amount that HC might call her on and suggest that her patient requirng this much might be an indication of him selling his medicine. I see where she is comin from so she has asked me to try and find out the names of any Dr;s who have prescribed it within our area or in a 50-100km radius so she can refer me to them to get my dose figured out then she can take it from there. So if its allowed to ask i would like if anyone in the toronto area who knows a DR who prescribes mmj ask if his nname can be suggested so I can pass it to my DR so she can make a referal or I will speak to my Dr about giving her contact info out so if a DR is willing they can contact her about sending a referal to them. I feel if we continue blindly looking for a Dr to aid in this process we will find one sooner or later but would like it to be sooner.

  34. Anonymous on

    So everyone else has to suffer under this evil bill except the aboriginals? Bullshit, this is rascist, so we can fill the prisons with white people, black people, brown people, but not NAtives?

    What crap give your head a shake you Ivory tower fuck head. Get your nose out of your crim text book and wake up, it is a consitutional guarantee that we all be treated equally under law. Noting less.

    Dont be such an asshole.

  35. Anonymous on

    I would say the only thing he’d be obliged to do, is dodge the question; if he is a TRUE politician.

  36. Anonymous on

    Somebody has to expose Harper for the madman he is. Someone has to ask him about his view of the world. He will be obliged to admit his Christianity or else he would alienate his whole church. Then you ask him what about the Hindus. He’ll say they are evil idol worshipers who will be destroyed by his Christian god. He’ll be real popular with non-Christians then.

  37. Anonymous on

    That’s why you never see Harper, other than when he’s singing Beatles songs very poorly. He doesn’t want to actually have to answer any questions about his bizarre policies. What if somebody asked him if he is a raving madman who believes the earth was created a few thousand years ago and a dead Jewish man will be showing up any minute now to pick out which people to save and which ones to dispose of. Then the world would see that he is dangerously stupid and must be locked up immediately for the protection of society.

  38. Anonymous on

    cost benifit??? thats a first! the money spent vs drugs going down in an effective measurabe way. hahhahahahaaa good luck.

  39. Anonymous on

    The Conservatives have lost credibility on drug issues, and their internal polling shows it. This is why they they shopped a VPD shill around to reporters. Cops generally are questioned less than politicians.

    This is good news, though. They don’t want to be drawn into a debate on the actual merits of C-15 — just keep pumping out those stupid talking points, like that crazy babbling Nicholson had on TV the other day. But if the bill heads back to the Commons there is a chance the Liberals may grow some balls, as election time is not near, and kill the bill.

    A little bird told me that me the internal polling is showing people are waking up the issue and this isn’t going the way they thought. They figured that they could just slam the Senate without getting into the substance of why the bill is bad. They are wrong, and the last thing they want is a debate where Nicholson and his puppetmasters in the PMO have to actually argue…’cause this dog won’t hunt when it comes down to facts.

  40. Anonymous on

    I bet they were all framed too, huh? Strange how the worst gang problems in Canada are in the high aboriginal population areas, like Winnipeg, not the major cities. There’s a lot of bad Indians out there, simple as that. Now, if a person is chronically unemployed it’s more likely that he will be given a prison sentence than a person actively employed. They like to get people off the streets if they are just out there making trouble. Just happens that more whites are employed than natives, that’s all. They just have less free time to get into trouble and therefore they are less likely to be in prison. All perfectly explainable. No conspiracy theories necessary.

  41. Anonymous on

    You should do a little research before you give a knee-jerk response like this.

    Aboriginals in Canada make up about a little less than 4% of the population. They make up about 20% of the prison population.

    A Five to One difference; something is clearly very, very wrong.

    Numbers matter and speak VOLUMES as to how aboriginal offenders are treated when it comes to sentencing. They do more time, and far more often, then you or I.

    If there is anything that is “not equal”, it’s the human misery that number speaks to my friend.

    Perhaps you might go read a bit more, before you complain about “injustice”.

  42. Cannabis "criminal" on

    I love how the word “liberal” is used as a slander every time the reform/christian alliance government gets the perception that their will is not being slavishly adhered to, as part of their ongoing and ceaseless campaign to get a majority to complete their neo-con/fascist makeover of Canada into a political industrial police state complex.

    Expect to finally hear some mainstream reports about this Bill now, as whining Rob Nicholson cries “the Liberals are messing with my crime Bill! wahhhh! No fair!”

    This will be wrapped up with yet another series of attacks on the Senate, which will only end when the reform/christian alliance government gets a majority of their puppets in place.

    Even if these amendments pass, which I highly doubt we’ll see happen, the police state will trump up the aggravating factors and see to it that all peaceful cannabis growers go towards their prison slave labour force.

    Expect also for the idea of private prisons run for profit to be coming soon, with the excuse that “it saves the tax payer’s money”.

    Also expect the voting rights of prisoners to be removed, as the reform/christian alliance government will do anything and everything in their quest for majority.

    On the bright side, I didn’t expect the amendments to even get this illusory passing, so perhaps I will be pleasantly surprised at the resolution of this. (I doubt it though)

    Save me a spot in jail! I wonder what gang I’ll join???

  43. freeballer on

    no, this is NOT an equal judgement. I thought everybody is suppose to be treated equal and we weren’t suppose to look at colour, race, religion or sex?! It sounds rude but I don’t give a crap what colour you are, or race.. why should the government?

    I’m pleased (even if the margin was tiny) that it didn’t pass but I’m still kind of ticked they will look at race as a factor. Is it getting to a point a white guy has less rights? I realize the irony of this but common!

  44. fatigues on

    Because there are already provisons within the Criminal Code which were introduced in 1995 to deal with the hugely disproportional number of First Nations’ offenders in Canada’s prison system.

    S. 718.2 A court that imposes a sentence shall also take into consideration the following principles:

    (e) all available sanctions other than imprisonment that are reasonable in the circumstances should be considered for all offenders, with particular attention to the circumstances of aboriginal offenders.

    s. 718.2 Criminal Code of Canada

    Part of the point of those sentencing reforms was to provide alternative sentencing regimes for aboriginal offenders wherever possible.

    The minimum mandatory sentences in C-15 undermined the provisions contained in s. 718.2(e).

    So the amendments the Senate put in the Bill are not creating a NEW exception for aboriginals in C-15 – it’s putting BACK IN the alternative sentencing exceptions that already generally prevail for aboriginal offenders under s. 718.2(e) and in accordance with case law.

    These “special sentencing laws” for aboriginals have been in place for 14 years. This is not new stuff.

  45. Anonymous on

    “The amendments also provide aboriginal convicts with an exemption from the minimum sentences, require judges to explain why they are not imposing the suggested minimums, and add in a cost-benefit review of how the legislation is working after five years.”

    So why does race play a factor here????