Afghan Soldiers Burning Hash, Opium and Bullets

So it seems that it might be hard to train up the Afghan Army to maintain “order” in Afghanistan after the US leaves in 18 months. Or it might be hard for the US to leave.



  1. Anonymous on

    Obama’s a jerk. This is why you should never join the armed forces. It’s under orders from politicians, the same people responsible for making the dumbest laws imaginable. You’d be better off to just take a Kalashnikov and shoot yourself with it. That way you won’t have to endure the 120 degree heat for months before the Taliban gets around to shooting you or blowing you up. Personally, my life isn’t for sale for a soldier’s pay.

  2. Anonymous on

    Afghanistan was doomed for failure from the start. The Al-Quada and taliban roaches just scurry away and hide till our troops leave an area then come out and attack helpless people. A prolonged drawn out and expensive war in Afghanistan doomed the Russian economy(with Ollie North and Ronald Reagan’s help)and now the same is happening to us. It’s like we never learned from our OWN strategies…

  3. Dave on

    Good, then you don’t support us Pot Heads going to war? That’s great because most of us don’t like war anyway.

    When the US finally admits to losing in Afghanistan then maybe they can come and take care of Quebec for us? We have BC bud!

  4. Anonymous on

    Wow. Look, I’m all for smoking and enjoying yourself at the appropriate time and place, but that’s just crazy. No wonder the war is going so badly if the U.S.’s “allies” in Afghanistan are all stoned all the time. If this is the type of thing that’s happening all over the country, then President Obama needs to just abandon the war and bring our troops home. I have, more or less, been a supporter of the war but if the Afghanies won’t even take it seriously then I say screw them. Let them go back to the harsh dictatorship they suffered under the Taliban where poppy growers were executed. They need to sober up, at least temporarily, and save the partying till the war has been won. I’m fine with most drug use…just not on the battlefield.

  5. 1286 on

    Dear Abdul,
    Tell you what. On Tuesday I will get stoned and fire over your head. On Wednesday you will get stoned and fire over my head. We will do this until these guys leave. Cheers, Ahmed.