Marc Emery on Reality Check

Reality Check is my new show on Marc Emery’s Pot-TV, delivering a daily dose of everything cannabis culture.

Marc Emery was locked-up in jail at North Fraser Pretrial Center when the first episode of Reality Check aired in early November. Marc has since been granted bail (from November 18th, 2009 to January 8, 2010), so for this holiday season, Marc is out of jail. His 52 days spent in North Fraser Pretrial are counted against his imminent 5-year sentence in Seattle’s Federal Court of Judge Ricardo Martinez.

Marc has agreed to appear on Reality Check often and will answer questions from you – viewers, supporters, or critics – so please submit your question to me [email protected]

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  1. Anonymous on

    Burnt out ” old ” crybaby Jodie is nowhere to be seen in the current crop of CC true Life docudramas..Marc has another stoner bimbo girl on tap to sit there on camera show off her mensa rack and act as a dartboard for his self adoring stream of consciousness..what a girl marc himself has become. his big struggle now is trading enough candy bars for apples.
    torchlight parade at 11

    Good move. Jodie was turning into Tammy Fae Baker anyhow
    Fresh meat– thats how you keep the scavengers fascinated

    I want my T shirt money back–
    I don;t want to support no plea bargain vegapoofter

  2. Anonymous on

    Good vibes to Amanda for carrying a torch!

  3. David on

    Hey Mandy,

    I love the show. I wish it really was daily instead of a couple of times a week. Anyways thanks for taking the time out of your work day to let us know what’s up with the cchq. Have a wonderful Christmas, and a happy new year.

  4. Anonymous on

    No matter what you say, or do, your all still going to a CROWN CAGE! GET IT YET? The only way to have rule of law that all of you have said over the years is TRUE!,and you all deserve to be free! As long as YOU ALL are under the ROYAL THUMB!, you are just SUBJECTS!! and that just another word for SLAVE!! Want this crazy shit laws that now are apond you all TO STOP? Even when the law makers do not listen to those they govern? Time to change your goverment socks, Like give a free ride back home were ALL EUROPEAN GOVERMENTS BELONG!! 129 colonial governments gone!!, FOUR more to go? guess which ones are left?

  5. Qc-green on

    Yea Mandy you’re hot! i love your show and i hope to watch you over and over again!
    Peace & Pot from Quebec!

  6. wiscoskunk27 on

    sup Mandy i think your way cool and so hot hope to see more of u on here…….peace go green