Cannabis Buyers’ Club Bakery Raided

Victoria, B.C.: The Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada had its baking location raided today at 3:45 pm.

One person was arrested.

The Cannabis Buyers’ Clubs of Canada have been supplying medical cannabis to people with permanent physical disabilities or diseases for 14 years.

Until today the club offered 29 different edible and topical preparations to about 3,000 sick people.

The Cannabis Buyers’ Club of Canada will be holding a press conference at 826 Johnson St., Victoria on Friday, December 4, 2009 at 11am.

Visit their website:

Contact Person:
Ted Smith
(250) 381-4220



  1. Anonymous on

    He was being sarcastic.

  2. Anonymous on

    Sickos? You’re the only sicko I can see around here. What kind of fiend would deny the infirm and suffering their medicine? Answer: a “sicko”.

  3. Anonymous on

    Cops are known to like to hang around Tim Hortons or other doughnuts factories. I am not overly surprized they raided
    that club because the cookies look very appetizing especially for a cop.We should forgave them for raiding that club on their working hours.
    Way to go Canada ! As for the sickos, well the police seems to be saying that they can go to hell!
    Way to go Canada : Land of the free and respectfull of minorities. Thank you so so so much Stephen Harper.
    Happy and Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family.
    Stay warm and dont think too much about the sickos who smoke
    drugs to cure their ills

  4. From the 70s on

    Were they wearing bullet proof vests ? Its all show and tell.