Answer to Booze Problems May Lie in Cannabis

Amanda Reiman, University of California, Berkeley, USA, carried out the study at Berkeley Patient’s Group, and found that 40 per cent of the 350 cannabis users quizzed resorted to the drug to control their alcohol cravings.

The poll further discovered that 66 users consumed cannabis as a replacement for prescription drugs and 26 per cent for other, more potent, illegal drugs.

Amanda said: “Substituting cannabis for alcohol has been described as a radical alcohol treatment protocol. This approach could be used to address heavy alcohol use in the British Isles – people might substitute cannabis, a potentially safer drug than alcohol with less negative side-effects, if it were socially acceptable and available”.

She added: “This brings up two important points. First, self-determination, the right of an individual to decide which treatment or substance is most effective and least harmful for them.

“Secondly, the recognition that substitution might be a viable alternative to abstinence for those who can’t or won’t completely stop using psychoactive substances”.

The study was published in BioMed Central ’ open access Harm Reduction Journal.

– Article from Times of India.



  1. Dan-o on

    Really?! Wow, everytime since I was a kid that I smoked AFTER drinking I got even more nausea. When I smoke first THEN drink it’s completely different. Weird huh?

  2. Dan-o on

    Nice point, I actually DID laugh out loud at that.

  3. Anonymous on

    as for booze i cannot say i agree that smokin a joint or a bowl will “curb the craving”! But for more of the harder drugs i can say this might have some truth. i was dating a woman that i had met in a time of my life that was not the best and we were both into some things that were on the harder side. we got together not really thinking of the things we would have to go through!i started selling a little green to make things work and when we got into a shelter we saved some money to my surprise we did quite well and before long we were in our own place! now i will let you know what it was that we were addicted to it was heroine. when we started selling that green, well i did enough hustlin that i was able to get us at least a dime bag ($10). that was enough even though it was only a little to help curb the craving for a while and before you know what is going on we where sober! so as i said i cannot say i agree with the comment about it working for booze, i do think there is more to find out about the uses for this medical and herbal remedy!

  4. From the 70s on

    12 to 30 drinks per night.

    You probably never heard what I am writing here. Even though most of our addicts in Canada and the USA are alcohol addicts, they know little truth about the drug they use/abuse and why they do that.

    Not only are you lucky to be alive, you are also very very dangerous to the public (but I suspect you know that, its a lottery). I hope you do not own a vehicle. If you do then quit booze for society so you don’t hurt someone else (its clear you hurt yourself, that is because like all addicts, you (subconsciously) don’t care about yourself, that is why you are able to hurt yourself). Otherwise sell your car.

    You must also experience alcohol induced blackout perhaps almost every night which means not that you are passed out but that you never remember the night before. Its a total lost of memory that is not recoverable even under hypnosis. But perhaps that is why you use/abuse booze, it is the most intoxicating and maybe used by those with the most pain (i.e. addiction is self-medication).

    Time to quit booze for society. I am sure you don’t want to hurt someone else.

    Wake up, you are using the most dangerous to THOSE around you.

  5. pierre on

    As a person who has been trying to cut down on his alcohol intake (between 12 and 30 drinks a night) I can tell you this is highly unlikely.

    I smoke reefer like crazy. If anything it helps me to drink more than I should because It suppresses the feelings of nausea.

    I have long ago stopped going to taverns because I cant puff, and after an hour or so I start to feel like I am going to throw up.

  6. Anonymous on

    Alcohol drinkers criminalizing marijuana smokers are like cannibals criminalizing vegetarians.

  7. From the 70s on

    Medical Marijuana should be available to all our addicts especially the most dangerous addicts, the alcohol addicts.

    Here in BC, we are all quite aware of all the drunk cops on our roads drunk driving (killing and beating innocent civilians).

    The truth is that the Police have a much HIGHER rate of substance abuse than civilians (they abuse their drug of choice or perhaps ignorance, the drug alcohol, the drug with the HIGHEST intoxication levels of all drugs).

    Its true contrary to what we are mislead to believe. The drug alcohol has the HIGHEST intoxication of all drugs and that makes it and the alcohol addicts the most dangerous to you and me and MOST of our addicts in Canada are alcohol addicts, illicit drug addicts are but a pittance to alcohol addicts accounting for perhaps 2 or 3% of addicts). It seems CLEAR for those who understand intoxication, alcohol having the HIGHEST makes it the most DANGEROUS of ALL drugs especially to YOUTH who don’t use the drug alcohol in moderation. The drug alcohol is so intoxicating, that you actually loose the ability to even decide if you can drive due to its extreme intoxication.

    See for intoxication of alcohol compared to other substances, its the worst. Also see the story at CBC’s website, “Alcohol most dangerous drug for drivers: study”, driving under the influence of marijuana has a 2X chance of death. Driving just over 0.08 on alcohol has a 40X chance of death. At twice over the limit, its 80X in the same report.

    You have to wonder what the chance of death was for the West Vancouver cop busted about a year ago at 3X over the limit and get this, she was drinking at the POLICE STATION, and get this, celebrating a pot bust … Our Premier of BC was busted at 2X over the limit (80X chance of death) in a foreign country (we throw out foreign diplomats drunk in Canada, he is for Bill C-15 … he should not be the Premier, even in the USA, Governors HAVE to resign if caught drunk driving).

    In BC, two people die each week from drunk driving.

    We should be moving all our (alcohol) addicts to medical marijuana for a safer society (including and especially our Police alcohol addicts who have a higher rate of substance abuse (I think evident by all the drunk driving and assault stories) than civilians whom we can’t have out their hung over or with a foggy mind using their tasers, guns or having high speed car chases – just like an airline pilot, there should be ZERO TOLERANCE for alcohol addicts in Police, you have to there 100% and I fail to see how any alcohol addict could be).

    Yet instead, we are about to get a NEW War on Pot (i.e. Bill C-15) courtesy of our very political police lobby (mainly the very corrupt RCMP) and their very bad LIES, falsehoods, propaganda and misinformation.

    Think about it, the drunks rounding up the pot smokers …

    And any drunk cop who refuses to quit booze should be FIRED, I guess that could be a double digit per cent. Policing contrary to what our current Police demonstrate with drunks and their LYING is an important job and we should demand higher standards.

    Why do we let round us up like we are animals ?

    Its time to TAKE BACK THE TRUTH from the LIARS (and in the case of the Police, criminal LIARS since they break many laws when they tell us their LIES).