Things I Am Thankful For

Saying “I told you so” can be a bittersweet vindication. For months, I have been talking about Obama’s affliction with Marijuana Deficiency Syndrome (MDS). To be honest, when I first mentioned it people thought it was a little wacky. Then, at a conference, I was discussing it with a doctor whose familiar with marijuana and its effects and he agreed with me that MDS is a very real and present danger.

Now it is apparent to everyone. First, he started denigrating his supporters—- not just on marijuana but with the health care debate and the housing crisis. But his last two mistakes which have both occurred within a week of each other, is his refusal to sign the international treaty on land mines and to increase the number of troops (and therefore casualties on both sides) in Afghanistan.

What can you do with a person who turns their back on everything they know and believe? Some would walk away in disgust, I say this man needs a joint!! He needs more than a joint, he needs a bunch of joints!!! He needs to kick that joint staff out of the his office and join the peacemakers!!

It is like this President Obama, more people than ever are losing their jobs, more people than ever are losing their homes, credit card interests have risen to 20% to 30% in a year, that used to be called usury– you know, loan sharking! The banks are making more and giving out fewer loans. In California, the tenth largest economy in the world, college is being rationed, programs are being cut and the state continues to descend into bankruptcy. American infrastructure is crumbling, more people are facing an increasingly bleaker future, and you want to send more people to war?? You must be crazy!! You better sit down and smoke a joint!!

You know better than this, it is just that you have forgotten. So you better sit down and smoke a joint with your wife, Michelle and figure this out- what have we gotten ourselves into and how can we move America out of it? This isn’t working the way it was supposed to, we understand. We empathize. We have a solution. You know we have been campaigning for you, Joints for Obama. PLEASE, HELP THIS COUNTRY, SMOKE A JOINT!

Now, Thanksgiving is coming around and we have all got to thinking about what we have to be thankful for. Just before Thanksgiving, I have received two wonderful presents, The first, on Wednesday, Will Foster walked out of an Oklahoma jail a free man.

The second ins that Marc Emery, Canada’s hero, and the father and grandfather of the Canadian marijuana movement is out on bail, hopefully he will never be behind bars again, and Canada will see fit to have him serve his sentence doing community service —- that is helping people grow their medicine -— in Canada. He is out for now, and that is pretty good. Now if we can just keep him out or another 40 or 50 years, we will be ok.

So those were two great things that I have to be thankful for.