Pot Crusader Speaks to Vancouver Island University Club

The wife of Canada’s “Prince of Pot” admits she is terrified when the phone rings when her husband isn’t home because it’s often bad news.

Marijuana crusader and advocate Marc Emery has often had to call his wife Jodie from a police detachment as he has been arrested for flouting Canada’s marijuana laws. The Emerys dread a phone call they believe could come as early as Tuesday from their lawyer, telling them Canadian Justice Minister Rob Nicholson has signed extradition papers and Marc must turn himself in to Canadian authorities.

Following that, he will be taken to the United States border and turned over to American authorities so he can begin serving a five-year jail term for selling marijuana seeds in America.

The Emerys were in Nanaimo on Saturday at Vancouver Island University, where they spoke to approximately 50 people — in a smoke-free room — before the showing of the video The U.S. vs Marc Emery. They were the guests of VIU’s Hempology Club.

The couple contends that the Canadian government is starting to follow what they call the “misguided” approach of the U.S.

“The American war on drugs has led to U.S. jails being full of people who just wanted the freedom to use marijuana,” said Marc. “The (Stephen) Harper government is bringing in the Americanization of our justice system and the opposition isn’t doing anything to prevent it because they are scared of being labelled ‘soft on crime.'”

The “threat” to society is not the marijuana seeds Emery sold through his Cannabis Culture magazine.

“Be much more afraid of the Harper government than seed sellers or pot growers,” said Jodie.

She cited the Conservative government’s efforts to bring in mandatory minimum sentences and the proposed Bill C-6, the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act, as the real threat to “free-thinking” Canadians.

“This bill would give the government the right to come on your property if they suspect you are growing cannabis or even ginseng and it’s all under the guise of safety,” said Jodie. “What it is really about is control. The only reason government and laws exist is to stop you from doing something you might want to do and they don’t want you to do or to make you do something that you don’t want to do.”

The couple were scornful of the Canadian government’s decision to turn Marc over to U.S. authorities so he could serve his negotiated five-year sentence south of the border.

“If it’s illegal to sell seeds in Canada, which it is,” said Marc, “then you should be charged, tried, convicted and sentenced to a Canadian prison.”

When asked why he agreed to enter into a plea bargain with U.S. prosecutors, Marc said it was either that or risk spending a lot more time in prison.

“When you are facing life and they offer you a deal for five years, you make the deal.

“It will be really difficult when we get the call from Marc’s lawyer telling us it is time for Marc to turn himself in.”

– Article from The Nanaimo Daily News.



  1. jodie on

    We collected over 11,000 signatures, and there are more online from the last year that we didn’t include. The petitions have been shipped to three Members of Parliament from three parties (NDP, Liberal, Conservative) and should be presented sometime soon.

  2. Reverend J Shaffer on

    I always thought that Canada was a Colony/Protectorate/Satellite State of Britain, not the US.

    The thought that Canada would cave in to the US Government is kinda scary – One’s Sovereignty (Personal OR National) is something one should NEVER give up without a long and bloody war. . .

    C’mon, Canada. . . do the Right Thing – tell the USGov to bugger off.

  3. Anonymous on

    “The most recent report on SEIU COPE’s independent expenditures on behalf of Obama was filed on Nov. 3, according to the FEC. It shows the PAC by that point had made $27,829,845.91 in independent expenditures in support of Obama’s election.” http://www.cnsnews.com/news/article/40959

    According to a commenter on that page, it’s all about the union leaders making money from coercing people into joining the union. He also mentions that, with the worker protections already provided by government agencies, unions aren’t even needed anymore. They’re just a big scam to get money from workers.

  4. plink on

    “When you are facing life and they offer you a deal for five years, you make the deal.

    Marc Emery must support some elements of a lawful life -the convenience of having an ID, not being a fugitive in the eyes of the law etc – more than a faux admission of guilt and 5yrs time, at least in foresight. I was going to be critical but spelling it out I can’t blame him, I lasted as a fugitive for only 2 months before handing myself in, spending a year in jail ’cause I wanted to be a truck driver. Nevertheless, Marc’s ultimate destination will be his own doing. Time is a lot easier when you’re in for your own reason, I suspect the real reason is to promote the movement, or protect his counterparts. Both admirable reasons. Fingers crossed, there’ll be no extradition, and if you’re ever a fugitive, my door will be open (figuratively, being in aus).

  5. Anonymous on

    IF justice minister follows rulesset down to him on the decision and gives weight to the tandy comments, weight to the 6000 pages that were confidential and weight to the petitions and phone calls asking to stop the extradition, marc wont be extraditied. if justice minister does agree to extradite he will be doing some major answering. what ever happened to the signatures?
    how many did you get????

  6. Anonymous on

    “Power corrupts. And absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

    –British Actor Tom Baker in the role of Doctor Who, 1975

  7. Mokkie on

    I am going to have pretty long post so please bear with me. After wearing a badge for 11 years I feel I have a right and duty to speak out. The people that work in the prison system and the law enforcement industry belong to SEIU. For you who don’t know SEIU is Service Employee International Union. Do you think the United States of America wants to let Marc Emery get away? No. You see the President of the US got all kind of support from SEIU. and wants to keep up that support. Why do you think there is so much trouble getting medical marijuana legalized in the U.S.A? It is not because the people are against cancer patients getting meds. It is all about keeping people’s jobs. If you get pulled over for speeding in any state You are already guilty in the eyes of the law. So people who get a speeding ticked just go ahead and pay the fine. Thats ok with you right? You Pay the fine that covers the pay for the judge the police officer all in around about way. Can you see where I am going with this? If you get pulled over it is there job is to find anything that will move you deeper in to the justice system. So the officer ask you if you have any thing that might be a danger to him he wants to know if you have weapons? It goes deeper than this. He then asks if you have nothing to hide is it all right if I look inside your car to see for myself? Bear in mind if the officer suspected anything you would have hand cuffed and stuffed in the back of his car. The people I am talking about the judge the cop the jailers the prison guards the list of people that belong to SEIU. goes on and on. My point is that it goes a whole lot deeper then Marc Emery. How many people in Canada work for SEIU? I would venture to say the same people who want to turn Marc over to the united States are some how getting something be it money or A favor somewhere down the road from someone. The President of the United States wants to keep his biggest supporters Happy The big drug companies got over 80,Billion dollars to keep up the war on drugs. No doubt the congress men and senators in the U.S. all ready or soon will have gotten money from big drug companies. That is just the start you see it is more than just selling seeds. Its about greed not just in the United States. You need to contact your government and see if they are making money or favors from the United States off of Marc Emory I think there will plenty of people making money by keeping medical marijuana and hemp out of control of the people that need it the most. For food for fuel and the so many other things that cannabis can provide to the world. If unions like SEIU can give money to governments then our planet does not stand a chance until it is to late. I will close this post with a quote from a True American:

    “Mischief springs from the power which the monied interest derives from a paper currency which they are able to control, and from the multitude of corporations with exclusive privilege. . .which are employed for their benefit.” – President Andrew Jackson…

  8. Anonymous on

    It doesn’t look like Health Canada would be able to search private homes, unless they have reasonable grounds to believe a business is being carried on and that it is violating Health Canada regulations. Might be a problem for people selling seeds or questionable herbs in a store. http://www.hc-sc.gc.ca/cps-spc/legislation/acts-lois/bill_c6_faq-loi-eng.php

  9. Jackaroo on

    What is it that drives the Canadian government to hand over Marc without trying him themselves? How does this not make them some kind of puppet government of the USA? I know they have some kind of “extradition agreement” with the USA, but WTF is this??? Unless they are going to hand over every “seller of seeds to US citizens”, how is this not politically motivated? And how can Canada hand over one of their own out of political motivations? I am ever so sad, not just for Marc and Jodie, but for all the others behind bars, and for the humans who make war against their own because of a plant, this beautiful plant!?!?