Contact your Member of Parliament for Marc… and for freedom.

Marc will likely be extradited next week or soon after, as the Justice Minister will decide to sign the extradition order as early as December 2nd. Please be sure to let your Member of Parliament know about Marc, and also contact the Justice Minister himself (the contact info is at We’ve had a number of organized and individually-planned visits and protests at MP offices, and encourage everyone to continue applying pressure and spreading awareness.

First, you need to find out who your Member of Parliament is. Go to — then write down the phone number and address of the constituency office. You should spend 2 hours protesting or standing vigil outside the constituency office holding a sign, or less time if it’s really awful weather outside.

Have at least one friend come along or even more if you want to make it really effective, and easier to do. Bring along some coffee and lunch or snacks, and promise to have a smoke session after you’re done! People need incentives sometimes, and sharing a toke after accomplishing any kind of protest is a way to bond together.

Make some signs that read: “FREE MARC EMERY”, “Google Marc Emery”, “No Extradition for Marc Emery”, “My Canada Includes Marc Emery”, “Keep Marc Emery in Canada”, and whatever else you think would be effective.

Walk back and forth outside the MP’s office, holding the signs and handing out information to people who walk by (get handouts from If you’re near a busy road, wave the signs at traffic and try to get drivers to honk — maybe have a “Honk for Marc Emery” or “Honk for Freedom” sign!

The next thing you should do, which is much more effective, is arrange a meeting with your Member of Parliament. Phone the number for the Constituency office for your MP (which can be found here) and ask for a meeting, as a concerned voter. Bring along notes if you want to share facts; download the Marc Emery fact sheet at

Your meeting will likely be on a Saturday or Sunday, since your MP is in Ottawa during the week. Even if they say you can’t visit until next month or later, schedule the meeting and put it on your calendar so you don’t forget! After all, we’ll need people applying pressure even after Marc is extradited because he’ll be trying to get transferred to Canadian prison once his US sentence starts, and political pressure will help him come home.

Your MP might not agree with you about Marc’s extradition, but you don’t need to argue or get mad. Calmly explain why you and many others feel the way you do, and how that may impact on the next election. Always remind them you vote (and, more importantly, you MUST vote when an election happens, because it’s one of the only ways to save our country from the evil, inhumane Conservative government’s policies).

It’s not hard to demonstrate outside your MP’s office, and you’ll feel really good about taking the time to make an impression. Intensity counts — those who are most hard-core about their cause are the ones who get attention from politicians, and politicians are the people who can make and change laws. Be sure to make your voice heard, because that’s the only way to make a difference.

Free Marc Emery and free all drug war prisoners!

Jodie Emery
Jodie Emery

Jodie Emery is a Canadian cannabis activist, politician and business owner. She is the wife of activist Marc Emery, and owner of Cannabis Culture Magazine, Pot TV, Cannabis Culture Lounge and Cannabis Culture Headquarters.



  1. Anonymous on

    You have put it exactly as it is. Both in the situation regarding Marc’s problems but also in regards to the Canadian situation. Our government is ignoring it’s most important asset, the population it governs.
    I would like to see letters like yours published in every paper in Canada and then have the reply’s and comments fwd. to all members of our government. Perhaps then they will know what the vast majority of Canadians think & feel.

    Good luck Marc – We are with you.

  2. Anonymous on

    I was watching the video where Marc tells the story about the old lady who collapsed in front of his store and later said she foresaw that he would lead his people to freedom under the banner of the jagged leaf but that he shouldn’t allow himself to give in to self pity and despair. That must mean that after he goes through the despair of 5 years in US prison that something will happen that results in Cannabis laws being revised in a major way. Maybe after he sues the Harper government for 50 million and wins they decide that Cannabis prohibition isn’t worth the trouble and expense anymore. Maybe politics will change too, so that there is less chance for madmen like Harper to do stuff like this.

  3. Dave on

    Six-thousand (6000) pages blacked out for national security reasons? History will show Harper and his gang are the threat to sovereignty and national security!

    I just hope a majority of Canadians see what we see. Otherwise, they’ll wake up one day and find that there’s now a check-point at the end of their block. And a bus to take them to their corporate jobs.

  4. Dan-o on

    There has been much good news regarding cannabis prisoners lately(Yolanda Madden, Will Foster.) My fervent wish is that it will extend to Marc’s case as well. To that end I have written my congressman and my senators as well as sending an e-mail to the white house respectfully asking that they do what they can for Mr. Emery. Thanks Marc, God bless you and the Mrs. for all you’ve done towards legalization and educatiing people on the truth about cannabis.

  5. Anonymous on

    This is a very clear cut case of the government of Canada displaying malice against one of its own citizens. Having realized that Canada’s Cannabis laws were such that Emery would have got only a small sentence if any if prosecuted here they then conspired to have the US extradite him and subject him to their well known Soviet Union style prison sentences using their self serving legal system in which literally anybody can have conspiracy charges successfully prosecuted against them, even allowing the use of hearsay evidence at trials.

    How else could you interpret Canada’s actions? It’s not like the US just suddenly requested extradition and Canada complied simply as a normal matter of international treaty. The US didn’t even want to extradite him until Canada refused to prosecute him and instead SUGGESTED that the US extradite him and GAVE them all their information on him and did 6000 pages of conspiring to reach that goal. There is nothing in any way proper about Canada’s behavior in this case. How could they ever hope to defend those actions if, say, Marc ever decided to sue them? They know very well that they would lose that case, they just don’t care because it won’t come out of their bank accounts, it will come out of the whole Country’s, and they probably won’t even be in office by that time. They get to stick it to Emery with no consequences at all to them personally. Same as the people they conspired to have sent to Arab prisons so they could get tortured. Sure, the country gets sued for millions later but those CSIS agents still have their jobs and their cushy pensions. Canada has a rogue government. They do whatever the hell they want, no matter what the public thinks about it. If citizens write letters to the officials involved, like Nicholson in this case, they just ignore them. Is that the “responsible government” that we were promised with the formation of Canada as an independent nation? Sure, if the response you’re looking for is complete silence and inaction. Harper has literally hijacked the country and thew average Canadian is too stupid to even realize it and they actually still would vote for them. My god the average Canadian is stupid.