Will Foster is Free!

Medical marijuana patient Will Foster is a free man. According to a phone call I just received from his partner, Susan Mueller, Foster was released on parole and walked out of prison in Oklahoma today.

As you who have followed the Will Foster saga know, he became a poster boy for drug war injustice when he was sentenced to a mind-blowing 93 years in prison in Oklahoma back in the 1990s for growing a closet-full of medical marijuana. Thanks in part to the efforts of Stopthedrugwar.org (then known as DRCNet), Foster eventually got his sentence cut to a mere 20 years–for growing plants!–and was eventually paroled to the care of Guru of Ganja Ed Rosenthal in California, who had taken up his case.

Last year, Foster was raided and charged with an illegal marijuana grow in California, although his grow was perfectly legal under the state’s medical marijuana law. He spent a year in jail in Sonoma County before prosecutors dropped all charges, but by then, Oklahoma parole authorities demanded he return to the state to finish his sentence. Foster dropped his fight against extradition and returned in September.

A good sign occurred a few weeks ago, when the parole board decided he had not violated his parole and should be released. This week, Oklahoma Gov. Brad Henry must have agreed–he had the final say in the matter.

Right now, Foster is making his way to parole offices in Oklahoma City to sign the paperwork. He should be back with his loved ones in California in a matter of days.

Thanks to everyone who agitated for his release. Every once in awhile, we win one.

– Article from Stop the Drug War (DRCNet) on November 26, 2009.



  1. Anonymous on

    Will Foster has been through the wringer with law enforcement and judicial people. Twenty years for seeking relief from rheumatoid arthritis?

    Those who continue to pursue people and enforce the drug war are wasting human lives and public resources.

    Glad to see Will Foster has been released again. He is a sick person who is being picked on by people lacking compassion and possessing skewed views of reality.

  2. Anonymous on

    Every police officer, prosecutor, and judge involved in this case must be publicly exposed and ridiculed. Jobs must be lost, careers ended, and great hardship put upon the transgressors. Their names and photographs must be posted on the internet so that they are subject to the same brand of fascist injustice that Will Foster was subjected to. They should be scared to leave their homes without a disguise. Those who play a role in destroying innocent lives should themselves have their lives destroyed. Hundreds of thousands of people have experienced similar injustices, and they have long memories. Hey, this is a war, remember? The intimidaters must become the intimidated.

  3. k. on

    But now the people in Oklahoma has the best ammo they could wish for overturning these crazy laws. It should be obvious to even the most rightwing politician in OK that something needs to change, when this can happen to a person growing a few plants.

  4. Anonymous on

    well it’s not really “overturned,” you can’t give someone ten years of their life back. This happened because of bad laws, which have not been overturned.

  5. jomila on

    So glad to hear that this great injustice to human rights has been overturned! What a great Thanksgiving for him!

  6. Mark Hill on

    I am so glad you and your family are finally out of this nightmare, Will.