Words I learned from Bad-Ass Gangsters in Jail

Here’s a list of words I learned from bad-ass gangsters in jail at Fraser Regional Correctional.

Squid: Someone who is spineless.

Home: Your jail cell.

Waterhead, lid, or head: An idiot.

Goof or skinner: A sex offender.

Slider: Someone who is lazy.

Dry rat: Someone who is loud and attracts the guards’ attention.

Skipper lip: A person whose word is no good, someone who welshes on bets.

NG: No good.

Bubble: The place where the guards hang out.

Bubble boy: Someone who likes to hang out with the guards.

Inmate: Someone who sucks up to the guards.

Convict: Someone who does not suck up to the guards.

Goof pig, paid rat, screw: Derogatory term for a guard.

Skid: Someone who is dirty.

Fifi: Warm water in a glove used for masturbation.

Crack: Ass kissing or sucking up.

David Malmo-Levine is a Vancouver marijuana activist incarcerated at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre in Maple Ridge, BC, for his establishment of the Vancouver Herb School. Please click here and here for more information on David’s case.

David Malmo-Levine



  1. NessaGhouliful on

    Do jail guys still mention “dropping the soap”? Or is that out of date now?

  2. one12alpha on

    Prick: a) someone who’s self righteousness over a drug leads to the drug being illegal. b) someone who’s self righteousness over a drug stands in the way of their learning anything new about said drug that is contrary to their belief, leading to ignorance on the subject matter.

  3. plink on

    You don’t get skipper lip? It’s because sea captains would often reneg on wages when the boat hits the shore. Prisoners like sailor references because they’re hard and pretty close knit. Our fifi over in Aus, when I was in, was a towel and a breadpacket. @Bubble-boy, we’d call you a dog or a boneyarder over here, ’cause you’d be in protection! Fucken squid.

  4. Anonymous on

    “Illegal drug”. Grass? You know anybody who likes to smoke weed, neanderthal? C’mon you use a term that’s better designed to describe crack or meth. Get your head outta the 40’s, man. It’s 2009! Probably a stoopid ciggarette smoker who’s never whiffed a joint of pot, but props himself up as an expert, nonetheless. Jerk.

  5. hairy-legged Quebec chick on

    DeBBiT: Someone who intentionally promotes the sale and use of an illegal drug, then pisses his pants and whines when he gets what he wants-to be arrested.


    spork: someone whose self-righteousness over an illegal drug gets them in big Fifi.

  7. Anonymous on

    thats for the incinte.The fifi gave me a good laugh

  8. Dave on

    I suppose Squid could also mean Anonymous! Maybe Bubble boy would be more appropriate?

  9. Anonymous on

    Bad Ass Gansters in Canada?? PLEASE!!Ask what a real gangster is, after MARC gets back from fed. stir, that if he makes it? You have no idea how many people die a day in the federal system? why? it never makes the new? that why?

  10. Anonymous on

    “Squid” is just a new slant on the old: “jellyfish”. Ho-hum. “Skipper-lip” sounds reasonably sensible to me, although I think you can probably also use the term to describe a “stoolie”, or “rat”. “Goof” doesn’t make sense to me to describe a perv (how about “kid-diddler”). I think they call a child rapist/killer like, say, Paul Bernardo – “dead”. (Or would like to if they got half a chance, anyway).
    David, you shouldn’t be enjoying your stay in prison so much as you seem to be. (It’s called having your freedom taken away, and is meant to be punishment).

  11. Anonymous on

    Prisoners sure are lame at thinking up prison terms. I can’t see being called “squid” as all that bad. Now if they called me “Squidward”, that would bug me. “Squid would actually be a good name to a Newfie. What’s the point of changing “no good” to “NG”? They’re both two syllables. Where did “goof” for a sex offender come from? Is there something about the Disney character Goofy that we don’t know about? I guess it’s true about the appallingly low average intelligence level of prisoners.

    Did they tell you that you can’t whistle because birds whistle and birds are free and they aren’t? That’s only about a century old. More likely a lot of prisoners were whistling crappy songs. Prisoners aren’t known for good taste in music.

    A “skipper lid”? I give it an A for originality but a c- for making any kind of sense. That’s what happens when you put Crazy Lefty in charge of thinking up new prison terms. He picks two random words out of a dictionary and puts them together. Now your life is truly miserable. Not only are you locked up but you have to use silly terms for everything, and if you get one wrong you may be calling somebody something bad without even wanting to. Who would have suspected that calling somebody a squid would be offensive?

  12. Glove of love on

    DML needs to be remember to never ask to borrow someones gloves while still in prison.:))
    Is fifi a prison urban legend? Engaging in fifi doesn’t even seem possible or plausible given the environment.
    I think brilliant DML should coin some of his own terms,so as to leave that place which is based on cruel and unusual punishment, better than he found it.

    Stay safe David Malmo Levine

  13. BC Buddy on

    I seriously hope you haven’t resorted to the fifi yet… Stay strong in that hell-hole they wrongly put you in. Goodluck David.

  14. Anonymous on

    David, I love you!!!!

  15. Anonymous on

    Do all of these terms apply to you has anyone tried to injure you or put a shoe old sock or boot into your mouth? Dave I am so happy for you someday you may get five years keep up the good fight enjoy.

  16. Anonymous on

    Geez, thanks for lifting the boredom.

    Fifi eh?


    warm water you say…


    I’ll be away from the keyboard for awhile

  17. Anonymous on

    Do you have a nickname yet?