Just Say No to Bill C-15 TODAY!

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 CSSDP chapters across Canada are going to be demonstrating against the introduction of mandatory minimum sentences, sending the message that young Canadians need education not condemnation. Mandatory incarceration will not help young Canadians!

In Ottawa young Canadians will be handcuffed on Parliament Hill to represent the negative impacts on those caught up by this bill. We will be distributing handouts and engaging with folks on the hill and in the streets to get people to speak out against Bill C-15. We want you to do the same in your community!

Take to your campus, constituency office, prominent park, wherever you can be heard, and spread the message that Canada needs to get smart on drug policy. Contact your local CSSDP chapter to see what is going on in your area. Or start your own action! Let us know what you’re planning so we can post contact info. Make your event creative and engaging, and CSSDP members across the country will unite with one message, ‘Say No to Bill C-15!’

Step 1: Is an action being planned in your area? Contact a chapter near you to find out. If not, decide the location and time for your community’s action. Send us the info so we can post it on the website and facebook group.

Step 2: Spread the word. Law students, activists, profs, friends, your mom, your friend’s mom – Everyone! Join our facebook group, and set your own facebook event to find folks in your area.

Step 3: Let your local media know all the details. Student newspapers, campus and other radio stations, mainstream newspapers, everyone! Contact us for a sample press release and other tips.

Step 4: Hold the event, your way!

Step 5: Show thanks to everyone who came out – baked goods and a place to go after make people feel like part O’ the crew!

Stuff that will help:

* zip ties (you can find them at Home Depot or Wal-Mart) and/or some handcuffs (line the insides with some soft velcro if you’re going to wear them for a while.)
* Megaphone(s)
* Banners / Brochures / Handouts with some info about Mandatory Minimums – CSSDP and your chapter’s contact info. Contact us for to receive a copy of ours!
Possible slogans:

– Handcuffs aren’t the answer
– Handcuffs don’t cure addictions
– Don’t make our youth criminals
– Protect our youth
– Protect our youth: Stop C15
– Don’t Abandon our youth

* Shirts you can mark up with anti- mandatory minimum messages from your local thrift store, such as Salvation Army or Value Village.
Dessy @ York CSSDP suggests putting an ad for some jailbird outfits on craigslist – the old ball and chain is always a nice touch too.
* A camera! Send us photos so we can put it on the CSSDP flickr site.
* A video camera! Record your action and post it to the CSSDP youtube site.
* Coffee Dispenser! December is a cold month – if you can promise something to keep peoples hands warm it will be appreciated.

Contact your Senator and tell them to vote against Bill C-15! Write them an email, give them a call, send them a fax, contact your senator! Tell them that Canadians do not want to impose mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. Tell them that Canadians support diverse forms of treatment that are not based in the criminal justice system. Tell them drug policy is a health policy. Tell them that you support getting smart on crime!

Contact information for Canadian Senators

Members of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Angus, W. David C – (Alma – Quebec)
Baker, George Lib. – (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Banks, Tommy Lib. – (Alberta)
Campbell, Larry W. Lib. – (British Columbia)
Carignan, Claude C – (Mille Isles – Quebec)
Fraser, Joan Lib. – (De Lorimier – Quebec)
Joyal, Serge Lib. – (Kennebec – Quebec)
Milne, Lorna Lib. – (Peel County – Ontario)
Nolin, Pierre Claude C – (De Salaberry – Quebec)
Rivest, Jean-Claude Ind. – (Stadacona – Quebec)
Wallace, John D. C – (New Brunswick)
Watt, Charlie Lib. – (Inkerman – Quebec)

Other ways to help:


Click here to PHONE JAM the Senate – tell them to vote NO! on Bill C-15.



  1. Anonymous on

    I know this is not your land and i am sorry but we need to share mother, it is not yours to own but to use wisely and to pass on to your grandchildren, god is the owner and man is the steward, so i respect your culture, but you people need to change your belligerent attitude in my mind all humanity is brothers and sisters this world is not ours but belongs to god.
    from your statement above you are just as bad as our white ancestors, because you are forgetting what god taught us: “to love your neighbour”,it is obvious you need to enroll in anger management from the anger which you show. bless you brothers and i am a child of god, the creator, so are you, thuis makes us equal and equally loved by our creator, peace!

  2. Anonymous on

    Your blind. The main thing that stands in the way of legalization in Canada is the US Government, and little few else. Im so glad to NOT live in the US, where hundreds of thousands of people will be jailed for cannabis this year alone, families torn apart, lives ruined. Canada may not have a better system, but the stats up here are much better.

  3. Anonymous on

    welcome back. I always reply to you. thanks for teaching us about the word “Cuauhtémoc,” I probably won’t use the words “western hemisphere” ever again, your name for it makes more sense… we don’t even have one. Shows you who really owns it.)

    You’re always online here reminding us of a struggle you face, so I’ll come online to remind you I was always with you on that one. We are too much of a melting pot and not enough mosaic.

  4. Anonymous on


    my finding message of this funny, funny than that

  5. Anonymous on

    God, GOD I want to believe Ian. and @ Ian: Thanks for the anxiolytic 😉
    I am paranoid and gullible and still knowing these things I can’t stop thinking about NWO, RFID, freemasons, the fed, the north american union… sometimes my lungs stop breathing and I get pains like a heart attack and sometimes I pray for one when I watch these videos. Still not willing to debunk them with just faith… the whole nano-thermite scandal from danish scientist Neils Harrit doesn’t help at all.
    Is he still alive? We should find out. What gives me hope is he wouldn’t share the samples with labs he didn’t explicitly trust, so while he is definitively hiding something, it still doesn’t prove what he is hiding. His excuse was the results would be doctored.

    As for the whole wearing zip-ties and handcuffs things, if you’re going to do that, MAKE SURE you bring cameras – and SCISSORS! Be prepared to cut everyone free, that means half of you should bring scissors and use only zip-ties.
    But it’s a good idea – people forget what they hear, remember what they see, and understand what they do.
    So while we may understand what we are doing, people will see free people and forget the message of the protest. It makes us look wrong. Showing up in cuffs drives the point home – at this time we are not completely free.

    Back to the “conspiracy-conspiracy” Ian tries to remind us of, I did notice a lot of hand-face “tells” from Aaron Russo in his “historic interview with Alex Jones,” but mostly when he talked about investment practices he got wrongfully charged for. He says although he did them, it was banned after the fact and he was retroactively charged, but this was delivered with a big “tell” (when he rubs his nose while maintaining eye contact) and there is a big one later where he wipes his left hand over his slackened face, again without breaking eye contact. Signs of a liar, I sure hope so. They really went deep into the NWO/Fed thing there.

  6. Anonymous on

    We are Nican Tlaca,
    the Indigenous People

    of Canada, U.S., Mexico,
    “Central and South America”

    We reject all European divisions of our continent.

    We reject the artificial border divisions of our people.

    We reject the White Supremacist ideology
    that claims Europeans are permanently endowed
    with the right to define who we are as a people.

    We include “First Nation” and “Native American”

    and “Indigenous People” all as one Nican Tlaca,
    all as one Indigenous Nation.

    We say, “No to occupation!”

    We say, “This is still our continent!”
    We say, “Europeans are the illegals—since 1492!”
    weed not the problem, YOU! europeans are the problem.

  7. Anonymous on

    NEW FLASH!! As reported on G.N.N. Canabis culture is helping the F.B.I. with all requests?? WTF is a request?? Know a new word…..sell out!…You still waiting for that knock on the door? if you bought anything from them, well the f.b.i. has your name now nice going canadain didnt we dump these queen ass suckers 200 years ago?Who save whos ass twice in world war? were the hell do these tards get to tell us how to do anything? When they DONT even have there own shit in a line. If they did they snort it up anyways. A failed plan is still a failure. Just like your so-call movement up there you took a shot and failed! So we will use OUR system that is working!! your does not! You donot run the world wide cannabis movement you never have and by your failures you never willcanada go home subjects no one here wants failures around it might rub off.

  8. Ian on

    It’s spelt ‘failure’ and I don’t know what neo-American Revolution rabble you’re jabbering about but its a little weird…
    I’m assuming you are from California, which means that while state police won’t bother you if you found a doctor who is willing to write a prescription for you and risk his practice (I’m pretty sure retardation and lack of basic writing skills isn’t cured by an cannabanoid), a DEA agent can still throw your ass to the curb and take everything you know and love away from you. Bill C-15 won’t pass in its entirety because our senate is there to protect us and look out for gross injustice.

    In conclusion, I’ll be on house arrest for 3 months here in Canukistan for the plants in my closet, but you’ll be in jail for 5 years down in the good ole’ US of A.

  9. Ian on

    Actually Zeitgeist is probably the best misinterpretation of American Banking ever. The Federal Reserve isn’t some shadow government, they are actually pretty transparent. Guess what? Any revenue they take in gets transferred to the treasury, so the idea of a “cycle of debt” is absolutely ridiculous since the interest is being turned over to the creditors every year!

    The 9/11 conspiracy crap has been thoroughly debunked, but you probably won’t take off your aluminum hat and look into it because you’re just as brainwashed into believing a cover-up just as every American is supposedly brainwashed to believe the opposite.

    As for part 1, well, if you need an amateur film to tell you that Christianity isn’t an original story and quite frankly made up in the first place… good luck remembering to breath and blink bud.

  10. Anonymous on

    This makes me greatful to be from a powerful nation that doesn’t let any other countries government tell it what to do. I’m so glad that The United States has a powerful political influence at the U.N. So no country threatens it with anything for moving towards leagalization. It would suck to be a Canadian citizen right now. Seems your senate could care less what it’s citizen’s think, and will be passing this bill sometime next year.

  11. Anonymous on

    lol good one

  12. Anonymous on

    no sorry i think you need no learn my frist cause i know my and i know yours good enough thanks

  13. Anonymous on

    You should learn to read and write before voicing opinions publicly.

  14. Anonymous on

    wacht zitgeist it explains everthing you need to know mark prince pot boy see it for your self what is going on .find out the thru and why the goverment hates weed so so much ,


    wake up people

  15. free-slave on

    Live Free or Die

  16. Anonymous on

    Any group asking for help over lies,and then then censors any truths are has bad or worst! than any probitbitionist!! You should know better! Any censorship is probitionist!! You are a Cannabis Cult, But you are far from ever being a Cannabis Culture? What are you, but a bunch of whinning british subjects that we got rid of that bullshit along time ago! What your exeuse for not following suite? Made your bed, now sleep in it, subjects. We are doing fine, with our legal weed here and changing the laws FOREVER! Something ALL OF YOU! up there FAILED TO DO!, AT ALL? Over 25 YEARS!?! So who a winner?,and who,s a failer? SUBJECTS?