Just Say No to Bill C-15 TODAY!

On Wednesday, December 2, 2009 CSSDP chapters across Canada are going to be demonstrating against the introduction of mandatory minimum sentences, sending the message that young Canadians need education not condemnation. Mandatory incarceration will not help young Canadians!

In Ottawa young Canadians will be handcuffed on Parliament Hill to represent the negative impacts on those caught up by this bill. We will be distributing handouts and engaging with folks on the hill and in the streets to get people to speak out against Bill C-15. We want you to do the same in your community!

Take to your campus, constituency office, prominent park, wherever you can be heard, and spread the message that Canada needs to get smart on drug policy. Contact your local CSSDP chapter to see what is going on in your area. Or start your own action! Let us know what you’re planning so we can post contact info. Make your event creative and engaging, and CSSDP members across the country will unite with one message, ‘Say No to Bill C-15!’

Step 1: Is an action being planned in your area? Contact a chapter near you to find out. If not, decide the location and time for your community’s action. Send us the info so we can post it on the website and facebook group.

Step 2: Spread the word. Law students, activists, profs, friends, your mom, your friend’s mom – Everyone! Join our facebook group, and set your own facebook event to find folks in your area.

Step 3: Let your local media know all the details. Student newspapers, campus and other radio stations, mainstream newspapers, everyone! Contact us for a sample press release and other tips.

Step 4: Hold the event, your way!

Step 5: Show thanks to everyone who came out – baked goods and a place to go after make people feel like part O’ the crew!

Stuff that will help:

* zip ties (you can find them at Home Depot or Wal-Mart) and/or some handcuffs (line the insides with some soft velcro if you’re going to wear them for a while.)
* Megaphone(s)
* Banners / Brochures / Handouts with some info about Mandatory Minimums – CSSDP and your chapter’s contact info. Contact us for to receive a copy of ours!
Possible slogans:

– Handcuffs aren’t the answer
– Handcuffs don’t cure addictions
– Don’t make our youth criminals
– Protect our youth
– Protect our youth: Stop C15
– Don’t Abandon our youth

* Shirts you can mark up with anti- mandatory minimum messages from your local thrift store, such as Salvation Army or Value Village.
Dessy @ York CSSDP suggests putting an ad for some jailbird outfits on craigslist – the old ball and chain is always a nice touch too.
* A camera! Send us photos so we can put it on the CSSDP flickr site.
* A video camera! Record your action and post it to the CSSDP youtube site.
* Coffee Dispenser! December is a cold month – if you can promise something to keep peoples hands warm it will be appreciated.

Contact your Senator and tell them to vote against Bill C-15! Write them an email, give them a call, send them a fax, contact your senator! Tell them that Canadians do not want to impose mandatory minimum sentences for drug crimes. Tell them that Canadians support diverse forms of treatment that are not based in the criminal justice system. Tell them drug policy is a health policy. Tell them that you support getting smart on crime!

Contact information for Canadian Senators

Members of the Standing Committee on Legal and Constitutional Affairs
Angus, W. David C – (Alma – Quebec)
Baker, George Lib. – (Newfoundland and Labrador)
Banks, Tommy Lib. – (Alberta)
Campbell, Larry W. Lib. – (British Columbia)
Carignan, Claude C – (Mille Isles – Quebec)
Fraser, Joan Lib. – (De Lorimier – Quebec)
Joyal, Serge Lib. – (Kennebec – Quebec)
Milne, Lorna Lib. – (Peel County – Ontario)
Nolin, Pierre Claude C – (De Salaberry – Quebec)
Rivest, Jean-Claude Ind. – (Stadacona – Quebec)
Wallace, John D. C – (New Brunswick)
Watt, Charlie Lib. – (Inkerman – Quebec)

Other ways to help:


Click here to PHONE JAM the Senate – tell them to vote NO! on Bill C-15.