Is This the Best They Can Do?

Mayor’s stance dangerous

Dear Editor,

Langley City Mayor Peter Fassbender was recently invited to speak in favour of Bill C-15 [ Mayor offers drug advice to Ottawa, Nov. 6, Langley Advance ]. He says that he doesn’t know why he was invited. I do.

Thirteen of 16 expert witnesses testified that C-15 will increase gang profits, increase the severity of gang disputes, and result in hundreds of dead bodies lying in our streets. They all had peer-reviewed scientific studies to back up their claims.

Bill C-15’s biggest supporters are criminal gangs and drug kingpins. After struggling to find anybody who could provide evidence that mandatory minimums work, or that tougher sentences will catch high-level dealers, they gave up and decided on Fassbender as a witness.

Mr. Fassbender agrees with gangs on drug policy.

Mayor Fassbender clearly has no idea what he is talking about when it comes to drug policy or fighting criminal gangs. He states that an argument for tougher sentences is that gangs produce drugs. That is a great argument, but it is a key reason why we should NOT pass C-15, and instead legalize and regulate substance use.

If drugs were legalized, gangs could not profit off of them. Drug-dealing “turf” would be worthless, and there would be nothing to fight over. Users would buy their drugs from pharmacies, and gangs would go bankrupt.

Instead of advocating for a policy that will actually make our streets safer, Mayor Fassbender is doing the exact opposite.

Obviously he has never taken a serious look at the benefits of legalization. The Netherlands has a policy of semi-legalization, and their crime rate is so low that they have been closing down their prisons.

Next municipal election, I will do everything in my power to remove Mayor Fassbender from office. I recommend that anybody who is concerned about gang violence in our community do the same.

Travis Erbacher,




  1. Anonymous on

    I knew someone would beat me to the assbender line.

    Erbacher, if you’re going to get into the mud-slinging that is politics, you have to reduce your attack surface fast. I wanted to add this blurb after I saw your photo for the first time and was confronted with assumptions I made about you.

    Get a tan or bronze, lose the weight off of your face. You look too “nurtured” for want of a kinder word (your political opponenet would call you a “mother’s boy” in a public forum.)

    If you keep getting photos taken, and you will in a campaign, look more directly at the camera. Your smile is perfect; glasses and no teeth. But the angle you look from seems deceptive, it’s a little affronting.

    Great blog post but I wanted to give you advice you can use if you’re going to be replacing mister assbender (and I hope you do, if he wants this bill.)

  2. Anonymous on

    Assbender is in the pocket of RCMP, as is Low-Watts of Surrey. A Vancouver metro police force would greatly reduce the amount of politics by the RCMP masquaerading as law enforcement.

  3. From the 70s on

    The Mayor is a puppet, its the very political police behind him and the Mayors who promoted Bill C-15. It is a fallacy.

    The Mayor admitted he gets his info from the RCMP and their criminologist (and their FLAWED report on BC pot grows that claims mandatory minimum sentences (MMS) work in Washington State (to support the RCMP political agenda of bring the MMS to Canada) when US domestically grown marijuana is Washington State’s TOP CASH CROP, do you think they told the Mayor the truth ? I bet not).

    I note that even our transit authority (the ones who run the buses and skytarin) came out in favour of Bill C-15. What does it have to do with them and what is their expertise on this issue ? But if you look, you see there is a RCMP on their board.

    Its subversion of our public debates. The Police are NOT the experts on criminal justice systems, sentences or substance abuse (i.e. the Police have a higher rate of addiction than the civilian population, their drug of choice is the drug alcohol, the most dangerous drug since it has the HIGHEST intoxication of ALL drugs).

    After Bill C-15, they will no longer just be our so-called addiction experts (they can’t even fix themselves), they will be JUDGE and JURY over MILLIONS of Canadian marijuana users with their MMSs. Better to learn how to kiss (cop) butt fast.

    And they will be using their guns more since they will view marijuana crimes as more serious even though it was them (the political police) that promoted the MMS non-stop for years in our media (people believe what our authorities say even if they are not the experts, it is an unbelievable violation of ALL our freedoms).

    Political Police = Police State.

  4. Anonymous on

    This marijuana plant is highly profitable to the justice system.In its name thousands of policemen earn a living,lawyers and prison guards alike.In its name the human rights of people are not respected.Harper puts more money in the justice to build more prisons and house more prisoners.Bill C-15 is the epitome of the war on drugs which is still going on daily unabated and stronger than ever.Harper has not noticed that its neighbor Obama has already realized the failure of the war on drugs.Harper continues his politics aligned on Bush and Reagan era.
    You guys have just no idea how this country makes me sick.
    Sometimes,I wish I would die just to escape the nightmare that this country has become because of Bush and the conservative government. Puke,puke and repuke.
    I hate you all canadians

  5. Jugs on

    The U.S. government WANTS crime to to grow. The U.S. government WANTS prisons to flourish with criminals. As bad as I hate to admit it, this governemnt is doing the right thing (in their minds) by keeping marijuana illegal as long as they possibly can. They have profited BILLIONS of dollars off the the 700-800 thousand people they will have prosecuted by the end of this year from marijuana convicitons. And that joke, Mayor Fassbender or whatever his name is is a loser. Gangs will DEFINATELY die down if marijuana is legalized and every state government and the federal government could also profit BILLIONS of dollars by taxing the drug.

    “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” Jimi Hendrix

    P.S. Smoke weed everyday!

  6. Anonymous on

    Its not like anybody the world wide over type here? Oh well, BOYCOTT!! CORP. WORLD GAMES IN B.C.!!Culture,no cult, yes. You dont speak for the rest of the cannabis world,never has! Beside WE DO NOT! use any Probotionist terms at all But you back ass canadains use ever term they made up and then some? We changed OUR LAWS,and YOU CLOWNS DIDNT!! So that makes US in California the force of change,and your not? ….You all FAILED!! Time to past the crown the kings are here now little prince boy! Like we told YOU MARC in the first of july about what whould happen, but you know so much about law? HA! Try getting a new lawder who knows how to do his job? (law review ever year to see laws changed and how it affects his clinet! didnt do that!)yea Kurt your some lawder there? Beside you have no real freedoms when your a SUBJECT?? (LOOK IT UP BRITISH SUBJECTS THAT WHAT YOU ARE?)So when you clowns get yourselfs free then maybe we will give ya a mother plant to start again. But till then enjoy your new free housing?………………………A British cage!a failed plan, is still a failer!

  7. Anonymous on

    money buy everthing even laws ,wen you haveall money in the world next they want power overyou .ifmaruana was legal they would lose power over us ,its not about good for you or bad its alll aboutmoney why not tabaco eligal cause it causes alotof sickiness then you get sick well they have a pill for everthing i smoke over 20 jonit aday for 5 years it save my life iomost die from all pills doc give me .ihaventtakeing pills sence never ben beter . tabaco kills more people then any other thing all toghter but what you know goverment say its ok so lets all keep buying smokes even knowing it will kill next person close to you its all good ,why cause they would lose alot of money ,alcool is ok to cause causes alot of acitents and home violence and rapes so more jobs for cops lawers they all work togehter .

  8. Anonymous on

    C-15 is all the evidence anyone will ever need of the incompetence and sheer lunacy of Canadian politicians. A policy which has not only failed miserably in the the US but that doesn’t have even one qualified proponent. Literally every single person who supports it is doing so for no other reason than to whore themselves out to Christian voters, who will vote for anyone who will keep the Cannabis man down. People make a big fuss when they try to keep the black man down these days so the only ones they can oppress now are the Cannabis people. There’s plenty of them so they never run out and if anyone says that they are really pathetic for getting their jollies by bullying people around that way they can just remind them that Cannabis people are breaking the law. If it’s illegal, it must be evil, right Benny Hinn? That’s why they are so afraid of legalization. Then they wouldn’t have any justification for keeping the weed man down.