Tommy Chong Says “Free Marc Emery”

Tommy Chong wearing a 'Free Marc' t-shirt and talking about legalization at Cypress Hill's SmokeOut 2009.Tommy Chong wearing a ‘Free Marc’ t-shirt and talking about legalization at Cypress Hill’s SmokeOut 2009.Tommy Chong can relate to Marc Emery: Both were arrested by the Feds on marijuana-related charges and both are Canadian.

With Emery facing extradition to the U.S. for selling seeds, Chong has been wearing a Free Marc Emery t-shirt on TV shows and offers these words of advice to his home country.:

Hey Canada – smarten up, eh! You’re letting the U.S. government take a Canadian citizen from Canada and put him in jail for marijuana seeds. Come on, eh! How can you be so stupid? How can you roll over and let the former U.S. president plunk you in the butt without a fight? The current U.S. president sees nothing wrong with medical marijuana, so why are you so ready to give up one of your own citizens for selling seeds? Marc Emery did not break any Canadian laws. Selling marijuana seeds is not a crime, no matter what anyone says. You’re giving up a Canadian citizen simply because some of you don’t agree with his philosophy – now that’s a crime.

I was put in jail for “shipping a bong across state lines” by the Bush criminals, so I know what Marc is going through right now. Smarten up Canadians and protect your own. Don’t act like Bush. Show some independence. Show some Canadian balls! Don’t bend over just because Uncle Sam tells you to. Act like Canada is separate from the States. Don’t let them take Marc. Free Marc Emery!

– Article from CelebStoner on November 18, 2009.

Click here to see Tommy wearing a Free Marc T-Shirt at the Cypress Hill SmokeOut, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, and on Fox News with Bill O’Reilly.

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  1. Flying finn on

    In the old days there use to be a word, finlandization. Which ment the way finnish politicians and media were licking Soviet ass what ever their goals were. That word should be changed to canadization. It would fit a lot better for these times.

  2. Anonymous on

    Tommy Chong is so effective when he speaks and I think a major reason is how he used to be known for being high as a kite, and so silly, goofy, happy, etc. Basically it’s a portrayal of a care-free stoner. Now people see him and they’re like “wow, this guy’s mad as hell.”

  3. Anonymous on

    Cheech says: “pass to taco sauce pendejo!”

  4. Anonymous on

    Here is a New York company that sells viable poppy seeds. There’s probably more seeds in one $2.00 package than Marc ever sold in any month. Last I heard, opium was a little worse than Cannabis. Why are the DEA letting US citizens conspire to manufacture heroin while going after Marc for merely conspiring to manufacture harmless ol’ weed? Getting kickbacks from the poppy seed vendors, huh DEA?

  5. Anonymous on

    At last count, 44% of US Citizens think cannabis should be legal. These were the ones Marc was selling seeds to. Canada is not only not prosecuting Marc, but gladly took taxes from Marc’s sales! US Authorities call him a drug dealer, while most of Marc’s profits went openly to worthy organizations including rehab programs for the truly dangerous drugs! And this for selling seeds, not plants! What drug dealer does that???

  6. Anonymous on

    Spreading the word like mad! great job chong, eh! lol

    so come on canada, let’s try and FREE MARC EMERY for good, not just temporarily!