Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast – Episode #9

CANNABIS CULTURE – In this episode, Marc talks about the 6000-page ‘Marc Emery Papers’ made up of classified documents and communications between US and Canadian authorities. All top-secret; all about Marc!Download Potcast (Right Click and Save)

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“That’s a decade of spying, surveillance, eavesdropping, conspiring and collusion by two governments to take out one Canadian,” he says. “That’s 6000 pages, representing hundreds and hundreds of officials, police, spies, informers, DEA, RCMP, elected officials, and cabinet departments using millions and millions of taxpayer dollars to put me in their gulag.”

Marc also gives a brief history of his philanthropic work in the marijuana community and talks discusses the Pentagon Papers and the Vietnam war.

Marc is a marijuana activist who was imprisoned in North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC awaiting extradition to the United States for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund pot activist groups. On November 18, Marc was temporarily released on bail while he waits for the Justice Minister to sign his extradition papers. This podcast was recorded a few days before his release.

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  1. shaneno on

    number 3 Marilyn you should SHUT THE FUCK YOU LOW LIFE SCANK OF A BITCH

  2. Anonymous on

    I’ve been in the reform movement for some time now. I carry a higher than average degree. A couple, in fact. I love the art of debate where persons don’t make points, facts do. I’ve also noticed, within the prohib movement, that they’ve lost much of their smoke and their mirrors have become quite shatterd, therefore, they turn to name-calling. That’s usually the last position that’s available to them.

    So, when someone resorts to name-calling, you can begin to disregard them as they’ve just proven that they have nothing more that is valid to say on the subject.

  3. 1286 on

    Dec 3,4, and 5th my Farmers Almanac lists the sun setting at 4:20

  4. Anonymous on

    King James Bible
    And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.

  5. AnnieOakley1 on

    This just shows what a real waste of taxpayer dollars and time their investigation was. Spent 10 yrs investigating Marc, just to fight like hell to try for a maximum 5 yr sentence. Much less and in Canada if we have anything to do with it. Like, DUH???!! The math just doesn’t add up, eh?

    Like I have always said…only Organized Crime wants Marijuana illegal, so the politicians that want it illegal are being paid off by Organized Crime. Pretty obvious to me. CORRUPTION!!

  6. Marilyn 420 Monroe on

    another doped up moron makes stuff up as they go along
    unless you are 12 years old, you should smarten up
    CrIme Stoppers only pays out for valid information
    not stoner nightmares

  7. Anonymous on

    So…how did the Libby Davis request go? Are we past the 45 day mark yet? I would imagine it would take her quite some time to read and digest what she can.

  8. Anonymous on

    This guy talking that you hate so much? Well, he just what allof you are and showing there thinking? A TYPE EUROPAN, and a bad liyer at that? But are not all of you just the same?Your ournumbered now, and your broke. Think of your little ones? leave our home, and go to your!!that the only way you will have your weed and we will have a live, fair trade, since your all crooks anyway, your not? if your here you are?

  9. gay darwin on

    I agree with you completely except that cannabis is god given its not, its a product of evolution and selective cultivation by humans, and alcohol is not made by humans it is made by bacteria digesting sugar.

    I whole heartily think marijuana should be 100% legal and Marc should be free but I don’t think the ” its natural god made it ” argument has any validity not to belittle your beliefs though. its just hard to take smokers that use god in their justification seriously thats all.

  10. Anonymous on

    You poor schmuck…. I think you just need to smoke a joint.

    Free Marc
    One Love

  11. Marilyn 420 Monroe on

    You guys sound like poodles standing on a truck horn

    Marc Emery is going away to a US prison
    and yall did nothing about it – nothing-
    because you can’t do much
    about anything except bitch about it
    as we can see right here
    and in the real world that means fail
    but ask us if we care ?

    Bark on brave little poodles
    Follow the leader has been discontinued
    and now whatcha gonna do?
    Poodle bark from behind the windscreen

  12. Dave on

    Do you actually go out and hurt people or do you prefer to stand back and watch others do the hurting on behalf of your group or both?

  13. Anonymous on

    The only people who want it illegal are politicians and organized crime members so since you insist on telling everyone to shut up I can only assume that you belong to the latter group ( as the cops and politicians want you to “squeal squeal squeal”). And since we all know that the police watch these sites I say to them “Here you go boys Marilyn 420 Monroe is an organized criminal profiting from the illegal drug trade and should be tracked down and prosecuted.” You’re welcome, please send my crime stopper’s cheque to Marc’s lawyer.

  14. Drug Prohibition is an epidemic on

    I can guarantee some do. We still have prohibitionist’s in this country who want all of us who use marijuana in jail. Their die hard believers that these lies about marijuana, and the stereotype of pot users are true. According to NORML mostly parents. Were only at 40 something percent who want it legal. Fortunately according to recent polls. As long as we keep educating the public about the true facts about marijuana we should have the majority soon.

  15. Drug Prohibition is an epidemic on

    That was your best podcast yet Marc. Really inspirational, informative, and inspiring.

  16. Anonymous on

    there is a time to shut up just as there is a time to make all the noise you can. Marc is a hero for making alot of noise concerning this touchy issue. there should be regulations surrounding marijuana, but to outlaw it and make criminal people who use is a crime in itself. GOOD JOB Marc, and thank you for standing up when the majority is much too scared to fight against the so called “war on drugs”. keeep up the good work!!!

  17. Anonymous on

    I’ve never read such Bushesk Doctorine before in my life! The ignorance of every word put to this forum by that right wing megladon is scary! Is this really the “Free” culture America has created? Is this what I went to war to fight for? Cause if it is, its only a matter of time before America falls like Rome! Its pathetic morons like her that got Bush elected in the first place and continued the nasty perpetual cycle of this broken task by the DEA. It cause of your ignorance that we keep a completely harmless, natural, given by GOD not made by man like Alcohol, PLANT illegal in the US. There by taking away more of the so called freedoms we are entitled too! Keep spewing your ignorant redorict. Its just makes you look stupid! But understand your fighting for the losing cause!

  18. Marilyn 420 Monroe on

    all 6000 pages are not all about you marc, give it up. Its a decade of the cops following up on your “Overgrow the Government” revolution, and the thousands of Americans who bought your seeds and grew them out for sale– thereby cheating the US taxman while digging in deeper to the underground economy. Don;t forget you are asking Americans to break the law and deliberately drug up youth – and America is a nation at war.and a nation in economic hard times-
    You picked a real bad time to fuck with the USA – they regard you as a drug kingpin- the biggest single drug lord in Canada and hey, its sort of true

    6000 pages of evidence they got from your computers canadian police seized from time to time..tapped your cell phone and read all your snail mail and e mail.. bank records and observe who walks into your private Vancouver drug store and who talks shit on your forums..The DEA preparing for your case before you pleaded guilty mentioned in passing they had a stack of documents >> ten feet tall<< concerning details of your illicit operations . This should not come as any surprise, oh mighty and majestic Prince of Pot Rule number one in the pot world is shut the fuck up-- rule number 2 is shut the fuck up again and you never did and never will shut up 6000 pages of not shutting up Your five years in jail is barely enough time for your many enemies on the outside to cool down

  19. Keytoothed on

    No one can understand unless they’ve lived through it, that’s the bottom line.

    I’m hoping for a miracle, but, until then, I’m writing letters like crazy.

    I remember reading that another lawyer was going to file charges against Marc, to have him stay here, because a person cannot be tried twice for the same offense in two different places. There has to be some way!


  20. Dave on

    “Holy shit, Batman!”

  21. Anonymous on

    Another good podcast! Thanks Marc!

  22. Dillinger on

    I’ll leave the voting to the sheeple. But I’ll happily direct the flock in the direction it needs to go.

  23. Anonymous on

    Some American group needs to get Marc’s info through the “Freedom of Information Act” and publicize what terrorists the US gov’t is.

    Good luck Marc……no one in America wants you in jail in America wasting YOUR TIME!

    Too the American mean spirited assholes doing this….FUCK YOU!

  24. Anonymous on

    Very well written piece. Marc is doing some of his best writing now that he’s off the weed. Not that weed prevents good writing but you just never seem to get around to it. The first part, before the Vietnam part, would be a good statement at the sentencing. You don’t really appreciate all the good causes that benefited from Marc’s funding until he reads off the list. Quite impressive. He could sit there for half an hour reading them off. Stuff that no western government or billionaire corporation would fund but that improves someone’s life, brings hope to someone or just shows that somebody out there cares about their plight.

  25. Jackaroo on

    I Get it loud and clear friend. This extradition is nothing but politically motivated. Are there 6000 pages and 10 years put into every seed seller? If so, we need to look into better tax dollar usage eh? Your podcasts are ever so enlightening!