More Prohibition Fatalities

CN BC: ‘Magic’ Mushrooms Suspected In Fatality

RCMP here have issued a warning against consuming magic mushrooms, after the death of a B.C. man.

Cpl. Bryson Hill said preliminary results from an autopsy performed on a 23-year-old man who died while in the Halfway Hot Springs Nov. 8, indicate his death could be linked to him taking what he thought were hallucination-causing magic mushrooms or psilocybin mushrooms.

News reports identified the man as Dieter Eggers of Taylor, near Fort St. John.

Eggers was with a friend at the hot springs when he suddenly stopped breathing.

It will be a week before police receive toxicology results, but until then police were “working to prevent any further incidents” by issuing the warning.

“Although police have not yet been able to determine the origin of the mushrooms suspected to be linked to this death, police are urging everyone to avoid consuming anything that is believed to be “magic mushrooms” or psilocybin mushrooms as there may be poisonous substances being sold as magic mushrooms,” said the news release.

So, again, the RCMP are issuing warning without actually having any facts. And, again, we will undoubtedly learn that this death was not a result of psilocybin mushrooms but, instead, something else. Something else that Mr. Eggers would never have taken if he had the chance to purchase legal, labeled and pure psilocybin mushrooms. And so you can lay this death at the feet of the prohibitionists, like so many, many others. Let’s ask a rhetorical question: when you do something that you know will increase the risk of death to many and certainly kill some, what are you?



  1. Anonymous on

    well post a link to direct spores so we know where to get! ty

  2. Anonymous on

    There are many kinds of “magic mushrooms” psilocybin cubensis is just one.Each has it’s own characteristics.There are also poisonous mushrooms that very closely resemble them. I only eat what I grow and I encourage everyone to do the same. You really DO take your life in your hands when you eat an unknown mushroom and even experienced mycologists can make mistakes.

  3. Anonymous on

    True, there had to be some underlying circumstances to his death. Poisonous mushrooms would never work that fast and sudden if that was the case.

    Either other substances were being used or perhaps a heart condition set off by the anxiety of the mushrooms was the cause, again a huge underlying condition. Couple that with exposure to high heat for extended periods of time and the deed can be done.

    We can all speculate, but the cops job is to say what the government wants them to say, which is exactly what was done. Fear is the biggest friend of prohibition.

  4. Anonymous on

    Like marijuana, it is virtually impossible to die from an overdose of magic mushrooms. I wonder if the individual was drinking alcohol or using other dangerous drugs, like cocaine, that can kill you?

  5. Anonymous on

    question: when you do something that you know will increase the risk of death to many and certainly kill some, what are you?

    answer: Working hand in hand with the criminals in supporting a growing black market…

    I can’t see any other reason why our MPs are motivated to support a failed policy of prohibition knowing the facts – they must all be corrupted already!

    I think we should ask them – with protests outside their offices.

  6. Anonymous on

    could not agree with you anymore. however when cultivating mushrooms there is always the possibility the spores were not inoculated properly and this death could be the result of improper procedures than a case of someone laceing or poisoning someone to make a cheap buck