I was in New Mexico for most of last week for the Drug Policy Alliance conference.

I wish I had a lot to report but unfortunately I contracted the flu, got sick on the plane ride out, and spent about 80% of the conference confined to my hotel room in an attempt not to make anyone else sick. I was able to get out on the last day and see my friends and co-reformers. To all of you who were looking for me and asking about me THANK YOU! I love you and am sorry I missed you in New Mexico.

Yesterday I returned home. I felt bad and did not want to fly but had no choice in the matter. I certainly didn’t feel like driving for three days either. So, I got on the plane. I usually have bad problems with my ears hurting when I land. They refuse to change in pressure. Had no problems landing in Denver, since Denver is at a very high altitude. Had no problems taking off from there or landing in St. Louis. However, when landing in St. Louis I noticed that my right ear was not changing in pressure like the left one. I thought that might be a problem…but I really had no idea how much of a problem it would be. As we were taking off from St. Louis my right eardrum ruptured completely. I mean there was blood and fluid and whatever else is inside an ear. It was slow torture. I could feel it swelling and when it popped I screamed and scared half the folks on the plane. Talk about painful! I just got back from the doctor who said it was really bad and that I might need surgery.


I feel like I’ve been eat by a bear and shit off a cliff.