Marc Emery’s Prison Potcast – Episode #7

CANNABIS CULTURE – Marc discusses the history of his continuing conflict with Canadian and US authorities in Episode #7 of the Prison Potcast.

Marc outlines the unrelenting crusade of Vancouver police and American Drug Czar John Walters to see him put behind bars for selling marijuana seeds and using the profits to fund anti-prohibition activists and marijuana legalization groups.Download Potcast (Right Click and Save)

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As discussed in the podcast, in a debate caught on video, retired Vancouver Police officer Doug Lang disclosed that the VPD, frustrated by Canadian federal government’s refused to charge Emery, passed the pot activist’s file to American authorities, instigating his arrest and imprisonment.

The conflict continues today, with the repeat postponement of Marc’s bail hearing due to ill Crown prosecutors, cancellations and every other excuse in the book. Marc is currently imprisoned at North Fraser Pretrial Centre in Port Coquitlam, BC awaiting extradition to the United States.

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  1. tony stanley on

    i don’t see us being free until marijuana is legal to the people. there is more than enough proof that marijuana is not harmful to people so why does our government treat it as a crime to smoke it, grow it, and distribute it well its because back when they made it illegal they didn’t have the test we have today. where is the victim of the crime because i don’t see one. when are people going to be free and make their own decisions like god said we were allowed to do? but hey message me and i don’t have to be hidden because im not breaking any laws so feel free to message me at any time.

  2. kyle on

    hey i keep up with this issue a fair bit and i know this is off topic but same in morals and what not, in some states it is illegal to own a pet like a hedgehog or whatever but it is not illegal for the breader to sell to these people as it is there responsability to check there own state laws,so why should plant seeds be any different. people that plant seeds grown them marc emery dosent,people that grow plants sell plants marc emery dosent, and i know its unlikely but is there any way to prove that those seeds even grew one plant??

  3. Dave on

    That’s the problem with these bullies who hold & guard the power and influence to change laws. They know we are basically powerless and so they offer up their procedures knowing there are stonewalls everywhere.

    Why can’t we have the same procedures used to make this herb illegal in the first place. Procedures? For gods’ sake, they fire scientist who’s unbiased conclusions side with us.

    I wonder what this goof thinks of Nutt’s sacking? Procedure my ass!

    Either there are no more reasonable people with authority or the reasonable ones are afraid of the sickos.

    I suppose it’s like when I was young and they fed me the christian shit. I knew deep down that it was bullshit but those pushing it held everything and so to get my share, I went along for a while. Eventually, I grew up and started thinking for myself.

  4. Anonymous on

    The audio levels need set to default , or something, screechy. X-fi anybody?

  5. Kent on

    Doug Lang is too pragmatic. Some things shouldn’t be up for debate, like the basic rights of an individual to choose what is right for himself/herself. We need no studies, debates, we need respect for our individual freedom now.

  6. Anonymous on

    If the reason Canada didn’t lay charges was that Cannabis laws were ruled without effect at that time, then dual criminality didn’t really exist when they conspired with the US to have Emery extradited because Cannabis was actually against the law there. The blacked out 6000 pages must contain some very damning evidence against Canada and it must be subpoenaed for use in the lawsuit. Rather doubtful that the investigation of Emery is a matter of national security, unless Marcs name is really Marc ben-Emery. Its more likely that it was blacked out because it proved that Canada conspired to deprive Emery of his Charter rights under section 6. In other words, they are covering up their crimes.

  7. Anonymous on

    That video will come in handy at the lawsuit against the Canadian government after Marc gets out. He’ll do the 5 years, nothing is going to prevent that now, he should be thinking more about the lawsuit. Canada extradites a citizen for an offense that they didn’t even think was worth laying charges on. How is that dual criminality? What does it matter what the CDSA lists as the possible sentences if charges aren’t even going to be laid? They had all the evidence from the VPD investigation so they can’t say it wouldn’t be worth the expense of making an investigation because it was already done for them. The only conclusion is that Canada didn’t really regard seed sales as a federal offense at all, at least in those days.

    Having to do the 5 years will actually be in Marc’s favor at the lawsuit trial because otherwise he wouldn’t have any damages to sue for. Even though Canada could have given him the same sentence, he wouldn’t have been under the mental stress of being expelled from his own country and sent to a country known around the world as “The Great Satan”. It’s very stressful being sent to hell.